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Published on August 8th, 2014 | by Joe Siegler

Doctor Who Series 8 Hits US Online Video Services

As we edge closer to the start of the new series of Doctor Who, the promotion machine has geared up. Plenty of other examples have been detailed here on the Big K, but today comes a push on United States online stores to sell the new series, quite literally.

On all of the following US video services (iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Xbox Video Store, & PSN Video Store), the 1:05 version of the Doctor Who Series 8 trailer is available as a “free purchase”.   If you are reading this article, then I’d say you’ve already seen it.

However, what IS new is a 2:31 video clip called “Casting Peter Capaldi”.   It features the talkings of Steven Moffat and Jenna Coleman discussing how the show is different with Peter, and that Peter was the only one that Steven & Mark Gatiss were calling in for auditions, etc.   Steven mentions also that he wrote three short scenes for Peter to audition with.    Each one was written “for” Chris Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith’s doctors, and apparently, Mr. Capaldi slam dunked it.   We know the rest.

Jenna Coleman ExclusiveThe video clip is also referred to as an “exclusive”, although I’m not clear as to where it is exclusive to as it appears in multiple video stores.    All the various video services are offering the full Series 8 as some sort of subscription/”season pass”.   The price for these is around $24.99 in SD, and $37.99 in HD (it varies a dollar or two depending on which specific service you’re looking at).  Using iTunes as an example, if you purchase their “season pass”, the episodes are delivered to your account early in the morning (usually around 3AM Eastern Time) the day after it airs on BBC America.

In addition to the clips available now, it was also announced that Deep Breath will be released on September 9th in the United States as a standalone release on DVD & Blu-ray.   No details yet on what might be on the discs insofar as extras goes (or if these are just barebones releases), but hopefully more information on those shows up shortly.  The DVD/Blu-ray covers for Deep Breath are shown below, although covers are reportedly subject to change.

We’re in the final stretch people, the clock’s about struck twelve.

Deep Breath Blu-Ray Deep Breath DVD


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  1. avatar Ranger says:

    Interesting that it states that Capaldi was the only one that Moffatt and Gatiss were looking at – Gatiss, hmm? Is he gearing up to take over as showrunner? Did he have a hand in the casting as he will be the main writer for Capaldi?

  2. In addition to the above services, Doctor Who Season 8 is also available Google Play. The Season Pass is $29.99 for SD and a little more for HD. The nice thing for Android users is they let you download an episode to your device without that fiddly syncing nonsense.

    • *on Google Play* I hate browser meltdowns.

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