Zoe Saldana Wants A Role in Doctor Who!

It seems Zoe Saldana, who plays the deadly, green skinned assassin Gamora in Marvel’s new smash Guardians of the Galaxy would be up for taking a spot on Doctor Who.

In a recent interview the star was asked, having already become a franchise character in both Star Trek and now the Marvel Universe, would she be looking to secure a pension and land a part in Doctor Who? Her response seemed pretty emphatic: “Oh my god, that would be amazing. I would love it.”

Yup, it seems that Saldana would gladly jump at the chance to get in on the Whovian action. And as with many other stars looking to get on the show, the root of it all is a young family member. Zoe says that her niece is a die-hard Whovian, able to name actors and characters dating back to day one. “She dresses like a Whovian every day... I’d be cool forever to her.”

She has already earned some serious awesome Aunt points by getting co-star Karen Gillan to sent her a video message, so surely getting her to put in a word with The Moff wouldn’t be too hard to manage would it?

But the big question that this brings up is with both this and the story that Peter Jackson are both up for getting involved in the show, are we running the risk of heading back down the road of ‘stunt casting’ of the like that the show was massively criticised for in the late 1980′s?

We all remember (or have at least heard about) the backlash surrounding appearances from Richard Briers, Nicholas Parsons, and dare I mention it, Ken Dodd. By roping in the likes of Jackson and Saldana, will the show be viewed in the same way as it was back then, or would it simply be seen as the kind of show that can attract A list guest stars?

Personally I have no problem with any of it; if Peter Jackson wants to direct an episode then I’m all for it (mostly as I remember the days when he directed things like Brain Dead and Bad Taste and would love to see what fresh madness he could bring to the show, especially if he was allowed to write it too). Anything that raises awareness for the show and could potentially produce a spectacular episode can only be a good thing. The same is true for getting in guest stars like Saldana. It’s not like they can’t act, or have no experience in the genre. Hell, this woman has been a blue alien, a green alien and operated the switchboard on the Enterprise amongst other things: I’d say that more than qualifies her for the kind of action that Doctor Who could throw at her, and no doubt a strong guest star could raise the game of the other cast members?

If I’m being honest I never even had a problem with Ken Dodd being in the show. Doctor Who, like it or not, has a long history of memorable guest spots. Everyone from Brian Blessed to Andrew Garfield, Kyle Minogue and Timothy Dalton to Richard E. Grant and Sir Ian McKellen. As long as they can a) do the job and give a good performance and b) draw in an audience that may not have otherwise tuned in then they are serving their purpose, and that includes good old Ken Dodd.

But what’s your view on it all? Should we let guest stars in more freely or do you think it degrades the show somehow? Leave us a message in the space below and join the debate.

(Via Radio Times.)


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  1. July 31, 2014 @ 3:48 pm simon magellan

    The point of “stunt casting” is when you cast non-acting celebrities (or ones not known for their acting) – Ken Dodd being the obvious example here – to generate publicity. It doesn’t apply to someone like Saldana, who is an actor, any more than it did to Diana Rigg last year, or Derek Jacobi a few years ago, or having Brian Cox do an alien voice.

    The only other option is to have casts made up entirely of newly qualified graduates of drama schools who no one has heard of!

    I’d say the term applies more to people like Frank Skinner, whose acting experience is limited, and who’d more rightly be equated with the Dodd casting.

    And I don’t think you can “stunt direct”.


  2. July 31, 2014 @ 4:28 pm Range

    Stunt casting in the past has worried me – Billie Piper coming to mind; but I was dead wrong about her, so am more relaxed now about the concept.

    As long as they keep on getting “celebs” who fit the part, rather than writing something specifically around a certain actor than we’ll be OK.


  3. July 31, 2014 @ 5:02 pm FrancoPabloDiablo

    There is nothing wrong in principal about stunt casting, so long as it is warranted. Ken Dodd did not play a big part in Delta, but the small role he had was perfectly played by him for what the character was, it just happened to be similair in style to what he is most famous for on TV – which is presumable a large part of the reason he was chosen. (also, it should be noted that Dodd has in the past appeared in Shakespearean plays on stage so is more than capable of playing more serous/straight parts). And it took me ages before I heard that people had issue with Beryl Reid’s casting in Earthshock. I thought she was great.

    On the other hand Dolores Gray in Silver Nemesis… Why?

    But Jackson and Saldana… would love for that to happen.


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