Published on July 20th, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Unique Shada Cine Doctor Who Location Footage [VIDEO]

It’s not every day a lost Doctor Who gem like this pops up on YouTube, but when it happens, we want to share it, even it is nearly a year late!

Uploaded by YouTube user stanleylodge1908, on September 19, 2013, this is a piece of footage of Tom Baker and Lalla Ward on location shooting Shada, the uncompleted Douglas Adams serial. As stanleylodge1908 remarks:

I could kick myself! I had this footage on VHS which, yeaqrs ago, I transferred onto DVD.
I’ve taken it out to play and found that lots of my home made discs from the time will barely load! I’ve ‘rescued’ what I can of this footage but as you’ll see there are area’s of ‘digital damage’ and the occasional repeat of some footage as the DVD player struggled. I will endeavour to rescue & repair a better copy but for the meantime this is what it is I’m afraid …

So, while it isn’t perfect quality it does lend itself nicely to the “lost” status of Shada as something unique, dreamy and just out of reach.


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  1. avatar francis cave says:

    If this is the footage filmed by Steve Camden (who at that time was the assistant operator for K9) then a good copy is available on the extended version of the Doctors Documentary by Bill Baggs released on VHS in 1995.

    Bits of the footage are included in the documentary while the all of it is at the end of the extended VHS (which you could only order through DWM).

    When it got an official BBV release about 10 years ago however, all of the footage was removed for some reason

    Knowing Mr Baggs maybe he’d never got approval to use it in the first place!

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