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Published on July 9th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Smith Loves Smith & RTD Fears For Soaps

Todays fun filled news blast is brought to you by the letter S (trust me, it will make sense)

Smith on Smith

Noel Clarke, AKA Mickey Smith, the loveable loser who went on to save the world has declared that recently departed Doctor number Eleven, Matt Smith is his favourite incarnation of the Time Lord.

“He had a different energy. He was just very different. Nobody thought he could match DT [David Tennant], but he did,” said Noel in a recent interview. When asked about the chances of a possible return to the show he had this to add “If I was asked to go back then it would definitely be a consideration, yes.”

Fingers crossed then!

Eccleston on Superheroes

The man who was Doctor number Nine recently spoke about some of the comic book based roles he has been in lately including Malakith from Thor: The Dark World and Claude Rains from Heroes.

When asked if he thought there would be a return for either of the characters in the future, either in the marvel universe or the newly resurrected Heroes Christopher Eccleston said that with Malekith “I do think there was more to be said and done with [Malekith]” but added that the six hour stint in the make up chair each day would possibly put him off. “I think Malekith has served his time.”

Conversely, the star was far more upbeat about a potential return to NBC’s Heroes Reborn  “Of course, yeah, I had a great time on the show!  Yeah. I’d always be interested. That was a great character. I love that guy.”

Alas, there was no mention of Doctor Who, but I think we all know what the answer to that would have been anyway…

Spoilers Ahoy!

Yeah, you may want to skip this particular bit if you dont want to know anything about the finale of Series 8.

Thats it, move along… nothing to see here.

Ok, so you’re still here then. Left-click and drag your mouse over the following gap to view the sensitive details.

New pictures from the set of the big finale have surfaced showing the cemetry last seen at the climax of Angels Take Manhattan and is home to Amy and Rory’s grave. In these new snaps we see those same stones along with a few other familliar ones such as Victorian Clara’s and modern Clara’s mum’s. The eagle eyed among you may also spot what appears to be the grave of young Thomas Thomas, Stax’s friendly sat nav friend.

Other info on the page relates to Clara talking to a Cyberman who may or may not be new companion/friend Danny.

In light of all the recent spoilers dropping like big bags of hammers do you think finding out this much on top is a step too far?

“Soaps Are Doomed” Says Private Davies

So says former showrunner Russell T Davies in a recent newspaper interview who was was quoted by The Daily Mirror newspaper as saying that he believes that the demise of serial drama is evident in dwindling viewing figures, and based on a future projection should viewers continue to shun the soaps, it’ll be all over for the genre within the next decade.

“I think the soaps are in trouble and need to be careful…You can see a television landscape in 10 years’ time where they won’t exist or will be reduced.”. A TV schedule without Hollyoaks; do I dare dream?

Of course all this begs the question that if the soaps do depart, what will they be replaced with?

Sherlock and the Doctor

Though maybe not the ones you were expecting.

A new independently produced audio adventure is coming that will team the Doctor with the Victorian detective as they hunt down Jack the Ripper, who may be more that we think he is. The series, called Doctor Who Dark Journey, is a 5 part audio series​ that aims to merge “the best of classic who with the best of nuwho” – with a darker edge.

Directed by M A Tamburro, the series is written by and stars Andrew Chalmers as a newly regenerated Doctor. Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think about it.



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  1. avatar simon magellan says:

    Came across an interesting story online re the new Halle Berry series “Extant” – produced by Spielberg.

    “While I was writing the pilot, because I’m a big Doctor Who fan, I had a Post-it note on the corner of my monitor that said, ‘WWSMD; what would Steven Moffat do?’” said creator and executive producer Mickey Fisher. “The answer was always, ‘He would just write it better’, so I kind of just kept trying to do that.”

    Maybe another new writer for DW in the future? Fisher actually won a writing competition with the pilot ep of “Extant” and ended up being produced by Spielberg, which shows dreams do come true!

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