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Published on July 22nd, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

The Return of Adric – Preview It Now!!

It’s 1982 all over again as the Fifth Doctor’s TARDIS lands on your cassette player (oh alright, or MP3 device) and Adric lives again!

Yes, the Alzarian boy genius will be stepping out with the Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa, over three decades on from his dramatic departure at the end of Earthshock.

August will see the release of Big Finish’s Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor Box Set and a sneak preview from one of two new stories in the set can now be heard online.

In truth, there’s not much Adric to be heard in the short scene from Iterations of I, a spooky sounding tale from John Dorney which sees our heroes exploring a deserted house which, you can be certain, will turn out to contain all manner of terrible things…

The creepy setting is perhaps one which you might have expected to see the Fourth Doctor exploring rather than his successor, although it’s undoubtedly promising to hear in this teaser that it’s Tegan’s headstrong insistence on entering without waiting to be invited in that’s going to get her and her pals into a whole heap of bother.

A little more from this story, along with the accompanying tale in the set Psychodrome by Jonathan Morris, can be heard in the trailer over at Big Finish.

We’ve discussed elsewhere the return of this most divisive of Who companions to the fold but there will surely be a substantial bunch of fans, some of them who saw Adric on-screen all those years ago but others who’ve discovered that era since, who will be eagerly waiting to get hold of this set, relishing the prospect of hearing Peter Davison’s first TARDIS crew again.

For a long time Matthew Waterhouse was content to stay away from Doctor Who, perhaps feeling the need for some distance from the programme he’d been a fan of as a child. Happily, in recent years he has returned to the fold, first with the publication of his memoir Blue Box Boy and now with this eagerly awaited Big Finish debut.

It feels good to have him back. At last year’s Dimensions convention in Newcastle he was funny and self-deprecating as he recounted how he’d finally been persuaded to take part in some audio adventures. Apparently he’d been saying to anyone who asked that he’d ‘do a Big Finish’ the day Janet Fielding did one, secure in the knowledge that it would never happen. When that exact thing did come to pass, he had to change the subject of his conditional promise to Tom Baker, feeling safe enough that the old boy would surely never agree. We all know what happened next…

Doctor Who: The Fifth Doctor Box Set can be pre-ordered over at Big Finish.



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2 Responses to The Return of Adric – Preview It Now!!

  1. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Love him or hate him (the character, that is, not the actor) these are milestone releases for Big Finish – a whole era revisited for the first time in over 30 years by the very people who brough the characters to life in the first place. Now just persuade the woefully underrated Jackie Lane to reprise her role of Dodo for an audio or two!

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Sounds pretty good to me. I’m really looking forward to this release. :)

    I was wondering how different Matthew might sound now that he’s older, but in this clip at least he sounds pretty darn close to the way he did back in the early 80s. That’s the one rub I have with audio; even though we’re not viewing them on a screen, some actors can still sound their age, and I think both Tom Baker and Janet Fielding had this issue when they first started doing audio work, but as they’ve done more and more their voices are synchronizing more with the way they were on television.

    Let’s hope this is just the beginning of Matthew’s involvement with Big Finish’s Doctor Who stories.

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