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Published on July 2nd, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

The Cybermen Return In Series 8: How Do You Feel?

This article contains spoilers for Doctor Who Series 8! 

Still with us? Good on yer! The following concerns the Cybermen return in the next run of Doctor Who, currently being filmed.. If that much is enough for you, hit one of the links in the left column; to learn more, read on…

Yes, the silver giants are back! The Cybermen will return in the latter stages of series 8. This we know due to some extremely spoiler-ific pictures snapped for Wales Online and already analysed and pored over for what they reveal. So what do we know about what expect from their next appearance? Spoiler-phobics may wish to click away now…

The filming, in broad daylight in the middle of Cardiff, would seem to be for episode 12, the same story which will feature Michelle Gomez, confirmed by the BBC this week to be playing the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. The Cybermen in question will be the latest version as featured in Nightmare in Silver and the episode will also feature another old friend of the Doctor. If you want to know more, chances are you probably already do from the exhaustive observations recorded elsewhere online.

So how do you feel about the Cybermen coming back? There’s a case to made that, of all the classic returning monsters, they have been the ones least well served since the programme was revived with few of their appearances since 2005 ranking among the very best that the new series has had to offer.

Different stories will all have their fans, of course, but many would argue that too often they’ve felt like all-purpose heartless villains, their appearances characterised by some uninspired plotting, with the Cybermen playing second fiddle to other evil masterminds such as John Lumic (Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel) and Miss Hartigan (The Next Doctor). Some of the new tricks tried by writers to inject new life into them, such as the Cybershades and the CyberKing, have perhaps fallen a little flat, literally in the latter’s case. In Doomsday the Cybermen even suffered the ignominy of getting a right old hammering at the hands (or should that be plungers?) of the Daleks!

Closing Time may have been a sweet little tale exploring fatherhood, loyalty and the need to face up to one’s responsibilities, but it won’t top anyone’s list of favourite Cyber stories. Nightmare in Silver, 2013′s eagerly awaited Cybermen return promised so much but has to go down as one of the biggest disappointments from that or any other year. It will be interesting to see if the 2014 Cybermen retain the new powers on display in that episode, where they were able to move at rapid speed and upgrade in an instant to overcome any weakness.

All in all then, the Cybermen are surely due a classic episode, one to count among their most memorable appearances alongside the likes of Tomb of the Cybermen and Earthshock. The shots from this week’s filming are certainly promising. Let’s hope what we see on screen later this year truly delivers.

But enough from me! What do you think of the Cybermen returning? Is Steven Moffat due a gold star for bringing them back? Or should they have been kept on ice?


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23 Responses to The Cybermen Return In Series 8: How Do You Feel?

  1. avatar Terry Cooper says:

    Yes, as a lifelong fan of the Cybermen, I agree that they’ve not been treated fairly. The latest story from one of Britain’s greatest authors was terrible. It seems the Cybermen were upstaged by Star Trek’s ‘Borg’ and have not been treated with the same reverence as the Daleks.

  2. avatar Lord Darth Tyeler says:

    Apart from the classic stories you mention (Tomb and Earthshock), I don’t think the Cybermen were treated particularly well in the classic era, although I do have a fondness for the Invasion and Attack of the Cybermen too. For me, they lack the human characteristics that made them so threatening in the old era; they were once like us, replacing themselves with metal and plastic, piece by piece, insidiously losing their humanity. This vision, of course, was replaced by Lumic’s need for immortality in a parallel world that removed the new series metal monsters from their Mondas counterparts in old Wholore. In essence, they became a transplanted brain in a suit – and what is the point of an immortality that severs you from everything you used to be?
    Whether it was the almost inane grin that the Cybermen wore in stories like the Invasion, or the human chin you could see from Earthshock onwards, both were a horrific reminder of one race’s past and, dare I say it, perhaps, our own future. They were a manifestation of human greed and lust for power – a forewarning of the end product of the human race, if you will.
    Anyway, I’m rambling. I say bring them back – they’ll get it right sooner or later. In Moff we trust.

    • avatar Ashbeck formaldyhide says:

      In Moff we trust to screw up…..

      • Truer words were ne’er spoken! Good call!

        • avatar Howard Railton says:

          Absolutely agree, it seems about a 100 to 1 odds that Moff won’t screw up. Look at the appalling cameo he gave the Cybermen in ‘A Good Man Goes to War’. He’s totally leached away any sense of credibility the Cybermen ever had. I suspect this trend is virtually guaranteed to continue with the most dire Cyber story of all time only 12 eps away.

          The sad thing is that none of the modern attempts can top the creepiness of them infiltrating and corpse snatching in the Moonbase, or sealed in tombs on Telos. Does anyone believe that Moffat, of all writers, will do a proper epic invasion Earth story as we got in Troughton’s ‘Invasion’. It seems the most tenuous of all possibilities.

          I am prepared to eat humble pie if he pulls it off, and indeed hope he can. But after dismissing the old Mondas mythology and dropping any link to Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis, I’m afraid the enterprise looks doomed to be the final excruciating nail in the coffin of these most ill-treated of all Who foes. They’re not even actually the Cybermen anymore, they’re from a parallel universe and not Mondas.

          • avatar Terry Cooper says:

            I am still incredibly annoyed that the Cybermen’s brilliant Mondas origin was thrown away by RTD, in favour of a weak rip-off of ‘Genesis Of The Daleks’ replete with crippled scientist in wheelchair. All this was written by a writer who was too young to care (he said his first Doctor was Sylvester McCoy, ffs) and a friend of RTD’s to boot. Still all that aside, their poor ‘alternate universe’ origins can’t be blamed on Moffat. To redress the balance, why doesn’t the Beeb dramatise Big Finish’s ‘Spare Parts’ with Capaldi (or an animated film starring Davison and Nyssa et al), and that will surely elevate the Cybermen back up to creepy and tragic status.

  3. avatar Pauluus says:

    I love the Cybermen, but Like the Daleks some of the stories over recent years have made them appear to easy to defeat. I like them to return to being a more creeping threat. More like inelligent Zombies. a bit more like the Borg were in the early stories they were used in

  4. avatar Michael says:

    New series Cybermen? I don’t care for them. Classic series Cybermen? I like them very much. For me this is just more of the Cybermen going in the wrong direction.

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      Remarkably sweeping statement, given all you can see so far is a handful of photos. You can’t prejudge an entire story based on these.

  5. avatar simon magellan says:

    Am I the only person struck by the similarity of these scenes with the Alternative World cyber stories of season 2? Seeing them on Earth, presumably threatening invasion, makes them much more menacing. The big problem with Nightmare last year was its direction – and Matt Smith gurning. This may see a return to a more old style approach. Lets hope so.

    It will also be UNIT’s first encounter with them since 1968, so that will be interesting to see.

  6. avatar lozzer says:

    Minus one or two exceptions, the Cybermen on their own don’t seem to work very well, but, with some power hungry villain pulling their strings they could be both powerful and menacing again. The Master and the Cybermen…

  7. avatar TonyS says:

    Michelle Gomez is playing the Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere and is apparently a villain(ess). It may be that the cybermen are not the main foe in this story.

  8. avatar DonnaM says:

    Given the consistent rumours naming another old “friend” as the Big Bad of Series 8, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Cybermen are relegated to the role of sideshow – which will further erode their credibility as a serious enemy. They have the potential to be properly terrifying, but in recent years they’ve been far too easy to defeat.

    If anyone reports seeing Daleks, Weeping Angels or any other well-known villain around the finale I will have to find myself a padded wall to smack my poor head against :-) If there’s one thing I really hope Mr Moffat avoids this year it’s the “kitchen sink” approach of chucking in half a dozen different “threats” and thereby diminishing them all!

    • avatar Howard Railton says:

      Some very well made points, that’s crystallised what’s been bothering me about their use in Time of the Doctor, way too many threats actually diminished them all. It could have worked with fewer perhaps but would have been far better with one. If Moffat does this trick again, it’ll be rubbish.

  9. avatar Rick says:

    I like the cybermen, but I’ll be disappointed if The Master doesn’t return. Oh well, shouldn’t have believed the rumour.

  10. avatar vortexter says:

    I love the Cybermen but they are just ‘Stock Monsters’ now. The body shock horror of their origins has been lost down the years and they need a radical boost to stand out from the crowd. In fact, I would have got more of a thrill if I had seen an army of Quarks or Voord advancing down Cardiff such is the loss of the Cybermens impact.

    Spoilers now……….It all seems a bit ‘samey’. Cybermen stomping around graves (The Next Doctor), The Doctor carrying a cyberhead (Handles) and I just know there will be a few other cameos along the way.

    But lets be positive. Capaldi looks great and I’m getting a nice buzz from all of this.

  11. Getting darker now….Perhaps the Cyberman are doing “The Invasion of the body snatchers” or a more serious version of “Carry on Screaming”. We’ll see.P.S. That had Jon Pertwee in it as a mad professor…

  12. avatar Kelvin says:

    I don’t like the new new Cybermen, there wasn’t anything wrong with the 2006 re-creation and the new ones look to much like an army of Iron men. Also a wooden version is not very imaginative

  13. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    The Cybermen have been losing credibility and getting lamer with each redesign since Tenth Planet. It’s unfortunate but I haven’t been impressed with them since the Troughton days, really. I think they’ve become a bit rubbish, sad to say. Seeing as how they’re unemotional, they really are a less entertaining, less aggressive, less ominous version of the Borg, even though the Cybermen predate them by 25 years.

    It’s a real shame that they can’t find a way to write a good story about them in the new series. I really can’t even understand it. hopefully they’ll right that wrong in this new one. and hopefully, they’ll get the silent and scary part right this time with the new design. That’s the way it was supposed to be last time and they were clunking around as noisy as ever. Except when one of them developed super speed–which they didn’t use again.

    • avatar Terry Cooper says:

      Hi, Rick (we have a mutual writer friend in C. Lynch, I believe!) I think it’s a little harsh to say the Cybermen have been looking increasingly lame since the beginning. MY personal favourite Cybermen designs are from Revenge Of The Cybermen, followed by Tenth Planet and Earthshock. But you’re right about their treatment being all wrong – I’ve written at least three Cybermen stories that stay true to their original creepy/tragic foundations and if I could get them under the nose of Mr. Moffat (I work about 5 mins away from him in CardiffBay!) I’d like to hope he’d give me a shot! – Hey – a guy can dream (in silver) can’t he?

  14. I want to be excited about this news, I really do, but after the less-than-exciting Cybermen presented in Neil Gaimain’s “Nightmare in Silver”, I will have to say I am not thrilled by the announcement. I think it may have been interesting to see a different classic monster returning instead. Or maybe a classic villain, like the Celestial Toymaker (yes, I know, Michael Gough is no longer with us, but they could go with another actor, done as a tribute rather than a reboot).

  15. avatar Ranger says:

    I am fed up with the recurring monsters such as the Daleks and the Cybermen – they have been overexposed and poorly served by the material written for them (Neil Gaiman being the prime example). I feel there is a lack of imagination being displayed – there has only been one successful new monster since 2005 and that is the Weeping Angels – and look how they have been overexposed until they are no longer special or scary.

  16. avatar Austin says:

    I don’t like the modern Cybermen outfits or stories – they are just as ‘plastic’ as each other. I’m turning 55 later on this year so I can speak from the time of the 1960′s right up to present day.

    The classic storylines of the Cybermen in the era of the 60′s and 70′s were creepy (I definitely hid behind the couch for half of each episode back then,) but they had plots and subplots, and the Cybermen were made to look like they would almost win – but then there’d be a lat minute solution or hero, or both and they would be forced to retreat and/or be destroyed.

    They would reappear much later on in the ‘time vortex’ with the “new improved model” – a lesser plot/subplot kind of story, more effects and battles etc, but no real reason as to their existence. The Cybermen seem to have been reduced to a bunch of metal “straw men” that a writer/producer can easily set up and just as easily knock down, but there is no more ‘method to their madness’. They might as well be a line of Coke cans set up at a shooting gallery…

    Their confrontations with Daleks in recent series should have left a more open plan kind of ending, instead of just wiping them out, and then having the next lot of writers end up inventing far reaching and convoluted means of bringing them back again.

    IMHO, the timeline will now become more confused and difficult to track in regard early series and later series Cybermen – but that’s the “Whoniverse” for you…

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