Published on July 9th, 2014 | by James Lomond

Barrowman(!) May Return If Torchwood Revived

There are some corners of the universe that have bred the most fabulous things. Things that act against everything serious drama believes in- and they must be caught – on camera, unwittingly being re-enacted by two cast members of the same show, on separate panels to the audience of the Phoenix Comicon early last month. We have a wee comic(on) gem for you! But first a mini-Barrowman update…

The news-munchkins that keep Kasterborous’s cogs shiny found more online evidence that Barrowman, the multi-talented Duracell Bunny of popular culture, would return to Torchwood if the show came back. He was interviewed by Sir Terry Wogan on his BBC2 radio show at the end of last month.

Referring to the four seasons of Torchwood he said, “we had a great run and that was it really. But who knows what the future may hold.” I don’t know about you, Kasterborites but this falls into the Pope-is-a-Catholic news category – we know he loved it and who’d turn down a great job? He says as much when talking about the most important thing being that he enjoys a job and has fun at work. On jobs like hit US crime-fighting series, Arrow. This brings me to the aforementioned comic gem…

Take a look at the clip above from Phoenix Comicon from early June. Barrowman and his co-star, Stephen Amell describe the first meeting of their characters, villainous Merlyn and titular hero Oliver Queen, AKA Arrow. In brief, our John sabotages some terribly serious acting seriousness with what can only be described as a jazz-Arabesque with added sparkle (JASS?).

(Special thanks to Louise Morel for pointing out the stories and giving Kasterborous the time markers to make the edits quick and easy).

If it were down to me, I’m not sure whether I’d bring Torchwood or the good Captain back in a hurry, especially with the anticipated darker tone of series 8. But I admit to being more than curious how Capaldi and Coleman would fair with this loveable rogue on-set. They do say if a cast does their best work when they’re enjoying themselves…

Speaking of which, for those Kasterborites thus inclined, here’s the scene Barrowman and Amell were referring to. It features seriousness, human male toplessness and a hint of Barrowman sparkle. Some corners of the universe have bred the most fabulous things…


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4 Responses to Barrowman(!) May Return If Torchwood Revived

  1. avatar lozzer says:

    Torchwood was ok, but as we all know its last series was err… enough said. No problem with Jack coming back to Doctor Who for the odd episode but it’s time to put TW behind us.

  2. I liked Miracle Day but I can see where a lot of people found fault with it. If the production moved back over here they probably would do well going back to the original concept of being based in wales.

  3. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    Series 1 was hit-and miss. Series 2 was a vast improvement. Children Of Earth was the show’s apex. Miracle Day was… well, we all know from 1996 what happens when the US get their grubby little protuberances on something to do with our beloved show. Miracle Day may even have benefited from being split into two separate 5-part stories more akin to the awesome Children Of Earth. I would definitely welcome a return of Torchwood. As recurring character go, Captain Jack is more or less today’s version of the Brig. During Smith’s tenure as the Doctor the Moff (despite writing Jack’s original story) has chosen to focus more on other characters of his to return (namely River Song and the Paternoster Gang). I love them too but I think it’s about time that, even if Torchwood isn’t going to grace our screens any time soon, then at least Jack deserves to encounter Capaldi’s Doctor! The character is so interesting as we still don’t know much about his history and are intrigued by his future!

  4. avatar STLShawn says:

    I didn’t mind Miracle Day for what it was. Children of Earth,,,, not so much.

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