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Published on June 26th, 2014 | by James Lomond

Thursday News: Series 8 Finale Photos – and the Drunk Giraffe!

Saddle-up Kasterborites and tighten those stirrups for the Drunk Giraffe, spoilertastic photos, and Ecclestone’s stateside shenanigans! Mount your news-horse and get ready for a gallop through the latest Who-updates with today’s News Blast…

Gillan & Smith delight at Wizard World Comic Con

Cool is NOT Cool!

Last weekend, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan entertained guests at Philidelphia’s Wizard World Comic Con with renditions of both the “Drunk Giraffe” dance move and a revised version of their a cappella Doctor Who theme. Check out the footage via the Radio Times website. They’re a wonderful best-mates double act and looked to be enjoying their time with the fans. Lovely stuff!

SPOILER ALERT – Series 8 finale set photos…

Peter Capaldi - Pompeii

Blastr has flagged up intriguing snaps of the Who production team filming at Cardiff’s National Museum – a location familiar from series 5′s finale as the natural history museum housing the Pandorica. More recently it stood in as the interior of the National Museum in Trafalgar Square in 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, where one mysterious Curator discussed the fate of Gallifrey with the Eleventh Doctor (via art).

WARNING – spoilers below! From *this* moment on, you’ve been warned…

The photo shows a prop – a black plinth and obelisk being carried into the museum. On it is a large orange circle with a smaller adjacent circle (Gallifreyan script?) and the words “Rest in peace – we promise.”

Your guess is as good as ours (probably better) but this throws up a tantalising list of possibilities.

1) Is the Doctor returning to the National Gallery? Is this about the search for Gallifrey – or does it seem a bit soon? The Moff did suggest it was going to be a loooong story arc…

2) We know episode 8 may be titled “Mummy on the Orient Express” and Moff hinted that the Doctor would be catching up on his phone calls. At the end of Series 5 he took a call from a Queen (not sure which one) about an “Egyptian Goddess loose on the Orient Express… in space.” Said Goddess was apparently sealed into the “seventh obelisk”. The prop is an obelisk – just saying…

3) Call me crazy (used to it) but while that does look like Gallifreyan script, it *also* looks like a Cyberman’s eye. Again. Just saying.


Best-Library-Ever holds Doctor Who Day

Silence in the Library

This Thursday 26th June, from 2-3:30pm, the Noble library (good name) in Oklahoma will be holding a special Doctor Who-themed event for teens. The event is presented by “Ben” who is presumably an AWESOME librarian, will involve a variety of activities and attendees are encouraged to dress as their favourite characters. The event is part of the Teen Summer Reading Program and registration can be done online, by phone or on the day.

Eccleston in US Drama this month

Ninth Doctor

HBO drama, The Leftovers, premiers on 29th June and deals with the people who are left when 2% of the Earth’s population vanishes, three years on… Christopher Ecclestone, the actor behind the Ninth Doctor and Doctor Who‘s return to television in 2005, plays a priest in Mapleton, a community struggling to come to terms with their missing friends and family. Take a look at the trailer over at CBR Spinoff – Paterson Joseph, another Brit actor who played Rodrick in Doctor Who‘s Series 1 finale and if often cited as a possible future Doctor, makes an intense-looking topless appearance…

So tell us your thoughts – were any of you at Gillan & Smith’s panel for Wizard World Comic Con? What do you make of the Series 8 spoilery photo? And will you be watching Eccleston in The Leftovers? Tell us below…!


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9 Responses to Thursday News: Series 8 Finale Photos – and the Drunk Giraffe!

  1. avatar Vicki says:

    I was in Philadelphia and had a wonderful time. Matt is so handsome and wonderful. He is really down to earth and makes all his fans feel special. It was great to meet his mum, too. Karen looks very cute in her pixie hair cut. It really fits her. They were fun together at the Q&A Panel.

  2. avatar simon magellan says:

    Interesting snippet in DWM. They say block six – the finale – is now underway and consists of two episodes. The other five blocks have been completed, nine episodes in total. Well, if my maths is correct, that’s only 11 episodes.

    Which is two less than normal and one less than has been suggested previously. Is episode twelve the Christmas special – have we lost two episodes this year?

    • avatar James Lomond says:


      Doctorwhotv were saying there’d be 13 episodes as usual but that the 13th might end up being the Christmas special – so given that we kinda *expect* a Christmas special anyway that would mean we were down one.

      Then they have this to say based on the latest DWM you’re referring to which would suggest we *are* down one (rather than two).

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      I’ve seen rumours – digital spy forums, Twitter, unreliable but interesting, with so many people hovering around filming and chatting to members of the crew – that episode ten will be in a block of its own, as nine was.

      Moffat was quoted a while back as saying “at least” 13 episodes, so given that they’ll probably film the Christmas one after the promotional tour 10 May overlap by a week or two with the filming of the finale.

      I’m not troubled by the loss of one episode, but if we were to drop 2 I think I’d be quite miffed.

    • avatar highteeeee says:

      I don’t think you need to worry. They haven’t filmed epiosde 10 yet. They probably will after the finale. We don’t even know its writer yet, but my bet would be on someone “big”, such as Mark Gatiss. The Christmas Special will probably start filming after they have completed the world tour in August. So 13 episodes overall, we have lost one. That’s not a big loss.

  3. avatar james says:

    mummies? could it be a return to the pyramids of mars mummies?

    thats a returning monster i didn’t expect.

    • avatar James Lomond says:

      pleaeohpleasohpleaseohpleaseohPLEASEohplease :D

  4. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    I love Christopher Eccleston. He is my Doctor Who. I will not be able to see the Leftovers because I do not get HBO. I saw a commercial on the computer and he is excellent in the part as an Episcopal priest.

  5. avatar joy ruff says:

    Games on BBC America doctor who

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