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Published on June 21st, 2014 | by Philip Bates

Peter Capaldi’s Message to The Glasgow School of Art

Twelfth Doctor, Peter Capaldi, has a lovely message for the students of the Glasgow School of Art, which was partly damaged by fire.

Capaldi, an alumni of their Graphic Design course, sends his thoughts to those whose work was destroyed when the fire broke out in the basement of the historic Mackintosh Building in May.

Capaldi is joining Brad Pitt as a trustee of The Mackintosh Appeal to raise £20 million to help restore the building, a project which is estimated to cost up to £35 million. Peter, who was born in Glasgow, said:

“It always seemed to me, when I studied there, both as a student and as a child in Saturday morning art classes, an exotic place of the imagination… all nooks and crannies, guarded by stern ancient statues and full of artistic possibilities.”

Fortunately, only 10% of the building was damaged; sadly, that includes the famous Mackintosh library and work from degree students.

The school was built between 1897 and 1909 and is widely-considered the crowning glory in the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh, a hugely influential artist and designer known for representing the Art Nouveau movement.

Peter graduated from the school in 1980.

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4 Responses to Peter Capaldi’s Message to The Glasgow School of Art

  1. avatar Al says:

    Peter just keeps piling up the class acts, doesn’t he?

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    Peter IS the Doctor, in real life as much as on the screen. A lovely man.

  3. avatar Steve says:

    Yes Peter is making a big impact already, however here is a thought; could The Glasgow School of Art become a setting for a future Who story where the publicity would help fund the restoration. The Building is very impressive and there are many areas that could really make great sets. I know because I was a student there. Peter and Steven could really help make great Who there and showcase the art school at the same time. Perhaps Rennie Mackintosh could be a character from the past in the same way that Van Gogh was included.

    • avatar teddybowties says:

      Oh, wht a wonderufl idea! I hope they DO EEET!

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