Doctor Who News The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Headed to DVD?

Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Philip Bates

The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot… The Sequel?

Last year’s 50th anniversary gem, The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot, could be getting a sequel, according to Eighth Doctor, Paul McGann!

It’s great news for anyone who enjoyed the half-an-hour special starring Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and McGann (and then some!), which saw the actors try their hardest to get into the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor.

McGann mentioned that a follow-up was in the works at an event for the Cambridge Union Society, although this hasn’t been officially confirmed as yet.

The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot is also expected to be released on DVD soon, possibly in a special anniversary boxset with The Day of the Doctor and The Time of the Doctor, both starring Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. But if you live in the UK, you can still watch it on iPlayer - for now…


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7 Responses to The Five(Ish) Doctors Reboot… The Sequel?

  1. avatar mrjohnm says:

    I found the Five (ish) Doctors to be a true gem in what was a year of fantastic surprises. I was a little upset that it didn’t appear on the Day of the Doctor Blu Ray since that is where it should have been. But I have to question if a sequel is really needed here.

    • avatar Philip Bates says:

      I know what you mean, but if Peter Davison’s got a good idea (and he’s a clever, brilliant man, so I don’t see why not), I can’t wait!

    • avatar joesiegler says:

      Wouldn’t surprise me if the sequel involves Capaldi somehow, as they are filming now. :)

      • avatar Francis Cave says:

        Well Davison did mention on twitter last month that he was meeting Capaldi in Cardiff for a US documentary he is presenting so he has the opportunity!

  2. avatar That says:

    I think its probably going to be about them trying to get into series 8, and perhaps even Matt Smith joining them this time.

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      Okay, this idea does make sense. My original statement of a sequel not being needed was based on the storyline for the Five(ish) Doctors. They tried, and succeeded, into getting into the 50th anniversary special. The anniversary is now over, time to move on. But as That said, the idea of them trying to get into the new series would make for some more humorous adventures! And Matt Smith’s involvement would be fantastic, especially as I’ve read somewhere that he might be regretting his decision of leaving!

  3. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    Anything’s possible when these guys start having fun. If Matt *were* involved, also not too far a stretch to conclude that Tennant might also pop in. Conversely, maybe it’s best to not go to the well too many times.

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