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The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Headed to DVD?

It would seem that the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who is the gift that keeps on giving! While there has been US/UK versions of The Day of the Doctor and An Adventure in Time and Space released on Blu-ray and DVD, as well as some nifty digital bundles on iTunes and Amazon that bring some extra content, including some of the exclusive BBC America programming, there is one special programme that hasn’t received it’s due.

That’s right, dear reader, we’re talking the Peter Davison conceived comedy special, The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot!

Amidst all of the other anniversary goodies, there has been little word or sign of the acclaimed one-off special since it aired in November. Of course, there were some rumblings of a 50th Anniversary DVD set back in February, but concrete details weren’t available and mention of the classic Doctors special were absent.

As always though, time and the mouth of the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, have provided us with new details! Speaking at the DWAS Myth Makers convention, Baker announced that the The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot would be getting a proper release as part of an unannounced set featuring the Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. There is no official release news from the Beebs, but this seems grounded enough to be accurate. The likely bits to be included on the set are The Day of the Doctor, An Adventure in Time and Space, and The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. Of course, the prior released special features and minisodes will probably be present as well (also hoping that the other two parts of the Doctor Trilogy, Name of the Doctor and Time of the Doctor are included for good measure).

If the release comes to pass, it will most likely place the “have to have it on release day” Whovian in a conundrum: is The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot itself enough to justify repurchasing titles they already have in their library? Personally speaking, I’ve held off on purchasing these titles in hope of a box set release (crossing fingers for a US release as well…still bummed about that Regenerations box set) and this comes as welcome news. However, if you’ve already invested in a copy of these specials, it can certainly be a frustrating predicament.

What say you, dear readers? Are you excited to see The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot finally get a proper release? Or are you turned off by the fact that it appears to be part of the box set only?


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13 Responses to The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot Headed to DVD?

  1. avatar bluebox says:

    Of equal interest is the fact that Colin Baker also said the reboot was so much fun to make, that drs 5, 6 and 7 are considering a further spin off…

    • avatar vortexter says:

      There should be a different special every year following on from this as a new tradition.

  2. Yes – but particularly as I’d like to have ‘An Adventure in Space and Time’ on Blu-Ray. The Fish Doctor special would just be a fun little bonus for me!

  3. avatar Francis Cave says:

    I already have the Adventures, Time and Day DVD’s and if all of these appear on a box set with the 5Drs Reboot I will have to probably have a good think about it for at least five minutes before ordering it……

    What can I say, I even bought the Bill Baggs Zygon DVD and it’s not even any good…

  4. avatar Ranger says:

    I’ve not bought any of the 50th anniversary stuff, because I was waiting for the Five(ish) Doctors to be released and didn’t want to buy multiple copies of episodes. I didn’t see it first time round, but have heard such good reviews I’m desperate to see it.

  5. avatar Christine says:

    I’ve already got most of the 50th anniversary stuff, but I’ll probably buy this too. The Reboot is such a lovely piece, it is worth it. I only hope they will also include the Anniversary Prom. Contrary to earlier concerts (2 proms and a concert in Wales), this one hasn’t been added as an extra to a DVD yet. And how could a special 50th DVD do without it?

  6. avatar Paul Bines says:

    I’m still hoping the box set is a ‘Matt Smith years’ set, consisting of s5-7 plus the specials (including Five(-ish). I bought the first box (the first four series) and I’ve held off buying the Matt Smith sets just in case!

  7. Paul I think it will just include what is mentioned in the article as most people including myself already have series 5-7 anyway and for me the cost would be too high

  8. avatar Colin says:

    I can understand it being hard to justify a stand-alone release for a half hour special, as good as “The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot” is. It deserves a DVD/BluRay release, and as part of a bigger package seems to make sense. I’m not sure that releasing it along with already-available-elsewhere material makes good sense from a fan viewpoint (though I’m sure the marketing department at BBC Video though it a stroke of genius). Perhaps it would have been better to do as they did with the “Curse of the Fatal Death” video release, and include a behind-the-scenes documentary, some specially-made documentaries on the 5th-7th Doctor eras, maybe put some of the web specials on there…? It sounds to me as if the BBC feels “Five(ish) Doctors” can’t stand on its own as the main feature, and needs to be bundled with the 50th Anniversary specials to guarantee sales. Rather an odd perspective to have for something that was so popular with fans and critics, and received a Hugo nomination.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      I think that’s a great idea Colin. Bearing in mind the style and nature of the project it makes sense to package it with similarly themed material. Maybe they could package it with “Curse” and (don’t shoot me) Dimensions In Time as well? There should be some effort to package up these oddities (even crap ones like Dimensions).

    • avatar francis Cave says:

      It’s, ahem, “The Curse of Fatal Death”, no “the” in the middle.

      Check the VHS cover.

      Sorry’ its one of my pet peeves….

      • avatar Colin says:

        I just checked the VHS cover and you’re absolutely correct, Francis! My apologies. Duly noted from now on. :)

  9. avatar Cynthia Y says:

    Personally, I’ve been waiting for the F(ish) Doctors to be released. I’m really happy to hear this! It’s my personal favorite out of all the 50th ani specials. I think it should deserve just as much attention as the other two though and it’s long over due. I was sad when they made plans to release Day of and An Adventure but nothing about the F(ish)! BBC should’ve considered all of them together in the beginning. I have no issues if it’s part of a bundle since I don’t own any yet but I can understand why it can be a pain if others already owned the other specials and have to go out and get another bundled one just to add to their collection. Regardless, I just want them to release it and I’ll be a happy camper :D

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