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Published on May 11th, 2014 | by Drew Boynton

Stars Of Doctor Who Are Everywhere This Summer!

It’s a real testament to the popularity of Doctor Who that so many of the show’s actors can be seen in so many other projects.

BBC America’s Anglophenia page has a list of where many of the show’s stars can be seen (and heard!) in the upcoming months. The list is geared mostly to a mostly USA audience, of course, but does reveal some casting that might not have been widely known…until now!:

  • A perfect example is that the War Doctor himself, John Hurt, will be seen with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the big-budget version of Hercules. Hurt will also be seen on TV in the USA as The CW network broadcasts the fantasy mini-series Labyrinth (also featuring Vincent and the Doctor‘s Tony Curran).
  • Peter Capaldi, debuting this Fall as the Twelfth Doctor, will soon appear on BBC America’s broadcast of The Three Musketeers on 22 June.
  • Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan was recently seen in Oculus, but her more important (if smaller?) role will be in August’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Some people are already likening it to Star Wars.
  • Tenth Doctor David Tennant will be heard in the animated Postman Pat and seen in What We Did On Our Holiday. Neither is scheduled for a USA release as yet.
  • Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston will be seen in HBO’s newest buzzworthy series, The Leftovers, starting on 29 June.
  • Coincidentally, Billie Piper can be seen in the buzzy Showtime eight-episode series Penny Dreadful. It starts this weekend.
  • Gugu MBatha-Raw, who played Martha Jones’s sister Tish in Doctor Who‘s series three, can be seen in Belle. The film is already receiving good reviews from Entertainment Weekly, among others.
  • And be on the lookout for Catherine Tate (Nativity 3), Matt Smith (in Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut, Lost River), and Arthur Darvill (Penguin).

Kasterborites, which non-Who project from our favorite Who actors are you most looking forward to?


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Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

8 Responses to Stars Of Doctor Who Are Everywhere This Summer!

  1. avatar JenniferGW says:

    And Karen Gillan’s pilot Selfie has been picked up for a full season on ABC in the US. It also stars ex Who alumn David Harewood. Karen is on the way to be a real star across the “Pond”!

    Also hoping Matt can fit in taking American Psycho to Broadway in the near future after he brings it to the West End in late Summer – he’s so in demand now, so fingers crossed more people can get to enjoy his astounding performance.

  2. Gracepoint, the American version of Broadchurch with David Tennant and the return of Defiance with Tony Curran as the villainous Datak Tarr!

  3. avatar JenniferGW says:

    Also, John Simm in US network show Intruder with Mira Sorvino sounds exciting to add to his stunning turn on Prey here in UK plus Chris Eccleston is also shooting Fortitude for US TV which has an intriguing Artic setting and a real A list cast. These last two are the projects I am looking forward to the most from the Who crew over the next 12 months

    Good old Davey T’s US project Gracepoint hasn’t had as much ‘buzz’ as the others mentioned. Fingers crossed, but remakes of UK shows are risky and not sure he’ll be able to pull off the US accent. He hasn’t had much luck with his film roles to date (I highly doubt either mentioned here will bother the UK box office, let alone ever be seen in the US). Hopefully he’ll find another good role on TV like Broadchurch soon or maybe find some stage work, otherwise he’ll get left further behind by all the success everyone else is enjoying!

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      I honestly don’t think a U.S. version of Broadchurch is even needed. The original series got lots of attention over here, and if a U.S. network wanted to make money off its popularity, the network should just work with the BBC to gain the rights to air Broadchurch!

  4. avatar Ginger Crawford says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting Gracepoint starring David Tennant. There are some differences to his Broadchurch and the cast is the stuff of dreams. Major bucks and talent have been poured into it including the list of directors.

  5. avatar JenniferGW says:

    Who has been so lucky to both attract top line established talent as well as boost the careers of today’s and tomorrow’s A-listers. Eccleston and Capaldi were both ‘serious’ and highly credentialled film, theatre and TV actors when they joined Who and Matt is now zooming up to stardom on both sides of the Atlantic. Karen, Billie and Freema have set up flourishing careers thanks to the start they got from Who. These days it would be hard to turn on your TV in the UK (and with Matt, Karen, Chris and John Simm about to pop up all over film and TV in the US) and also in the States without playing ‘Who’s from Who’! Long may it be so.

    • avatar Rick says:

      I still can’t believe they got John Hurt to play the Doctor.

  6. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    I know Christopher Eccleston will be great in the Leftovers. I did not know he was going to be in another US show called Fortitude. He is a dynamite actor. I can’t get HBO. I know Billie and Karen will be great in their new shows.

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