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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Rebecca Crockett

Radio Times Nominated For Cover of the Year!

For a very long time, Radio Times has been a great supporter of programmes like Doctor Who and the people that work for the magazine seem to be just as excited as we are when reporting news about the show and what’s going on with the cast.

So it’s nice to see when those reporting efforts are recognized by professional and national organisations.

Radio Times has been nominated for Cover Of The Year by the Professional Publishers Association for their 12-version special issue cover celebrating the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. (Did you notice that all 12 covers make one continuous image?)


The award is given each year to recognise talent, innovation, and excellence in the UK publishing industry. This year, Radio Times is nominated alongside other major names including Country Life, Esquire, and Cosmopolitan.

Best of all, you can help choose who wins! Hop on over to the PPA site to see all the nominations for Cover Of The Year, as well as all the other categories, and vote for your favorite.

Congratulations to Radio Times for the nomination!

(via RadioTimes)


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Rebecca is new to the Who world, having only recently watched the entire new series in a span of 8 days. She is no stranger to sci-fi though, being a life long Trekkie and has vague memories of seeing the 4th Doctor on US television as a child. When not watching, reading, blogging, or talking about Doctor Who, she is a fan of pop culture and loves movies and books so much she has to keep a list of both so she doesn't forget any of them. She also likes to make attempts at various forms of art including photography and painting. Rebecca is currently working her way through as many classic serials and as many books related to the show that she can find and wishes she could have been with the Doctor and Amy when they met Van Gogh.

7 Responses to Radio Times Nominated For Cover of the Year!

  1. avatar iLikeTheUDK says:

    But why did they show older versions of Tom Baker and Peter Davison (Baker is especially my problem here), and Colin Baker as he looked in the early ’90s?

    • They were snapped for covers in 2003 and reused in 2013

      • avatar Rick says:

        I’m think those are for dimensions in time from 1993, not 2003.

        • avatar Rick says:

          Sorry about the typo at the beginning

        • You’ve got me thinking now :)

          Time to raid the box of Radio Times Doctor Who covers…

  2. avatar Francis Cave says:

    And of course the pics of Hartnell and Troughton are from 1973.

    Clearly whoever put these covers together took all of five minutes to locate pictures of the Doctors from the classic series.

  3. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    Love that photo of Christopher Eccleston as the ninth doctor.

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