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Published on May 3rd, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Phil Collinson Admits Running Doctor Who Was “Terrifying”

Former producer Phil Collinson is happy to admit that had no idea how to make the programme when he started work on Doctor Who in 2004.

In a newly released interview recorded at the 50th anniversary Doctor Who Celebration event last November, Collinson says he found the prospect of realising Russell T Davies’s series outline ‘terrifying’.

At the time, nobody really in this country was doing anything that had any sort of special effects.

Although he was friends with RTD, it was Collinson’s experience on BBC One drama Sea of Souls that got him the gig on Doctor Who, and he’s honest enough to say that at his interview he played up the limited special effects experience he gained on the supernatural series for all he was worth!

Elsewhere in the interview Collinson recalls the struggles of making that first series, from an inadequate studio with a leaky roof to the constant fight to keep up with a challenging shooting schedule.

He ends by saying that, after such a battle making the series, the moment he knew he had a hit on his hands was when he saw the chemistry between Billie Piper and Christopher Eccleston on screen.

Who else is planning a Series 1 rewatch in this tenth anniversary of new-Who going into production?


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3 Responses to Phil Collinson Admits Running Doctor Who Was “Terrifying”

  1. avatar Guy says:

    I did start a rewatch a few weeks ago but got destracted by Harvest of Time.

  2. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    Christopher and Billie were fantastic together.

  3. avatar drewboynton says:

    I wish Phil would come back to DW some day!

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