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Published on May 28th, 2014 | by Drew Boynton

Pertwee-Esque Location Shots, Female Doctors & Lego Departures

Quicker than a speeding TARDIS… it’s the Kasterborous News Blast, covering all of the Doctor Who news from all over the globe…and beyond! Today’s plethora of informational excitement includes Steven Moffat riffing on the “female Doctor” debate, Mark Gatiss’s happiness for Frank Skinner, two more Series 8 filming pics, and a heartfelt fundraiser involving the late Paul Spragg.

Pertwee-Esque Capaldi In Doctor Who Location Shooting

Dan Davidson Photography has posted on their Twitter page two photos of the Doctor Who crew filming on Aberthaw Beach in Wales.  The two photos, one of just the TARDIS on the beach and the other of a very-distant-but-very-Pertwee-esque Peter Capaldi, were posted by Davidson just the other day.  It’s unclear if the rocky, white-stoned beach will actually be Welsh beach in the story… or a mysterious alien one, perhaps?

Steven Moffat: Female Doctor Not A “Political Decision”

The showrunner extraordinaire was at the Hay Festival and took questions from the audience.  It was only a matter of time before the “female Doctor” question was asked (as it always seems to be) and Moffat answered the question in a refreshingly direct manner, as recounted in The Telegraph.

“When that person [the perfect candidate to be the next Doctor] is a woman, that’s the day it will happen.”

He also said that it will rely on the mix of a showrunner and casting, but shouldn’t just be a political or ratings-based decision.

Mark Gatiss Loves Frank Skinner

Writer/actor/man-of-all-Who-ness Mark Gatiss recently told The Sun (via Yahoo News) that he is very happy to have actor and comedian Frank Skinner in an episode of the upcoming eighth series.

“I’m delighted he’ll be in the show.  He’s a very good actor and a huge fan.”

It is still unknown what part Skinner will be playing, although it’s said to be suited to his talents.  Skinner is widely known to be a die-hard Whovian, and even appeared in last year’s The Five-ish Doctors Reboot in a small cameo as a Dalek operator.

Big Finish: Make Charity Donations To Remember Paul Spragg

Many, many people were shocked by the sudden recent passing (on 8 May) of Big Finish stalwart Paul Spragg.  On the Big Finish News page, the audio adventures company has said that anyone wishing to make a charitable donation in memory of Spragg may now do so, as they have set up a Just Giving page.  The Spragg family has chosen the British Heart Foundation as recipient for the donations.

Campbell-Jones Welcomes A McGann Spin-Off

Emma Campbell-Jones, seen briefly in the opening scenes of 2013′s Night of the Doctor as Cass, told Flicks & The City that she would love to see Paul McGann return to the role of the Eighth Doctor.  And she would like to come back as Cass, as well… but didn’t that spunky space heroine get blown up?

“I know that Cass has died but with time travel [anything is possible] and also they don’t actually definitively say that she’s definitely dead. So there’s a tiny window of opportunity. You never know. Ultimately Cass just needs to see he’s the good Doctor. She’s only just met him and has come from a world that has been torn apart by the Time Lords and their nefarious antics.”

The First Doctor And Susan Part Ways… In Lego!

A well-made YouTube video by JakeAnimation Studios features the glorious two minutes from 1964′s Dalek Invasion of Earth wherein the Doctor says goodbye to his granddaughter Susan.  Well, the clip uses the actual dialogue heard in the episode, but subs in animated Lego characters for the actors.  The clip runs just a bit shy of two minutes, is in brilliant black and white, and finally lets us see the famous “One day I shall come back…” speech in all it’s Lego glory!


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8 Responses to Pertwee-Esque Location Shots, Female Doctors & Lego Departures

  1. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    My favourite photo from the beach set is of Capaldi apparently taking a photo of the Tardis with his phone. Just like a fan snapping pics!

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      I looked at that and thought “Good on you, sir, that’s what I’d be doing too!”

      As for Mr Moffat’s latest offering to the “female Doctor” debate – well, he’s not actually saying anything at all, is he? When the perfect candidate is a woman may be the day Hell freezes over for all we know :-) but he’s not going to say that!

    • avatar calliarcale says:

      Well, he is a fan. ;-) Let’s face it, he’s doing exactly what any of us would do if we won the spacetime lottery and got to do what he’s doing.

  2. avatar Jeff Ingle says:

    Love a bit of Pertwee style DW – We just need some action in home counties villages now. On a downer note, I wish Steven Moffat would create one of his complicated time paradoxes and remove all his references to the Doctor changing sex – one of the reasons my love of this show has diminished slightly. There is nothing wrong with being a man – a good man who will save the day without guns.

  3. I’ve still been thinking about his speech here maybe it would be good if Capaldi’s doctor somehow managed after all these years to keep that promise and go back and see Susan as Carol Anne Ford is still around and hopefully wanting to return if not forever maybe a one off

  4. avatar James Lomond says:

    TARDIS on beach = SEA DEVILS pleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohpleaseohplease!!! :D

  5. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Is that the coolest Doctor coat ever?

  6. avatar Chronomalix says:

    From the looks of that beach in the Twitter pic I am overwhelmingly reminded of the same one for “The Sea Devils”.

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