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Published on May 20th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Mark Gatiss Praises “Fantastic” Peter Capaldi

Mark Gatiss has promised that Peter Capaldi will be ‘fantastic… really something’ in the next series of Doctor Who.

Chatting to the Radio Times on the red carpet at Sunday’s BAFTA awards, the long term Who writer, guest performer and fan didn’t add to what we already know about his forthcoming episode, scheduled to go out third in Series 8, but clearly feels the new Doctor is more than up to the job.

The story, already shot and featuring guest stars Ben Miller and Tom Riley, is currently the one for which we have the most informaton, what with rumours of merriment in Sherwood Forest seemingly confirmed by location snaps.

Elsewhere in the interview, Gatiss describes An Adventure in Space and Time, which missed out on the award for single drama to Channel 4′s Complicit, as a story he had wanted to tell for thirteen years, and reflects on the irony that it was those fiendish Daleks who would go on to become the Doctor’s ‘greatest friend’.


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9 Responses to Mark Gatiss Praises “Fantastic” Peter Capaldi

  1. avatar TonyS says:

    I realise what they are doing: keeping the programme in the public consciousness. But Mark Gatiss, Keeley hawes or whoever telling us Peter Capaldi is “fantastic” or “geronimo” or whatever does not make him a great doctor. Let’s wait and see him on the screen.

    That said, I believe he will be brilliant and am impatient to see him on screen. Not long to go now…. probably :)

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    I imagine anyone remotely connected with the show is going to be asked the same question all the way from now to the first episode airing: “What’s Peter like as the Doctor?”

    Now obviously, nobody’s going to say “rubbish”. First up – he’s too good an actor to be anything of the kind. Second – if they really think he’s fantastic, why not say so? If they smiled and said “wait and see” the internet would melt with people panicking because they weren’t gushing….

    The comments I’ve seen are universally positive. That’s either collusion, or a statement of fact, and I’m cinlined to believe it’s the latter :-)

    Roll on Series 8!

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      Where’s the spellcheck when you need it, eh? I mean inclined of couse, not cinlined. Whoops!

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    I agree with Tony and Donna, I see these headlines and they don’t really mean anything but it is Dr Who news and this is. dr Who new website! Just want to get on with it and see him now.

    • me three guys! all this fantastic gives me a nasty burned sugar taste in my mouth. We just wanna see the man in action already! ;)

  4. Er, me four. LOL.

  5. avatar TonyS says:

    if we assume a late August/early September start we have something like 102 days. Maybe a week more. That sounds a lot but it’s really nothing. :)

  6. avatar Al says:

    Of course we don’t expect them to badmouth – but at the same time there is such a thing as “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all” so the lack of silence is just as telling as what is being said. That and the fact – and do not underestimate the significance of this – that so far we have seen no tabloids running with a “chaos behind the scenes” or “have they made a mistake” story. All of us know the press, especially in Britain, love running “Doctor Who in trouble” stories. The show has been cancelled – in their headlines – a half-dozen times since Moffat became producer. They’ve played up every little comment Matt Smith’s made in the last 6 months that even sounds remotely negative. Peter Capaldi has been playing the Doctor in production for about 5 months now, including what you have to consider “public performances” given they’ve been filming in urban shopping areas and parks and the like. There has been plenty of opportunity for “insider gossip” to germinate. Yet I have yet to see a single negative article related to Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor. Contrast with all the “he’s too young” and “what the hell is that redhead wearing?” articles that came out when filming began on Smith’s first season. Of course it doesn’t mean anything in the long run, and there’s plenty of time for the media to get up a head of steam (the fact Capaldi is Scottish is likely to become an issue as the referendum approaches) but right now, the lack of such headlines is significant. Instead, the media have had to be content with reporting on how cool he was with that little autistic kid and the fact he inconvenienced The Musketeers by jumping ship for Doctor Who.

  7. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I’m hoping we’ll get our first trailer over the summer so we can see Mr. Fantastic for ourselves. :)

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