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Published on May 11th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Karen Gillan’s US Sitcom ‘Selfie’ Gets Go Ahead

Things just seem to be going from strength to strength for former Doctor Who companion Karen Gillan, whose pilot for the sitcom Selfie has been picked up by ABC for a full series!

Following news that her horror film Oculus is a hit, both with reviewers and audiences, and that she is set to be a prominent villain in Marvel’s summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy, even her hair is forging a career for itself (if rumours are to be believed) as her shorn locks are alleged to be appearing as a wig in the new Star Wars film.

Selfie also stars John Cho of Star Trek and Harold and Kumar fame and fellow Doctor Who alumni David Harewood (Joshua Naismith in David Tennant’s farewell two parter The End of Time) is a modern reimagining of My Fair Lady as a sitcom.

Now before you all run screaming for torches and pitchforks crying blasphemy it sounds as if they have changed it up enough to stand on its own, with Eliza (Gillan) hiring Henry (Cho) as a marketing expert to improve her public image after a public breakup goes viral for all the wrong reasons.

Do you think the show has potential? If it gets a UK screening will you be watching?  Just how much higher can Karen Gillan’s star rise?

Raise your voices and tell us things below.


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2 Responses to Karen Gillan’s US Sitcom ‘Selfie’ Gets Go Ahead

  1. avatar Jacqui Connell says:

    I wish Karen the best for her new US project – I don’t think that the Hollywood experience will change Karen. I will watch Selfie if it comes to UK tv because I like to watch anything with her in it!!

  2. avatar Ray Adamson says:

    Hopefully,we can expect Ms Gillan to achieve even more success considering the ability and experience she has and her fierce work ethic and very organised and creative fan base.Potentially,she could really capitalise on the demand for better female roles in Hollywood projects and her Scottish sensibilities could prove to be very distinctive and popular in her new environment.I’m very interested to see her concentrating on a comedy role since Amy’s character arc in Doctor Who was so traumatic.Best of luck for her.

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