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Published on May 9th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Evolution of the TARDIS Key: Brian A. Terranova’s Collection

Fans with a keen eye for detail will enjoy this intriguing curiosity put together by Kasterborous’s very own Brian A. Terranova. Regular cosplayer and Tenth Doctor lookalike Brian has accumulated an impressively researched collection of every TARDIS key ever featured on screen in the programme.

It’s fair to say the keys fall into two distinct categories: the more elaborate, sci-fi implements used by Doctors Three, Four, Seven and Eight and the rather more everyday… well, door keys, really.

Evolution of the TARDIS Key by Terrasolo on deviantART

But that’s not to under-sell the fine work Brian has done to gather this beautifully presented set. Evidently one with a keen eye for accuracy, he goes to impressive lengths in his commentary to ensure we get the full facts on each version of the key, whilst taking care not to make any inaccurate claims:

“The TV Movie key is not a replica, it is the same 800-Trekker key that was used in the show. That is I bought mine from the same place as the TVM did, not that my key is the screen used one. But they are identical.”

We like your style, Brian. What do you think? Is an ordinary Yale just right for a citizen of the universe like the Doctor? Or does he deserve something a little more other-wordly to let himself in after a hard day saving the galaxy?


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5 Responses to Evolution of the TARDIS Key: Brian A. Terranova’s Collection

  1. avatar M A G says:

    Surely the key would adopt the same technology as the chameleon circuit, therefore it could change from culture to culture

  2. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I always liked the more alien looking key. I used to have a couple of the Fourth Doctor ones. Not sure where they’ve gotten to. I should go look for ‘em.

  3. And here I thought mine was from the early ’70s and it’s actually from the TV movie.

    The chameleon circuit idea for why the key changes works. The chameleon circuit is on the fritz but not entirely broken, right? I mean, that would explain why the police box keeps changing… :-)

  4. avatar Sean says:

    Well, I know that the chameleon circuit’s on the blink because [SPOILERS] the Eleventh Doctor went back in time and sabotaged it himself in Totter’s Lane, in the 50th Anniversary comic where he is reunited with Ian and Barbara, setting it to lock itself in one form. So yes, it’s possible that the TARDIS herself is still maintaining some degree of control over her appearance by varying the appearance of the police box, even going so far as to use (formerly) incorrect wording on the phone panel and not using the proper dimensions or shade of blue, and changing those dimensions and shade of blue every once in a while.

  5. avatar Rick says:

    I like the 3rd, 4th, and 8th, but I think 7′s is far too over the top

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