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Published on May 2nd, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

Eve Myles Remains Hopeful for Torchwood Series 5

Poor Torchwood – out there, lost in the time vortex, not knowing whether it’s coming or going, or been! Given that its last season ended on something of a cliffhanger, (well, several cliffhangers, in a way), is there any chance that it could rematerialise at some point in the future?

Torchwood star Eve Myles, who played feisty Gwen Cooper throughout the entire run, is still hopeful that a few more episodes will fall through the rift. Speaking at the recent C2E2 event in Chicago, Myles said that everyone was “keeping [their] fingers crossed”, adding that a new season would be “a really complicated, kind of really huge, huge thing to put together.”

But all things are possible, and time can be rewritten! Just what would Gwen Cooper be up to in 2014? Myles speculated that she would still be “shooting things, probably helicopters out of the sky”, and “trying to keep the world safe, juggling a husband, juggling John Barrowman”, noting that “juggling John in any sense” was something of a challenge!

What do we think, Kasterborites? Has Torchwood had its day? Or is there life in the old Weevil yet?

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8 Responses to Eve Myles Remains Hopeful for Torchwood Series 5

  1. avatar robert says:

    well if doctor who can last 50 years simply due to timelord regeneration then surely torchword can last at least as long as john barrowman is alive to play jack! they already established that although he will live forever hes still aging so people shouldnt mind if he still appears in 20 years time as a 65 year old lol

  2. avatar Kane Smith says:

    Maybe I should try and contact Russell T Davies to hand over the keys to the show to me and I will run it and write for it. I have a full plot within my head right now how this cliff hanger could end in series 5 :)

  3. As long as Ianto is back I am in!

    • Yeah!!! Let’s have Caption Jack, Gwen and Ianto’s talking ashes!!! -_-

  4. avatar elizabeth douglas says:

    Torchwood cannot die as long as we keep up the fanbase and suggesting that we start a fan write in;… requesting the show continues, it has worked for many other shows why not Torchwood? what do you think folks? Any suggestions?

  5. avatar CJM says:

    Torchwood is not only dead; it has been hung, drawn, quartered and burned such was the dullness of Miracle Day.

    Let it go.

  6. avatar vidarraven says:

    Of course it should come back

  7. avatar Katie says:

    I hope they have a sarcastic doctor like Owen Harper, he was my favourite character!

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