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Published on May 9th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Doctor Who Insider: Capaldi and Coleman “Sizzle” In New Series

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are said to have ‘sizzling’ chemistry in the new Doctor Who episodes completed so far for Series 8.

That’s according to an unnamed ‘source on the show’ (yup, one of those) who reckons the BBC couldn’t be more pleased with what they’ve seen so far from the new Doctor.

He is the oldest Doctor and there is a sense he is more distanced from his assistant, more of a mystery. He is perhaps less a mate, and someone she looks up to. She has to try and gauge him – but dramatically it’s very satisfying and onscreen they work very well together.

Capaldi is said to have shades of Pertwee in is portrayal, indicating we could be in for a more patrician figure than we’ve grown used to in recent years.

He is his own man – very distinctive… There is a real buzz about this Doctor. And of course the monsters are great.

Interestingly we’re told not to expect too much in the way of continuity references, with story lines staring from ‘the bottom up’.

It’s  always as well to suspect a certain amount of PR spin with these kind of statements, of course, but these and other hints we’ve had lately do point to a different feel in the next series.

What do you think? Relishing some Capaldi/Coleman sizzle? Or should this source have stayed in the bottle?


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12 Responses to Doctor Who Insider: Capaldi and Coleman “Sizzle” In New Series

  1. avatar IGettings says:

    That all sounds great – and hoping it bears out. One caution is we have heard similar hyperbole before. Also, does all this overwhelming positivity from every Tom, Dick and Harry and the Beeb and every person who has ever walked the tiles, etc, sound it bit like “Me thinks they protest (or attest) too much”. Time will tell….

  2. avatar richy555 says:

    As i remember on The Ark in Space commentary track, P Hinchcliffe tells Tom and Lis that when they were filming the story how there was a buzz among the crew about Tom’s performance, not only was it good but how different and funny it was at the same time! but it was weird cus they were in a limbo where they all knew how good he was going to be and really catch fire with the audience but none of his stories had gone out yet so among the general public it still wasn’t known. I have the feeling this is probably something similar but nowadays we have this thing called the tinternet,lol and these mutterings and opinions are out there straight away. It shouldn’t be a surprise if Capaldi nails it from the off though. He’s hardly a big secret like Baker was, he’s a confirmed leading man who almost steals every scene he’s in. I always think the great B Letts had the right idea for casting the Doctor ( watch the main doc on Robot dvd ), he said as apart from naturally being a good actor you’re eye should be drawn to him in every scene he’s in even if he’s doing nothing in that scene!. That sounds like all the great casting of the Doctor down the years and it certainly sounds like Capaldi!.

    • avatar Geoff says:

      I like that Barry Letts reasoning too: in think he added that it was a safeguard so even if the story wasn’t that great you’d tune in to see The Doctor. That was as you say certainly true of Tom and in my view equally true of Mr Capaldis predecessor. I think he is no doubt going to be exactly the same in that sense.

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    At this stage no “source” really needs to be saying anything but this is certainly encouraging and only increases my anticipation of the next series. If the excitement wasn’t fairly well founded I’d be expecting a few more mundane platitudes along the lines of “well it’s early days, people are pleased, they work very well together…”

    What this source is saying goes a good way further. Of course there’s going to be hype, but is anyone going to be surprised if a terrific actor gives a terrific performance?

    I’m also quite happy with the idea of cutting the references to the past back a bit and giving the new Doctor the chance to start afresh to a degree, especially in regard to the Time War gubbins. We’ve wallowed in nostalgia for a while with the anniversary: harm in looking forward a bit, I say!

    • avatar lozzer says:

      I totally agree – the show needs to stop looking back, it doesn’t seem vital any more. Remember when we were drip fed references to the past, it was so much more exciting. Now we’ve had them rammed down our throats it feels like the show has lost it’s mystery, and for me, a lot of what made it special when it returned to our screens in 2005. It’s now holding its past in such reverence that it’s struggling to move forward. A bit like the JNT 1980′s era. I hope Capaldi’s Doctor gets a better shot.

  4. avatar lozzer says:

    Well I can’t imagine them saying they have zero chemistry and BBC chiefs are very worried…

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      If they were, there are two things I can’t imagine they would do: admit it, or exaggerate how happy they are!

      The one is advertising trouble; the other, to be honest, is asking for it!

  5. avatar B.A.T. says:

    Looking forward to new episodes. Ok I understand series doesn’t want to look back. Hopefully Professor Riversong can be an exception every once in a (great) while.

  6. avatar krumstets says:

    It does sound great and I’m sure it will be. I just wish the BBC would hold back on the hype a little .
    We are all eager for news and titbits but allowing the viewer to breathe and make up their own minds is crucial.
    This can happen only after transmission, so in that respect less info is more in the long term.
    As location snippets and mild plot spoilers I’m all for those..

    • I wish I’d seen some hype.

      • but but but.. Mister C! It’s… soooo…. sugary…. gack… waaah

  7. Hype, as a rule, is like Mary Poppins and all those spoonfuls of sugar. drop dead already, Poppins.

    didn’t you ever see Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead?

    (all that’s to Mary Poppins, not the author of this article)\

    no more hype please, BBC. it was cloying before it began.

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