Here's Peter Capaldi as the Doctor!

Doctor Who Insider: Capaldi and Coleman “Sizzle” In New Series

Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman are said to have ‘sizzling’ chemistry in the new Doctor Who episodes completed so far for Series 8.

That’s according to an unnamed ‘source on the show’ (yup, one of those) who reckons the BBC couldn’t be more pleased with what they’ve seen so far from the new Doctor.

He is the oldest Doctor and there is a sense he is more distanced from his assistant, more of a mystery. He is perhaps less a mate, and someone she looks up to. She has to try and gauge him – but dramatically it’s very satisfying and onscreen they work very well together.

Capaldi is said to have shades of Pertwee in is portrayal, indicating we could be in for a more patrician figure than we’ve grown used to in recent years.
He is his own man – very distinctive… There is a real buzz about this Doctor. And of course the monsters are great.

Interestingly we’re told not to expect too much in the way of continuity references, with story lines staring from ‘the bottom up’.

It’s  always as well to suspect a certain amount of PR spin with these kind of statements, of course, but these and other hints we’ve had lately do point to a different feel in the next series.

What do you think? Relishing some Capaldi/Coleman sizzle? Or should this source have stayed in the bottle?

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