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Published on May 20th, 2014 | by James Lomond

Big Chief’s Tenth Doctor Vinyl Statue

Is your desk/ mantlepiece/ bathtub/ Vinyl Maquette collection missing a particular Vinyl Maquette of the Tenth Doctor as featured in IDW’s manga-styled comic strip? Well fret no longer…!

Big Chief have produced a Dynamix vinyl figure of Tenth Doctor, David Tennant. Retailing at £69.99, $79.99 in the USA, this cheeky chappy has all the coat-swish, hair-spike and geek chic you could wish for in a 9″ lump of polyvinyl chloride.

Tenth Doctor Dynamix Vinyl

He even comes with a swappable head so you can enjoy your hyper-stylised Tennant with glasses OR without glasses. What are you waiting for? Wave your sonic screwdriver at the screen and order one now!*

*Might not actually work.


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2 Responses to Big Chief’s Tenth Doctor Vinyl Statue

  1. avatar Wayne Talbot says:

    They have based this on designs by Irish artist Nick Roche, they are currently working on producing more Doctors using his artwork

  2. avatar Perry Armstrong says:

    A truly awesome figurine, and great to hear they’re working on more. My preference would be for Jon Pertwee’s Doctor in such a dynamically-posed style, as he’s definitely the ‘action Doctor’ for people of my generation.

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