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Watch This Clip From Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith [VIDEO]

Eleventh Doctor fans, you may want to grab a box of tissues and your fez for this one!

Radio Times has shared an exclusive clip from the upcoming Watch special, Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith, highlighting Smith’s gratitude to the fans.

Probably the most heart-tugging moment comes when Smith expresses his affection for the children fans:

I like children. They are always excited to meet the character. Sometimes with adults it’s not always about meeting The Doctor, it’s about ‘Oh there’s that guy from Doctor Who’, but kids, they are like, ‘Wow, The Doctor’s there!’.

In true Eleventh Doctor fashion, Smith goes on to say that “children are cool.” Indeed, one of Smith’s incarnation’s defining attributes is his concern for children and it can be seen in the massive number of Whovian children who would claim Smith as their Doctor.

The special originally ran on BBC America prior to the 2013 Christmas special (and Smith’s swan song), The Time of the Doctor. Narrated by occasional Eleventh Doctor companion and wife, Alex Kingston (River Song) the show looks back over Smith’s tenure in the TARDIS.

The special is set to air on Good Friday (April 18th) at 5pm on Watch. Will you be tuning in? Sound off below!

(Via Radio Times)


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4 Responses to Watch This Clip From Doctor Who: Farewell Matt Smith [VIDEO]

  1. avatar dr jon says:

    Matt seems a very caring person,which comes across in his portrayal of his role as the doctor. He shall be missed by all of his fans.

    • oh GOD I knowwww! There’s NOTHINg more beautiful than a man who treats hcildren like THAT. Oh my goodness. FEELSSSSS. ;ahhhhhh. ;)

  2. avatar Ardwen says:

    This looks like the BBC America special that aired before The Time of the Doctor. It’s also on the American BluRay for that special. I wonder why it aired so soon in America and they waited for Good Friday to show it in the UK.

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      It is indeed the BBC America special, as I indicated in the write up ;-)
      I’m not sure about the delay…it does seem to happen a lot across the pond.

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