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Tom Baker: “Doctor Who Almost Makes Me Immortal!”

In preparation for Doctor Who coming to the Horror Channel on 18th April, Tom Baker has spoken about his time as the Doctor.

Tom’s reign as Doctor Number Four lasted from 1975 to 1981, making him the longest-running Doctor… But how does he feel about that?

“Well, it’s a bit daunting really. I’m now 29,200 days old. It’s a pretty daunting thing. I can’t believe it, you know – all that time has passed. Isn’t it amazing; it almost makes me immortal – people are still stopping me in the street and saying: ‘you were really influential in my life.’ I like that a lot…”

And in the minds of many-a-generation, Tom will always be their Doctor. He’s right, of course: it’s a sort of immortality!

Keep an eye on Kasterborous for an extensive interview with the great man.


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