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Published on April 26th, 2014 | by Drew Boynton

Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch: I Won’t Play The Doctor

Oh, so now Doctor Who and Star Wars aren’t good enough for Mr. Sherlock, eh?  Well, lah-dee-dah! 

Benedict Cumberbatch, who happily showed his wrath in the latest Star Trek sequel and ruthlessly stomped on poor defenseless Hobbits as the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit movies, recently announced at an Australian comic book convention that he won’t have anything to do with our favorite Time Lord. 

To quote Mr. Cabbagepatch:

“I’m never gonna play The Doctor and nothing to do with the Whoniverse.”

And Mr. Cumblecakes went on, in that deep scary voice of his that makes babies cry, to put down the lovely creations of Mr. George Lucas:

“I would’ve liked a part in JJ’s [Abrams] new Star Wars but it won’t happen sadly.”

Well, well, well.  Let’s just see how fast the tables would turn if Oscar-winning director (and master of Smaug) Peter Jackson were to sign up to direct a future episode of Doctor Who?  Mr. Cribbagematch would probably be crying to guest-star, then!

…Or it could be that he was trying to be a perfect gentleman and not let out any spoilers.  Or wasn’t able to work either into his busy schedule.  And if that’s the case, this writer would like to offer his deepest apologies to Mr. Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch (that “Mr. would be a “Sir” already if it were up to me!) and offer to buy him a nice cup of tea–or a reasonably priced small automobile–at his convenience.  Again, my apologies.

Kasterborites, do you want to see Mr. Crabbypatty, er, Cumberbatch star in a Doctor Who episode, or is it just better to let him do his goofy little Sherlock show (which aren’t nearly as good as the big-screen Guy Ritchie masterpieces) and those flash-in-the-pan Star Trekkie-things?

(Via The Independent ).


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Drew has been a fan of Doctor Who ever since he flipped through the channels late one night and saw a girl blowing up an army of funny robot men with nothing but a slingshot and some old coins. He currently lives somewhere in the woods of Missouri with his beautiful wife Barbara.

9 Responses to Sherlock’s Benedict Cumberbatch: I Won’t Play The Doctor

  1. avatar Michael says:

    A quote out of context.

    Isn’t he trying to do film & stage work now anyway.

    If the right part came up in Who I’m sure he would do it.

    I can certainly understand how any actor would turn down the part of the Doctor, especially an established one who isn’t a big big fan. It comes with so much baggage.

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    I can’t see him as the Doctor at all so it’s no skin off my nose either way. He’s not short of work; we have an equally stunning actor playing the part. Seem to me like a win-win all round!

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      Quite – I have no desire to see him play the part, so am not bothered whether he wants to or not! The problem with some DW fans (as pointed out years ago by Alan Davies) is that they see an actor in a “Doctorish” role then want him to play The Doctor in the same way. Clearly, if BC was cast, he’d want to break away from playing it like Sherlock – so all his supporters would then moan that he wasn’t playing it right!

      We have a Doctor, who I hope to see in the role for some time to come, I’ll worry about the next one when the role becomes vacant again!

  3. avatar vortexter says:

    Seems to me he would really like a Star Wars role, he’s not against it from the quote…

  4. avatar mrjohnm says:

    From a fan’s perspective, the only really disappointing aspect of this story is that we aren’t likely to see a Dr. Who / Sherlock crossover! As for BC actually taking on the part of the Doctor, I believe, as Simon above mentioned, that he’d play the part differently than he does that of Sherlock, so many people who would like to see him as the Doctor would then bemoan his characterization of our favorite time lord. But if the right script was presented, I’m sure he’d be willing to guest star!

  5. avatar Barb Dignan says:

    He has been hounded with this for a couple years now. He doesn’t want to step on the toes of the current (and last two) Doctor. He’s so overbooked, he can hardly fit more Sherlock episodes into his schedule. He was not being haughty or rude. BTW, he’s the BEST Sherlock ever to grace the screen!!

  6. avatar simon magellan says:

    It may come as a terrible shock to some, but there are probably a large number of high profile actors who don’t want to play the Doctor and would turn it down if offered. This doesn’t mean they think themselves too good for it, just that its not a part that interests them.

    I was interested to read recently that Patterson Joseph, who auditioned at the same time as Matt Smith, and who has been on record as saying he’d have accepted if offered it then, now says he’s glad he didn’t get it as it is too high profile – he’s not been rude in saying this, or la de da, he’s just being honest.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      It’s better all round if those actors who don’t want to carry all that baggage say so, and steer well clear of it. We’ve been blessed of late – Tennant was a fan, Smith was too young to have been as a kid but embraced the part and all that went with it, and now we have Capaldi. Another lifelong fan, and another who, according to the reports of people who’ve encountered him during public filming, has done the same, big-time.

      Nobody who’s approached about the part can have any doubt these days about what they’re taking on, and I can only respect the honesty of those who are willing to stand up and say “Sorry, it’s not for me!”

  7. avatar CosmicDebris says:

    I don’t blame him for being blunt, all these Sherlock/Who rumors and crossover cries have become ridiculous. He’s probably sick of hearing about it.

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