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Published on April 30th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

More New Doctor Who Scriptwriters Announced!

Hoping for some new blood in the Doctor Who scriptwriting team? How does Jamie Mathieson and Peter Harness sound? Both writers recently took to Twitter to break the good news to their followers.

Jamie is most well known at the writer of a several episodes of cult BBC show Being Human as well as penning an episode of Dirk Gently (Douglas Adams created detective) and the film Frequently Asked Questions About Time Travel. To say he’s a fan is a bit of an understatement as he states on his blog page:

“As I sit writing this, on my desk I have two Tardises, a Tom Baker, a Tennant, four daleks, a Davros and a Matt Smith.”

The second name, Peter Harness was just as exstatic about breaking the news of his hiring.

Peter is probably best known for his work on detective show Wallander, that and the fantastic biopic Frankie Howerd: Rather You Than Me he is also the man who will be giving us the first episode of the BBC adaptation of Johnathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

Two very different writers who will, no doubt bring us two very different stories. As Jamie says writing for Doctor Who is a big thing, especially if you’re a fan:

“[it] is an honour. And a joy. And a huge pressure. And very, very cool. And a chance to shine in front of the biggest audience I have ever had. (Or fall flat on my face, but let’s not dwell on that.)”

So what are your feelings about these two coming aboard the good ship whovian? Excited, intrigued or mearly ambivilent? Leave us a message and either share your joy or vent your fury.


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16 Responses to More New Doctor Who Scriptwriters Announced!

  1. avatar lozzer says:

    New blood – Thank God!

  2. avatar DonnaM says:

    Being Human and Wallander – seen both, enjoyed both. Evidently both gentlemen are fans too, so that’s good news.

    I’m always happy to see “new” writers joining the Doctor Who setup; good luck to them, and I look forward to seeing their stories on screen!

  3. avatar simon magellan says:

    Not really familiar with their work, but interesting that both seem to have a background in more serious adult drama drama – “Wallander” is hardly light entertainment!

  4. avatar Rick714 says:

    I’m kind of surprised they’re just now getting the gig—I would have thought they’re already more than halfway done filming series 8 and all the scripts have already been finished—-but it occurs to me that they might be signing on for series 9, which would make more sense.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      As I understood it their scripts are the next block to be filmed: they seem to be announcing the writers shortly before each new block gets underway. I certainly can’t see them revealing the writers for the next series before work on this one has been completed!

      Anyone able to clarify?

      • avatar simon magellan says:

        I understand the news in announced in today’s DWM, where it states clearly they are season s8 writers. As you say, they’d hardly announce s9 writers while filming on s8 isn’t completed.

        Unlike previous years, where they annoinced all or most of the writers in one go, they are now doing them in batches, as filming starts on their blocks. It doesn’t mean they are suddenly commissioned – they will have been working on the scripts since last year!

        This is more like the 1980s, when JNT would drip feed information to keep interest going, story titles, writers, guest stars.

        • avatar rickjlundeen says:

          Ok, the above article made it seem like they just got hired. I guess I’m surprised they waited half a year before announcing them.

  5. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    I’ll be honest, I’m not overly familiar with either of their previous work, though I did hugely enjoy Frequently Asked Questions… by Mr Mathieson. Nevertheless, their enthusiasm and obvious love for the show is encouraging. They may be the new blood the show has constantly needed and harnessed for over 50 years! Bring it on boys, do us proud :)

  6. avatar vortexter says:

    My word, they look stern! But seriously, its good to get new writers and hopefully new themes, monsters and directions. Great stuff!

  7. avatar Joyce says:

    Christ, new writers and a new Doctor. Exhale, exhale, exhale…

  8. avatar That Guy says:

    What? Isn’t this meant to be a cue for fans wanting female writers to start bitching again? To slow off the mark this time people :)

    • avatar Ian Scales says:

      Actually, I did notice there weren’t ANY female writers again. What about Debbie Moon – brilliant, experienced show leader and writer who is keen to write for Doctor Who!

  9. avatar Jamie-42 says:

    Yay, another link to the past…however weak. :-)

    How fantastic does this new series appear to be shaping up. Firstly a Doctor more in the classic vein and now a link to the wonderful Douglas Adams! I think if Jamie Mathieson can channel a bit of Dr Who it can only be good.

    The first Dirk Gently novel is basically Shada with a tweek after all!

  10. avatar Grant Watson says:

    While it’s good to see two new talented writers contributing, it would be nice if Doctor Who would *occasionally* hire some women to write episodes.

  11. avatar Howard Railton says:

    Great to hear there’s some new writers coming in, I suspect the tiredest, most boring, load of old tosh will be Gareth Roberts’s lazily slack one.

  12. Love new blood and. We all need a leg up so great.the only down side of concern is when new writers change character traits of the characters core like corrie right now so avoid this please guys

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