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Published on April 8th, 2014 | by Philip Bates

Moffat Explains: Why The TARDIS Dislikes Clara

It seems that the TARDIS doesn’t like Clara.

Just look at The Rings of Akhaten, or Hide (in which Clara calls her a “grumpy old cow”). Or better still, grab yourself the Series 7 boxset and watch the additional minisode, Clara and the TARDIS, which sees them (sort of kinda ish) have a heart-to-heart. Then the TARDIS throws a strop again. Personally, I thought it might’ve been because Clara was there in the Doctor’s grave and jumped into his time stream – and seeing as the TARDIS didn’t want to be there in the first place, perhaps it got annoyed at her… before even going to Trenzalore!

But apparently not…

Well, in the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, Steven Moffat has teased the development of their relationship in Series 8:

“As the Type 40 bad girl made clear in The Doctor’s Wife, she doesn’t like him bringing home strays. The TARDIS, as we know, likes to fire her pet Time Lord at interesting moments in history and watch the fireworks. Anyone less mad than the Doctor might have noticed by now the TARDIS navigation always works perfectly when the crisis demands, but never when he fancies lunch, or tea and biscuits at the Eye of Orion.


Now those pesky humans who keep following him home are usually content to stumble about, saying, ‘It’s bigger on the inside,’ and remain sufficiently in awe of the Police Box magic never to question it. But clever, sceptical, hard-to-impress Clara might just cause trouble. It’s almost like it’s all building to something… Oh! What’s this I’m writing today?”

I’m looking forward to this!

And I’d definitely like to see how the Twelfth Doctor deals with a TARDIS Tantrum!


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19 Responses to Moffat Explains: Why The TARDIS Dislikes Clara

  1. avatar Jack Dawes says:


    SERIOUSLY. I swear, Moffat stole the whole thing.
    Philip Bates, you read Marvel Comics, what do you think?
    A quiet yet badass guy with a killer red-head(one with a penchant for dying and coming back) have a kid who gets taken in by an organization in the future, cloned, and eventually is turned into a time-traveling super-soldier bad-ass who then goes back and hangs out with their parents while being older than them?

    Yeah…Moffat totally didn’t have help writing that.

    • avatar Spider-pope says:

      Cyke and Jean didn’t have a kid. It was Cyke and Jean’s clone.

      And the whole “kid gets sent away, returns in future as a badass” is hardly the invention of Marvel. I refer you to Oedipus.

      • avatar Al says:

        Have to agree with Spider-pope. If Moffat stole it from anything, it was Oedipus. Most stories made for TV and film are variants of Shakespeare as well. Not exactly a firm basis for bashing Moffat.

  2. Fantastic!
    Looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. avatar Jamie says:

    Even their initials are the same!

  4. avatar Al says:

    I actually thought they’d made peace by Day of the Doctor because a) Clara closes the doors by snapping her fingers, something only the Doctor has been seen doing before, and b) Sexy opened her doors for Clara. You’d think if she really hated Clara she’d have let the poor girl run into them.

  5. avatar dr jon says:

    The tardis must be fine with Clara now, as the tardis extends the force field around her clinging onto the outside of the blue box in time of the Dr. Even poor old jack didn’t get that when he was hanging on . Perhaps the tardis knew he wouldn’t need it.

  6. avatar Rick714 says:

    Yeah, after Clara went back and saved the Doctor’s lives 1,000 times over throughout his timeline, the old girl finally took a liking to her.

  7. avatar JSintheStates says:

    Note to Moffat. If it needs an explanation, maybe it wasn’t written well inthe first place! (If you have to explain a joke, it wasn’t a very good joke!)

    A word — retirement!

    • avatar Carl Mawson says:

      Or, you know, in an on-going series you can choose write certain things in an open-ended manner that can then be explored at a later point, allowing multi-episode character growth and exploration. Kind of like Battlestar Galactica didn’t bother revealing the final five cylons for several seasons, despite mentioning their presence repeatedly. Or a certain characters death making a surprise and major plot development in the finale, long, long after it happened and was all but forgotten.

      Just because something isn’t wrapped up neatly in one or two episodes doesn’t make it bad writing.

  8. avatar Jaz says:

    doesn’t explain why we don’t like her

    • “we”?

      • hehehheeheeh. I second that.

    • avatar Maria says:

      Speak for yourself. lol

  9. avatar Ian says:

    Jeez, what a load of utter BS nonsense.

  10. avatar Lynn says:

    Hmmm – The TARDIS seems to like the Doctor’s wife (River Song) well enough since she handles (or is it flies) it better than he does. Wonder why that is?

    • avatar Eva says:

      River Song, child of the TARDIS. She taught River to fly her, herself! Of course the TARDIS likes River!

    • avatar Maria says:

      River was conceived in the TARDIS so its natural sexy likes her.

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