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Published on April 27th, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Matt Smith Won’t Be In Sherlock Any Time Soon

We’ve heard recently that Benedict Cumberbatch has ruled out any future appearance in Doctor Who, either as Time Lord lead or as a guest. Well, it seems that Matt Smith isn’t going to be in Sherlock either, scrapping the dreams of many fans desperate to see a Moff-over.

(Although let’s face it: with Matt no longer the Doctor it was never going to happen, was it?)

Fans at the Wizard World Con recall that Matt insisted he wouldn’t be sharing a screen with Sherlock stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

Listen, there’s no room for me on Sherlock! They’ve got Benedict and Martin, that’s quite enough peculiar Englishmen for that show. There’s no room for another.

In fairness, Sherlock also has Mark Gatiss, adding a third oddball Brit to proceedings.

Steven Moffat has previously indicated that Matt Smith might find himself in Sherlock - should a suitable role come along.

But let’s face it, Matt Smith doesn’t need Sherlock – he can go on to bigger and better things, can’t he?


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6 Responses to Matt Smith Won’t Be In Sherlock Any Time Soon

  1. avatar DonnaM says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how insular human beings can be! Yes, two great shows come from one remarkable writing and production team but there’s a whole world of other stuff out there for actors of Matt’s calibre to do. Why limit himself to “oh but it’s a Steven Moffat thing, therefore I should do it!”?

    Certainly not just to pander to fans of one show or both!

    I realise I’m probably in the minority on this, but I don’t see the need for a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover of any kind anyway. They’re two fine separate entities I’m quite happy to see left that way.

    • avatar Bob says:

      All I hear is Jonny Depp saying ‘You mean I could be in something other than a Tim Burton film and there are other actors other than Helena Bonham Carter!?’

  2. avatar hyncharas says:

    I think people need to understand that Sherlock has its own problems – at the moment Moffat works on Doctor Who, which takes up the majority of his time. There’s even been talk that “Season 4″ is a way off, as it takes 6 months to produce and they may have to do an extended-length, single episode to keep people interested.

    If you throw the appearance of Matt Smith into the series without knowing what character would best suit him, coupled with Capaldi taking over as The Doctor… that’s a lot to deal with!

  3. avatar Rick714 says:

    I was really hoping that Sherlock would have ended for good. The most recent season was a huge disappointment for me and 7B was very troubled as well. All I could think of was that Moffat was stretched too thin and quality control for both shows suffered.

    • avatar CrimsonAvenger says:

      Oh yeah definitely. Moffat doesn’t seen to understand that doesn’t need to write so many episodes. His episodes have gone down significantly in quality. Bells was the last great episode he wrote. Everything else has been style over substance.

      • avatar Geoff says:

        It’s probably hard for him to let go or say no. Understandable when you think how long it’s taken him to get to the position he’s in, all the hard work he’s had to do along the way. It’s a writers dream to achieve what Moffat has and he clearly relishes his position as indeed he should, but like anyone who works very hard he does have to be careful. I hope he doesn’t burn himself out for the sake if his own well being more than for Doctor Who!

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