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Published on April 3rd, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Iris Wildthyme and Jo Grant Together!

Big Finish have released the covers for a couple of their upcoming titles and one in particular looks rather fascinating, The Elixir of Doom (fantastic title by the way) stars Katy Manning as Jo Grant and Katy Manning as Iris Wildthyme and is written by Wildthyme creator Paul Magrs.

For those of you not in the Big Finish loop, and by now that really should be a minority who should know better, Iris Wildthyme is a Time Lord who has had dealings with the Doctor in the past (see – or should that be “hear”? – the Excelis saga) she is rather like that mad, drunk aunt you find at most weddings; in fact, knowing Iris she probably is that mad aunt at every wedding. Oh, and she has a TARDIS that looks like a red double-decker bus (the No. 22 to Putney Common) and travels with a talking 10-inch-tall sentient, stuffed panda called Panda.

The setting, golden age Hollywood,  looks like it could be a lot of fun with the addition of all the classic universal monsters (as seen on the rather impressive cover art) as well as seeing Katy interact with, well, herself I suppose. The pairing of Jo and Iris together is pure genius so it makes sense that it should have happened before – in 2010′s Companion Chronicles installment Find and Replace.

If you head over to Big Finish’s website you can pre-order it and check out the trailer, but remember to come back here and let us know what you think about it. Does the idea of Jo and Iris meeting up fill you with joy or dread? Could it be the start of a beautiful partnership? Let us know in the usual way below.

(Via Big Finish Productions | Thanks to Cavan Scott)



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  1. avatar Cavan Scott says:

    Hi there, this is actually the second time Jo and Iris have teamed up. Their first adventure was Find and Replace –

    It’s a good one if you want to track it down!

    • Hi Cavan, thanks for the correction.

      Danny has been sent to the Dalek Correctional Facility. He may be away some time…

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