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Published on April 9th, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

We’re Giving Away This Doctor Who Toys Bundle! [UK Only]

It’s the Easter holidays, so what better time than to give away a bunch of Doctor Who merchandise?!

The prizes listed below will be sent out to one lucky (UK-based) winner as soon as the competition closes on Sunday, April 13th, just in time for the second week of the Easter break.

To enter, all you need to do is leave your answer in the comments box below to the following question:

You are the Doctor! You’ve just regenerated and you have all of time and space to explore – where do you go?

Keep your answers inventive – let’s have some fun with this!

So, what about those prizes?

The winning entrant will receive:

  • AppGear QLA Device & App Wars mobile game for iOS or Android
  • Tenth Doctor replica Sonic Screwdriver
  • Series 7 Figure Collection: The Doctor
  • Series 7 Figure Collection: Cyberman
  • Character Building Cyberman vs Dalek Strategist Temporal Blast Combat Set (Dalek included)
  • Character Building Dalek Drone Army Builder Multi Pack
  • 4 random Character Building Micro Figures
  • Character Building Dalek Progenitor Room Mini Set
  • The Character Building Dalek Factory Set
  • A box of Cybermats
  • The Top Trumps Turbo board game
  • The Daleks 300 Piece Puzzle
  • The Doctors 500 Piece Puzzle
  • 2x packet of Bassett’s Jelly Babies

This is – put simply – our biggest ever giveaway, and we’re offering it to you.

Remember, competition closes on Sunday, April 13th so get your entries in now!

Competition Closed

We’ll be announcing the winner on Monday evening.


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A long-term Doctor Who fan, Christian grew up watching the show and has early memories of the Graham Williams era. His favourite stories are Inferno, The Seeds of Doom and Human Nature (although The Empty Child, Blink and Utopia all come close). When he’s not bossing around the news team, Christian is a freelance writer specialising in mobile technology and domestic computing, and enjoys classic rock, cooking and spending time in the countryside with his wife and young children. You can find him on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

103 Responses to We’re Giving Away This Doctor Who Toys Bundle! [UK Only]

  1. avatar Adam Farley says:

    To the end of time and space. I would aid the scientists of Utopia in creating a stable bridge between this universe and the next (sequentially, not dimensionally), allowing the races of this universe to survive Event Two. This would also indirectly prevent the creation of the Toclafane.

  2. avatar Eric Brennan says:

    To a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

    Apparently they’re having some trouble there.

  3. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    I’d go forward in time. Forget all my wishes and when and where I’d go! If life goes according to plan then I will hopefully die before my daughter (lets say Susan for the purposes of the question). I would travel to her future after I’m long gone just to make sure she has made good choices and decisions in her life. If not, maybe my knowledge of her future can help me steer her in the right direction in life! I can’t lie, If i had that ability and chance I would use it to make sure my daughter has the best life possible. She’s a Doctor Who fan though so I’m pretty confident she won’t need my intervention anyway! I’d just like to make sure!

  4. avatar paradoxRemnant says:

    I’d go back in time and see if I could assist in crafting something decent out of Time and the Rani; if not, erase it from all time!

  5. avatar Joe Hill says:

    I would go to Galifrey before the time war and go into an old Tardis. i then would take all the bits i need to make my tardis perfectly working. but this won’t rip any holes in time or space because the parts would of came from a dis-used tardis. There for my tardis would still work and i would program the tardis to re-create my tenths incarnation sonic screwdriver so im ready to fight the cyber-men or daleks when ready!!! Vamos!! (spanish for come on).

  6. avatar Peter Collins says:

    This morning. To see where I put my damn keys.

  7. avatar docwhom says:

    I’d go back in time to 2005, take one of those Torchwood retcon pills and watch S1 for the very first time all over again. 5-4-3-2-1-he’s back and it’s about time.

  8. avatar escarr15 says:

    To the planet of beds, because when you’ve regenerated you get really tired and disorientated and obviously need a sleep!

  9. avatar Toby H says:

    I would invent a brand new desktop for the TARDIS, I would make it wonderful and interesting. Then, I would visit the New New New New New New New New New New Earth city before the face of boe died and listen to his stories. I would travel to Starship USA, the first ever Beatles concert, have dinner at Raxicorricofallipatorious, tour Apulapacia, stand on top of the empire state building, sunbathe on the beaches of Hawaii, witness the first word l, meet JK Rowling and surf the fire falls of Floreal Nine. After lunch at the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, I would rover the surface of Mars, watch Rory protect the Pandorica, visit the original New York, shop at Hamleys in London, do a few laps of the TARDIS swimming pool, watch the birth of the universe, watch my previous incarnations have adventures, try to prevent world war six, visit Charlie Chaplin, open up a coffee shop on Clom, help the Paternoster gang solve the case of Jack the Ripper, visit all previous companions, ride a T-Rex, have a tea party at Siluria, stop the Great Intelligence from flooding Victorian London, visit Akheten and witness the end of World War One. Soon after Dinner at Buckingham Palace (which was delayed for three hours due to a Zygons impersonation of Liz 11), I would go to the Library and mourn River Song, destroy a fleet of Daleks, pop out for a space walk, climb the trees of Androzani Major, try to end the Cyber Wars, drop an Apple on Sir Isaac Newtons head, have an adventure with Churchill and K9, have a tea party with Jamie McCrimmon on the Scottish moors, watch a Lady Gaga concert, attend a conference call at the Taj Mahal, prevent the Slitheen Invasion of Earth and help a younger Rose Tyler with her homework. After that, I would build a replica of the Eiffel tower in the TARDIS and build an anti gravity bed on top of it.

  10. avatar Endy says:

    After all I have been through since, well lets say that nasty Mars trip with all the water, I think I deserve a jolly nice holiday. I’ve really not stopped since then and even with a new body, this time lord could do with a good rest. Somewhere nice and warm and relaxing with lots of nice restaurants, interesting museums and art galleries to check out. I’ll need other.interesting stuff to do. To be honest its even more difficult to relax in a new body. Never did need a lot of sleep either…wonder if River is busy?.I know, she’s dead, but that has never bothered her before.What’s a few timelines between friends?
    If not, suppose I could proof read a couple of Agatha’s books for her, offer Bill Shakespeare or Charles Dickens a bit of help, although they were not terribly grateful last time. Or I might just swim a lot, in the warm floaty stuff I call sea. OK it’s an odd shade of blue more purple I suppose, but so much nicer than the Tardis swimming pool. and anyway not sure where that’s’ gone.
    Most of all just for a little while, there must be no planets in peril, No bug eyed monsters. In fact no monsters of any kind. As you know time is not a problem, so why shouldn’t the Doctor have a holiday.
    Not going to happen is it and you know why? Trouble is you see, the old girl has other plans for me. She always has had.ever since I first borrowed her. No doubt she will land me in the middle of another monster filled war zone. More people to save and you know I don’t mind, I just fancied a holiday first. Now let me see. In your earth time its April isn’t it. Don’t you all start eating lots of eggs about now. Wonder if I can fool her for just a little while. Yes if I hit that and switch that and reverse the polarity of that, that should do it. Right I am off for a swim and the good news is River’s just called. This won’t stop the old girl for long. In your time, reckon I have until about September..

  11. avatar Vita says:

    Damn, people are so creative! I think I’d just ask the tardis to take me somewhere I could fight aliens and eat noodles. Oh, and I’d definetly travel with Nathan Fillion…

  12. avatar james says:

    i would go and create a cure for Donna as if I’m correct she should have gotten the ability to regenerate. then i would continue my journey across the stars

  13. avatar keir forth says:

    Victorian England… stop jack the ripper ;)

  14. avatar chris says:

    If I was the newly regenerated Doctor the first points in time I would visit would be the 1960s and 1970s,to the BBC video archives where I would make copies of all the Doctor Who video tapes featuring my earlier regenerations before they were wiped by the over zealous BBC.I would then travel to the present where the newly discovered videos could be presented to very grateful Doctor Who fans

  15. avatar Rohan Yates says:

    Regeneration is pretty traumatic, I’m thinking somewhere relaxing. Perhaps Telos, you know, when it was the Cryon’s world and before the Cybermen came and conquered it. The Cryon’s always looked as though they knew how to chill out. Pun very much intended there.

  16. avatar Estaphel says:

    I would go to the Zero Room for a while, then to Appalucia after the epidemic had ended for a relaxing time. Then possibly New Earth to see how they’re getting on in New London or New New York.

  17. avatar Ian says:

    I’d take Midshipman Alonso Frame as my companion go back in time to the 60′s, live it up for a while and buy up a load of toys.

  18. avatar Kaitey Blair says:

    Atlantis, also the land of fiction – would love to see how the doctor would react to pride and prejudice! Maybe earth after the flu virus from survivors. he would def have words with max beesley re all those guns!

  19. avatar alan tangny says:

    I’d go back in time and leave myself a little note telling myself no matter how bad things may seem sometimes, everything will work out for the best so don’t sweat the small stuff. Then I’d head off far into the future to see what this planet’s like in a few thousand years!

  20. avatar Terry Parker says:

    I would go back to early 70s and prevent the BBC from junking the old episodes of Doctor Who

  21. avatar Rory says:

    As a newly regenerated Doctor (particularly one that has endured a previous life cycle) I feel it’s time to take a break, from ‘me’.

    I don my Chameleon Arc with the intention of enjoying a well-deserved ‘gap year’. I’m sure the risks of using this technology are minimal, a little DNA manipulation never hurt anybody!… but I do confess my post-regeneration memory is a little hazy…what’s the worst thing that could happen?!

    I travel to 16th century France (I’m sure I’ve holidayed here before, or was that a dream?) and I assume an identity. I become a Doctor (for some reason this feels right) and I call myself Michel De Nostredame – Nostradamus for short (short titles are good…). What is a gap year? a year of course, is a relative concept – relative to the orbit of your home planet…what am I talking about? My year becomes a decade, followed by another. I fall in love, my wife has two children, the plague takes them and the pain somehow feels deep and ancient. My family is gone, I decide to become an apothecary, a travelling Doctor.

    Many become suspicious of my title and accuse me of consorting with demons – then the visions come, visions of the future – as if time itself flows through me. I keep a record of my visions in verse. I don’t know why, but one day I feel might need them. Then the statues in the local church disturb me, they seem alive, I call them demons and they accuse me of blasphemy and place me on trial! (I do wonder how history will interpret that particular event). My travels continue and I marry again, this time my children outlive me. I knew that death was close, I even knew the day It would all end.

    As I lay in bed a young maiden came to visit me. She was adorned strangely – and she wrapped a woollen scarf around my shoulders as my final moments approached. ‘A present from your wife’ she said, tears in her eyes. Such a long, ridiculous, stripy scarf. Then the light came…a tunnel, a swirling vortex and then…cold metal, a hard floor, the vibration of engines beneath me. I clutch an ancient book of French verse to my chest, wrapped in a familiar, tattered, stripy scarf. And for the first time the stripy scarf and its secret code makes sense – what Timelord wouldn’t recognise stripes from their own DNA genome?!…she really was a witty little knitter. The beautiful maiden (Clara?) kneels beside me – her tears remain, but she’s smiling this time…’welcome home’ she says.

    • avatar Craig says:

      I’ve just read this three times!!…brilliant…

      • avatar Pauline says:

        Me too! love love loveit! Rory, please tell me your second name is Williams.

        • avatar Rory says:

          Haha! – I’m afraid not! thanks for your kind comments

    • avatar Jane B says:

      This is sooooo good! ok – really need to up my game here. I shall return!

    • avatar Jacers77 says:

      I KNEW that scarf was a clue! – Mr Moff might just swipe that idea (he’s always watching)

    • avatar craigt68 says:

      Yep that is poetically brilliant!

    • avatar Garry says:

      The Doctor has actually met Nostradamus before, so, therefore it would be impossible for this story to happen.

    • avatar Garry says:

      (in the king of terror, when nostradamus helped the canavitchi to slow down human development)

      • avatar Panda Anders says:

        This story appears to suggest that a version of the Dr accidentally became Nostradamus having forgotten his original persona. What would stop this altered version of the Dr meeting another version? The suggestion is utterly bizarre, but brilliant.

        • avatar Panda Anders says:

          …and besides…Dr Who has presented us with alternative dimensions, the ‘Doctor Donna’, a ‘hidden’ Dr in the form of the War Dr, a completely rebooted universe and Dr 9 hinting to Rose that he may even be father Chrismas!! Nonsense, but wonderful nonsense! Don’t place constraints on your imagination, you’ll give yourself a headache!!

  22. avatar Galts says:

    I would travel back to 1980s Leadworth with the aim of integrating myself into the life Amy Pond. After jumping in the crack in her wall (not a euphemism) I’d appear as an Auton replica at Stonehenge. Joining Rory of the 2,000 year wait with the Pandorica, I would make use of this time not by pining next to a big box, but by having some fun in the contradictary manner of being immortal fantasic plastic and investing wisely. In a Moffat-esque Time-Wimey reality twist, once we hit the 1960s I’d give Sydney Newman a concept for a TV show in return for a copy of all the recordings made, even ensuring Shada was finished. With the prize in hand, I’d finally head back to the Doctor Who exhibition, Blackpool, 1984 and give the goodies to a little boy who was so terrified at the Dalek with “No Smoking” sign that he ran through to the gift shop and dreamed of owing Doctor Who toys…

  23. avatar Romana's younger sister says:

    I am quite hungry after using up all that regeneration energy! I want to take some time off relaxing in the sweet meadows of Sacchria Prime (the grass tastes of spun sugar), but instead, the TARDIS crashes into a large expanse of water, catapulting me outside.
    Something is evidently not right, Sacchria Prime’s sky was a bright candy floss pink, while here it is a beautiful deep blue. During all this I fail to realise that I don’t yet have sufficient coordination to swim in this body. Opening my mouth to exclaim this, and wonder out loud why the sky was the wrong colour, I inhale a lungful of water.
    The water is salty! Salt is a deadly poison to Sacchrians. Coughing, I am more than slightly worried that I’ve landed during the seven decade war between the Adipose and the Sacchrians, where the Adipose laid waste to the entire Sacchri system.
    Flailing madly, I see a large ship in the distance. It looks like an old Earth merchant ship. That doesn’t seem normal either. Yelling myself hoarse, I see a small rowing boat come towards me. I am eventually rescued and hauled aboard the I try to talk to the natives, but they don’t seem to understand what I’m asking. Surely they must be able to tell me why their sky is the wrong colour?
    Instead they insist I’m mad (which is true, as it’s not possible to steal a TARDIS, run away, and continue running unless you’re more than slightly bonkers – but the the issue right now).
    The Captain isn’t happy to see me, he keeps calling me a Jo-nah. I don’t remember what that means in Sacchri, but I think it either means cheese-eater, or marshmallow-maker. I decide that he probably isn’t paying me the highest compliment given to an off-worlder, so tell him sternly that this body is lactose intolerant.
    That doesn’t seemed to have helped. I ask if they’ve seen a blue box, and they look at me strangely.
    That night, I explore the ship, taking care to avoid the other crewmen.
    There’s nobody in the Captain’s cabin, so I sneak in, and find a very large leather bound book with ‘Mary-Celeste’ written on the cover.
    I am interrupted by a low rumble, and the feeling that the boat is being nudged by some large underwater creature.
    Running to the side of the ship, I see a large sea monster break the surface, with my TARDIS in its jaws. The monster drops my beloved box and snaps at the ships rigging. Now the creature is closer, I see the monster is actually a Skarasen, also known as the Loch Ness Monster. The crew are screaming, and the Captain orders everyone below deck. He prevents me from going, and tells me that I’ve brought this monster down on them. I tell him that the monster was harassing them before I turned up, and as I knew what it was, I could save them. The Captain doesn’t believe me. He says that if the beast wants the Mary Celeste, then it could have it. He orders the crew to abandon ship at sunrise, but refuses to let me into the lifeboat.
    Grumbling to myself about stubborn superstitious humans, I spot the TARDIS floating in the water about half a mile away. I run around the ship, pulling sheets randomly (why are they called that? They’re ropes…). With sunset approaching, the TARDIS knocks against the side of the boat. I drop down into my sexy time machine, while giving her a mental pout for throwing me out in the first place.
    I quickly flip the controls and set off to find the Mary Celeste’s lifeboat, fully intending to rescue the crew and their stubborn captain before leading the wayward Skarasen back to its home in the Scottish Highlands.
    It was not hard locating the beast, but there is no sign of the humans until I notice a wrecked lifeboat floating nearby. Realising this could only mean one thing, I turn my attention to Nessie.
    Finally when its all over, I decide that perhaps the meadows of Sacchria Prime are too sweet for this body, so instead I decide to visit Chili (the planet not the country) – Apparently they do a mean beef casserole.

  24. avatar Jamie says:

    I’d go to Florana. Probably one of the most beautiful planets in the universe. It’s always carpeted with perfumed flowers, and it’s seas are as warm milk, and the sands are soft as swan’s down, and the streams flow with water that are clearer than the clearest crystal.

    • avatar Rosa says:

      Genial! I love the third doctor!

      • avatar Dalek Thay says:

        Sarah Jane <3

      • avatar chameleon circuit says:

        Pertwee s2

    • avatar mickey smith says:

      It’d be cool since we never got to see florana…

  25. avatar craigt68 says:

    A 3 point plan: (1) In the present day I’d travel to the City of London and reverse the polarity of the banker’s accounts to ensure that the excessive bonuses they receive (I can’t bring myself to say ‘earn’) were siphoned off. (2) I’d then travel back in time to 1977 and invest these bonus profits in the Dr Who Production Office’s bank account to ensure Graham Williams had sufficient funding so as not to have to resort to cheapo CSO effects for “Underworld” or unconvincing location shooting for the TARDIS interior corridor shots for “Invasion of Time”; (3) I’d then travel forward in time to the late eighties and have a word with that actor who looks a bit like me (Capaldi?) not to audition for “The Lair of the White Worm” (I have a reputation to think of you know!).

  26. avatar Peter Ould says:

    I’d go back in time to the 1840s and set-up the LightTree foundation, founded to protect the British Empire from misguided monarchs who have a thing about aliens.

    And then I’d buy a season-ticket for the Palace Theatre.

  27. avatar Joseph says:

    I would go to ww2 and go get Hitler out the cubord (don’t want to change the course of history!) then i would go to the ship where the angles were(Byzantium?) to place a gravity globe. then i would go to the history museum and ask for the pandorica to be put in the museum. making sure not cross rory’s or my own time line. while im there i will by 2 fezes and put one in the exibit and one for me. :) finally i would go to 11th tardis and leave a note “amy’s a flesh”. go back to my tardis and shout one small word, one small spannish word for come on… “VAMOS”

  28. avatar Joseph says:

    look what i found guys

    • avatar atomickarma says:

      This is a competition, keep it on topic, please.

  29. avatar chorenn says:

    With all the capabilities of the TARDIS at my hands, I wouldn’t explore time and space: I’d explore different species, using the chameleon arch. I’d choose a few interesting species, in different time periods, and become them and live among them for a while, including humans (but without a bunch of murderous aliens hunting me down!). There’s no better way to learn about different species and civilizations.

  30. I’d explore all the different planets, I just think Pluto, Mars the Moon etc are just so fascinating. There is so much to learn about them and they are just a piece of art! ^.^

  31. avatar LittleAmeliaPond says:

    i would ideally love to somehow break into the sherlock universe and enlist sherlock and watson as my companions (also make it a point to teach sherlock about the solar system!)
    but since thats probably against the rules and i’d tear a hole in the fabric of space and time i would LOVE to go the to 1800s as i find that period of time fascinating, i would be brilliant dress the part and walk around observing people and the way they lived in person :) and i would absolutely not get involved, probably. unless people needed my help, which they probably would… id probably get involved a little bit
    also the 60s would be cool but i’ll stick with the 1800s

  32. avatar Daniel Whitaker says:

    Personally, I’d go to the home of a neglected child, who is just about to lose all hope and wonder that only a child possesses. I’d tell them to be strong and invite them in my TARDIS, I’d start by taking them to the moon, nothing too drastic just yet and I’d make them realise what a beautiful planet they live on. Then I’d take them to Akhaten to show the diversity of space; then I’d break a law of time and show the child their future, a future where they are universally known for helping make other peoples lives better. I would improve that child’s life. For that is the role of a Doctor.

  33. avatar Jacers77 says:

    If I was the Doc I would travel to that little gust house near Totters Lane where Dr 7 and Ace were staying. I seem to recall a TV programme was about to start when they left the guest house one afternoon. We didn’t quite catch the title…

  34. avatar Jacers77 says:

    I’ve read every one of these posts (procrastinating majorly) and I just wanted to say how fantastic the responses are – like a book of short stories. All very creative.
    What I can’t quite understand is why so many responses have a ‘thumbs down’!! – surely there are no right or wrong answers to such an open, creative question?? I’m not sure how many teenagers access this forum, but there are serious pangs of immaturity (possibly envy?). Sad face.

  35. avatar Liz Faulkner says:

    I would firstly go and visit various restaurant and work out what my “food” is (and whether beans are still “bad beans”), then once I’ve refueled I’d go to the Egyptian era and find myself a companion (I’m thinking the awesome King Tut!) because no-one should travel alone, and once I’ve got that sorted I think I’d start with exploring ancient China and Japan to see all that culture first hand

  36. avatar emma tarbuck says:

    back 16 years and change my mind about having kids lol

  37. avatar Laura Harris says:

    I’d regenerate myself into a younger, thinner, prettier version of myself, and then hot foot it to the nearest nightclub establishment to ‘let my hair down’ and remember what it was like to be up past midnight without batting an eyelid. (pre children, pre forties, pre being sensible really)

  38. avatar Stu H says:

    9th March 1967…a bloke at the BBC wants a hand wiping some old tapes. Talk about saving the past for the benefit of future

  39. avatar jason wills says:

    i would go back to the time of oliver cromwell and put my thoughts and ideas into the setting up of parliament and set them on the path of a better system so that the average everyday person had a say on the way the country should be run and not let people with the most money having everything to suit them.

  40. avatar Trudi Walsh says:

    I’d go back to the 1920′s I reckon I’d make an excellent flapper girl!

  41. avatar doomey says:

    I’d just be happy bouncing around time and space with the super hot Clara , rawwrrr

  42. I’d go to last Wednesday when someone stole my tub of ice-cream out of the freezer and ate it all. I will catch the culprit, they will be punished. muahahahaha

  43. avatar Cyra Bellamy says:

    I would go back to prehistoric times, see what the dinosaurs were really like

  44. avatar Catherine Warburton says:

    To the moon in 1970 where I’d replace the stars & stripes with a Union Jack

  45. avatar Vakhida says:

    i’d go back to the future

  46. avatar jayandrew25 says:

    I’d go back to 1985 and have one last chat with my dad to tell him about his grand-daughter <3

  47. avatar Michelle Austin says:

    I’d go and solve one of the great mysteries of history. Who was Jack the Ripper? What happened on the Marie Celeste? Did Rasputin really survive all those things that were done to him? And who the hell invented string cheese?

  48. avatar Tom Baines says:

    would be the world cup final in Brazil in 2014 to rewatch England score the winning goal, and steven gerard lift the cup

    • This is by far and away the most unlikely scenario offered so far!

  49. avatar Kevin Whymark says:

    I’d go back and collect up all the doctors assistants for one giant party with the Ood and Captain Jack.

  50. avatar Donna Kent says:

    I’d go back and spend some more time with Leonardo da Vinci. Its my favourite episode of all time and was so sad.

    • avatar Garry says:

      Bro, That was van gogh.

  51. avatar Kelly Hooper says:

    I’ve already done it! I went back to the Mary celeste and convinced all the crew to get in the tardis and come forward in time with me as we all thought it would be funny to make people wonder where they all went!

  52. avatar Amanda Hattie says:

    I’d go back in time to when my parents were kids to see just how innocent & angelic they supposedly were compared to me when I was a child lol

  53. avatar Panda Anders says:

    Wow! agreed. I could really see this as an episode with The Caretaker somehow being involved. Would love to chat with you, I do comics!!

    • avatar Panda Anders says:

      Sorry – this post was meant for Rory! (the Nostradamus story) – not sure how to get in contact. Maybe through the administrators? how do I do this?

  54. avatar Keith says:

    If I was the Doctor I’d go back in time and watch the marvels of history unfold. I’d watch the building of the pyramids, be at Sparta to watch the stand of the 300, the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the intrigue enveloping medieval Europe, the excitement of the Renaissance (to see all the great artists create their masterpieces, and the invention of the Industrial Revolution.

  55. avatar Nikki says:

    I should say something really clever, but in reality I’d be a bumbling Matt Smith type Doctor, lots of ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’, until someone needed my help, then off I’d go to save the day, whichever one it happened to be.

  56. avatar joanna silvester says:

    Outerspace, planet hopping!!

  57. avatar Hayley says:

    I’d go back to the beginnings of the homo sapiens. I’ve trained as an archaeologist and I’d want to see how much we think we know about this time is true! So I could come back to now and ‘point and laugh at archaeolgists’ ;)

  58. Back to circa 1990 before by Nanny got cancer for 3rd time and make her go private . Not just because i miss her and she missed my sister growing up but because my son never had the honour of meeting my hero. She was an awesome woman and things would be so different if i hadnt lost her so young

  59. avatar Clint Howat says:

    I would go to Galifrey, it looks epic.

  60. avatar Tammy Tudor says:

    I’d spend my time hopping from planet to planet exploring any new life I find, then I would zoom back to the 1920s and join in with some flapper dancing, from there I’d dance every dance of every era until some alien decides to ruin the party (or dalek whatever happens)

  61. avatar Rebecca Shelton says:

    i would love spending my time exploring all the different eras, im a big history buff so would be amazing to experience it first hand, im sure if my sons got to choose we would be off to see the dinosaurs lol

  62. avatar kate andrews says:

    I love to go forward in time, to when we can understand Dolphins, hopefully they don’t think us to stupid for taking too long

  63. avatar Helen Grayson says:

    I’d go to the time when we move to another planet. I’d love to see what civilisation is like and if we have managed to invent flying cars, or live underwater!

  64. avatar Kristy Brown says:

    To find Mr Spoc and find out where I can get one of those Beam Me Up Scotty magic beams to go with my Tardis

  65. avatar sjw01 says:

    To the Tardis to see where it takes us!

  66. avatar Patricia Avery says:

    I would go forward in time to the near future whenever this competition is judged to see if my grandchildren (big Doctor Who fans) are going to win this fabulous giveaway :)

  67. avatar Jill Cordner says:

    I would go back to see my family members who have passed and then I would go forward to see if my kids/grand kids were happy and then I would go back in time and convince Colin Farrell he was in love with me lol

  68. avatar sairz eastham says:

    I’d go back and see the dinosaurs!

  69. avatar Christopher Bell says:

    There are loads of mysteries I would love to discover the answer to! The first one would to be going back in time and watching what happened to the Marie Celeste. The only problem with all this time travelling and watching is not interfering, you’d have to have a heart of stone to not want to intervene or help!

  70. avatar cathryn1 says:

    I would love to travel back in time to christopher colombus era when people on earth were discovering new land – how exciting

  71. avatar Francesca Tuck says:

    I would love to be a mystery solver and go back in time to solve the worlds great mysteries. I would go back to the making of the Shugborough inscription to ask the code carver if the code is (as speculated) a clue left by the Knights Templar about the location of the Holy Grail. If it is then I would go on the search for the Holy Grail.

    If it is not an inscription leading to the Holy Grail I would then go back to the building of Stonehenge to determine once and for all how and why it was built.

  72. avatar Rajesh Sharma says:

    Fantastic giveaway – I would love this for my grand neices and nephews

  73. avatar Kathryn says:

    I’d go and explore the mysteries Under The Bed behind the dust, old tissues and toys… something I’ve never quite been brave enough to do!

  74. avatar Abi says:

    I’d go back in time to meet my Grandad. He died the year before I was born and I’d have loved to meet him.

  75. avatar lisa williams says:

    ooh for me it would have to be back to the ages of the dinosaurs. Always been intrigued by the sheer size of some species and my 9 year old son is the same. Do t rex have bad eye sight and small brains would love to put to the test!

  76. avatar Jon Roberts says:

    I would like to use my real TARDIS to go back to the BBC and steal all the old prints of the fictional Doctor Who show, then go back further and watch the first episode being made.

  77. avatar Lesley Cohen Wright says:

    I would go back and stop Adam and Eve from eating that damm apple cos things have gone downhill since then.

  78. avatar alison clark says:

    Outer mongolia – have always wondered when people say it what it would actually look like.

  79. avatar Helen Thurston says:

    I’d go and look for Jenny – who knows what trouble she’ll be getting into (like Doctor, like daughter….) x

  80. avatar dr jon says:

    I’d go back to 1963 November 23rd and watch this new series called Dr who. Then I may hang around until the late 70s at BBC centre were the skips are and collect all the film reels that were thrown out by the short sighted BBC at the time.

  81. avatar dr jon says:

    Oh damn it some one has already said that, so I will change it to, I’d travel back to the mid. 80s when Michael grade was in office at the BBC and take him forward to 2005 when new who makes big news. I would show him the error of his ways and convince him to put more money into the show give it a new format and a much longer run, then extend Colin bakers contract to another 3years and then I’d give him a new outfit in black. Never set bonnie Langford on that is until the year 2000 in a cameo. When she got more likeable as she aged. And then make sure Paul McCann got a good 4 years in the role. And that is only for starters.

  82. avatar Paul Stokes says:

    To the Moon – July 1969.

    I’d hide behind a rock, wait till the gentleman that is Neil Armstrong descends and – after letting him make his historical declaration, I’d stroll past him, look surprised and say “Oh hi, are you here for the party?” and wander off.

  83. avatar Helen McCarron says:

    My 4 year old son is a hue Dr Who fan too, so I asked him this question and he said he would like to go back to the time of the dinosaurs and bring some eggs back in his tardis so they wouldn’t die out!

  84. avatar David Preston says:

    I would go back in time with a DVD recorder, record all the episodes of Dr Who, pop back to “now” and get them all released, season by season over the coming year.

  85. avatar Eduardo says:

    I’d go to greendale to watch all of the inspector spacetime episodes with troy and abed… in the morning!

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