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Published on April 30th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Billie Piper “Game” For MetaCrisis Doctor Who Spinoff!

Oi, Kasterborites! If you find yourself missing some Rose Tyler in your life, you might be interested in some recent comments by the only and only Billie Piper.

Answering some fan questions at a panel during this year’s Awesome Con, Piper was asked if she would be interested in a spinoff following what happened to Rose and the MetaCrisis Doctor. She replied as such:

“That would be interesting… I’d be game!”

While the notion has my Rose-loving heart a flutter, there are some things to consider about this. First and foremost, fan and actor interest alone cannot commission a new Doctor Who series (or there would already be a Paul McGann spinoff)…certainly doesn’t hurt, however. The Beebs and Steven Moffat would have to be on board with the idea and then there are still hurdles to jump. Would Tennant be interested in a new series commitment? With recent success with a lead role in Broadchurch and plans to star in its American remake, Gracepoint, he may not have the availability such a series would demand.

Also, would it be considered canon? Whovians have long been quick to dismiss anything that doesn’t happen on screen as non-canon. So what about a TARDIS? Can you really have a show about the Doctor without a TARDIS? There was that deleted scene where Ten gives “tentwo” a piece of the TARDIS coral to grow his own TARDIS; but if it didn’t air on TV, did it really happen?

Combine all of that with some fan sentiment that indicates that maybe we’ve had and seen enough of Rose, and the viability of the spinoff already has some fairly significant things potentially holding it back. That being said, it is hard to deny the chemistry between Tennant and Piper and it would be incredible seeing them back as “Tentwo” and Rose.

What say you, dear reader? Would you want to see this develop as a spinoff? Or has Rose’s time come and gone? Let us know below!

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47 Responses to Billie Piper “Game” For MetaCrisis Doctor Who Spinoff!

  1. avatar Dannie Madsen says:

    I’d be game. :)

  2. Heck Yes!

  3. avatar Sutekh'sGiftOfUnlimitedRicePudding says:

    I think it’s an utterly awful idea.

  4. Worst.Idea.EVER!!

  5. avatar lozzer says:

    I don’t get the negative reactions… I think it would be great. I’d only be interest if RTD was in charge though.

    • avatar Xetramniz says:

      A spin off based in a forced love story with an oversued and random companion. The only good thing would be the Doctor and Rose family. But no, a bad idea for a spin off when other things could happen to improve the Doctor Who universe instead of this.

      • avatar lozzer says:

        As a one off I’d be all for it – sorry you’re all a bit negative on this. It won’t happen anyway, it’s just a bit of a ‘what if’ comment.

        • avatar lozzer says:

          To be honest I just want Doctor Who to be good again.

          • avatar RUSRS says:

            Episodes now are not as good as some from before, but still being a good show.

            And trust me, a spin off based on a “Not-Precisely-One-Of-The-Worst-Love-Stories-Ever-Made-But-Still-Quite-Bad” won’t make it better. Is more probable that the opposite happens.

    • avatar Juanito Escarcha says:

      Maybe because in the show, the love story was really bad made, built up with only pretty moments, but not real love, less a justification for it: The romance between Romana and The Doctor was way more legit to build a love story, and you know what?, they didn’t have a love story [btw, I don't ship them, is just an example that the Doctor and Rose romance came out from nowhere, compared to other companiosn that would create something more].

      In the show was awful, and create a show about it?, no thank you

  6. avatar TonyS says:

    Oh good grief no! No. No. No. No. No!

    (I’m not keen)

  7. avatar mimefreek says:

    I would absolutely watch that one!!! David Tennant!!!

  8. I’d watch, but I wouldn’t be broken hearts if it didn’t happen.

  9. avatar Xetramniz says:

    There are things that deserve more a spin off rather than this

    I like Rose, and i like The 10th Doctor, but their relationship was really forced, and this spin off would be a fanservice inspired in a Twilight-like fanfiction of Doctor Who

  10. avatar DonnaM says:

    No surprise this one’spolarised opinion!

    Personally I think it’s a dreadful idea. Ten/Rose domesticity doesn’t appeal, and as for the two of them with a Grow-Your-Own TARDIS…. I’ve got the Series 2 DVD if I want to watch a show like that, thanks.

    Not that it matters: whether Billie was being polite or sincere, I don’t see it being made in a month of Sundays!

  11. avatar yoyo says:

    Ummm….No. TSE and JE aired in 2008. We’re almost two Doctors away from those episodes and storyline. Haven’t people moved on yet? Do a Paul McGann spin-off instead!

    • avatar Xetramniz says:

      Now that, is an idea for a good and deserved spin off

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      By the same logic, we’re nearly two decades and a brief minisode from Paul McGann and his storyline…which now has been bookended. By that line of thinking, shouldn’t people be over McGann as well?

      • avatar DonnaM says:

        I couldn’t agree more!

        I’d far rather that any talent, creativity and cash that might be available should be devoted to making the Twelfth Doctor’s first series the best it can possibly be rather than dissipated making any spin-off.

        Nostalgia’s all well and good but the show should also be looking to the future, surely?

        • avatar TonyS says:

          Nick & Donna, thank you for your comments once again. We had a lot of looking back last year. An anniversary or something, I believe. That was the right time for it. Let’s look to the future. (Just don’t start eating Chimeron baby food)

  12. avatar Jacers77 says:

    RTD’s reasons for pulling ‘Rose Tyler Earth Defence’ were clear…I think even HE got a bit carried away! – but the prospect of another Universe with a ‘past dr’ would distract from Mr Capaldi. Metacrisis or not – the presence of Mr Tennant would be a constant reminder of ‘what was’. Little snippets or one off special – yes, but a parallel show? no…And besides, Roses’s farewell at the end of Doomsday was perhaps one of those moments that crystalised the character driven intensity and integrity of the revived show. I forgave the ‘re-visit’ in Journey’s End because It brought resolution – Billie’s appearance in the anniversary special was also permissible (just about) because of the Bad Wolf resolution…A separate series would completely water down that profound Doomsday departure.

  13. avatar Michael says:

    The plot: After the death of Rose the MetaCrisis Doctor heads out to explorer the universe in his newly grown TARDIS.To get over Rose he brings aboard new companions to help him begin to live life anew. One of his earliest adventures has him teaming up with the 8th Doctor, and their begining a many year journey together to find the source of a myterious evil that is invading multiple universes.

  14. avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

    As much as I, like most, loved the 10th Doctor and Rose they are done with now. Their story has ended. Who really are deserving of a spin-off who are in the here-and-now and who have so much more story potential and backstory to explore are Vastra, Jenny and Straxx. A Poternaster Gang spin-off I would definitely welcome!!!

  15. avatar Dannie Madsen says:

    I get the caring relaxed comments saying things as “as much as I loved 10th and Rose…” or similar, but those comments that says things like “No. Just no” or “oh grief no” or “worst idea ever” make you complete idiots, like you can’t take anything. The thing about it being a “forced” relationship… that’s the worst piece of bullshit anyone can say. It was not for a single simple moment in time and space a forced relationship. The Doctor could just have chosen somebody else to travel with in 2005, it just happened to be Rose, okay? Nothing forced anything between them. Maybe except for Dalek Caan (who knows). Nothing forced it!!

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Okay. In more depth then. I did not enjoy the relationship between either the 9th or 10th Doctor and Rose Tyler. In my opinion (concession to warmth and cuddliness!), it got in the way of storytelling. For the first couple of years, Nu-Who was the story of Rose Tyler and her oh-so-plucky companion, the Doctor. I was (and am) not very enamoured with the character of Rose: mainly for the previously stated reason.

      For that reason, I do not want to see this idea become real.

      I echo what others have said: the Metacrisis Doctor and Rose have had their day. Their story has been told.

      Let’s see all the creative energies of the production team poured into season 8 and the new Doctor.

      Idiocy any less complete yet?

    • avatar simon magellan says:

      Just because people don’t agree with you does not make them idiots. Their opinions are just as valid as yours – more so if they can manage to make their points without abusing others or using foul language.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      With apologies for any offence caused, but to call people idiots for expressing an opinion you don’t like is just a bit unnecessary!

      Personally I think 10 and Rose had a lot more chemistry than, for instance, 11 and River, although I fully expect many people to disagree. I read the comments about the relationship being “forced” as meaning some people didn’t find it as believable as I did. I’m not sure anyone would suggest the Doctor didn’t choose of his own free will to travel with her!

      • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

        I agree. From my chair, it seemed the relationship between the Doctor and Rose was a natural progression from Series 1 to Series 2 (the two part S4 finale). I mean, honestly, how many times was there a line in the script during Eccleston’s turn that mentioned the Doctor and Rose being mistaken for a couple? (hint: several. Just wrapping up a series 1 rewatch)

        • avatar TonyS says:

          I agree that the relationship between the Doctor and Rose seems a natural progression. It was also a romantic one from a very early stage. See the Doctor’s comment to rose in “The Unquiet dead” when the gas ghosts have them trapped in the cellar. (Yes. I know! But I prefer not to call them Gelth. I am in a bolshie mood this evening.) I am nit saying that the relationship between Rose and the Doctor is forced or that there is no chemistry. My personal preference is that (however well handled) they hadn’t done it at all.

      • avatar Juanito Escarcha says:

        The Doctor and Rose had more chemistry, but it wasn’t a love chemistry, it was a companion chemistry, not different from The Doctor with other companions, the love was only visible, from both parts [Doctor and Rose], almost at the ending of their story, and it came out from the Doctor side almost in an espontaneous way.
        The Doctor choose Rose to travel with her, just like he did with almost the 40 companions the Doctor has had, and he didn’t have a love story with everysingle one of them, only with Rose because… because… well… she develop love for the Doctor… just like other companions has done before and after.

        Emm… She made the Doctor better!… oh wait… no… that thing of the Doctor being a nicer person thanks to the humanity of the companions has been present since the begining of the show

        Emmm… She was the Bad Wolf!… i don’t get how romance can born from there…

        Emm… she had a really good personality to being the love of his life!…… No, i don’t belive that either…

        I like the 11th and River romance much more, not because is a good story, but because is a love story the Doctor can get without being cheesy, pretentious, with a really good argument from what happen, and the story from both sides is really interesting. The Doctor and River are two impossible beings, one admired the other since the begining of her life, and try to reached him in every possible way, and the other was finding out how important he was in his future life, and also trying to discover who was that impossible being. Sounds much better than “I love you because you, somehow, are different from all the other companions i have met and will meet”

        • avatar Juanito Escarcha says:

          and the other was finding out how important she was in his future life*

          sorry by that mistake

      • avatar Juanito Escarcha says:

        PS: I like Rose, not my favorite, but i like Rose.

    • avatar RUSRS says:

      “I like the comments from people who thinks like me, but the other are idiots, although they showed their valid points that not precisely try to change my mind, but show what they think, i don’t care what they say, they are idiots”

      • avatar n says:

        I think it was the wording of the comments that offended actually. The wording of the comments adressed did indeed make them sound childish and idiotic.

        • avatar TonyS says:

          The comments expressed a view. Not a universally held view, I admit. But a view. Some commentators express their views clearly and at length and I admire that. Others do it succinctly. That also is fine. To express oneself with brevity is neither childish nor idiotic. To apply such epithets to those that do is the essence of childishness and idiocy.

          On the other hand, it has sparked a debate, which is always healthy.

  16. avatar Rick714 says:

    People have to just let go and let stories END. These characters were *great* but they’ve had their time. Even McGann got an additional 20 or 30 audio adventures on big finish and a spectacular return in Night of the Doctor. If every one of these ideas spoken on a whim got shows made, so far, there’d be:

    A Tom Baker Curator series,
    A Jack Harkness series,
    A McGann series,
    A Rose/10th Doctor series

    It’s this type of thinking that’s spawned multiple spinoffs of CSI and led to wringing every last drop of creativity out of shows like the X-files because they just didn’t know when to stop. Always leave them wanting more, don’t wring out every last drop of goodness.

    • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Apologies in advance for being so pedantic but… Firstly, there already has been a Jack Harkness spin-off. There is a little show called Torchwood that you may have heard about in the past. Secondly, McGann has had considerably MORE (and I truly mean considerably more) than 20 or 30 audio adventures via Big Finish.

      Apart from these two points I think I totally agree with you (especially regarding the over-saturation of particular TV franchises).

  17. avatar Joyce says:

    I’m sorry but I would have to cut my arm off with a blunt spoon, cover the wound with honey and smother it with ants. I would post the arm to the BBC and threaten them with a limb a month for 6 months until they stopped.

    Not keen.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      You seem to have six limbs Joyce :)

      • avatar Joyce says:

        Just testing. :-)

  18. avatar lucy says:

    I think Tony S has the right idea. He should be a lawyer. And the next doctor

  19. avatar Ivriniel says:

    No. Give it a rest already.

  20. avatar simon magellan says:

    It’s academic anyway – the BBC wouldn’t spend money on any spin off, as they don’t have it (BBC Wales is having to make cuts) and if they did, would be accused of spending money on unnecessary programmes to the detriment of other drama by people like AA Gill and Trevor Eve, who already complain about the supposed expense of DW.

    Secondly, I can’t see Tennant wanting to return long term – he left because he wanted to persue other roles and build a career in America, which he is now on the verge of. Piper has a solid career of her own, if less spectacular now than it was, but even she, I think, was just being polite – she knows it would never happen, so no harm in saying this kind of thing.

    • It’s not entirely academic as the corporation is looking for an estabblished “flagship” element for its online BBC Three replacement…

      But I agree on Tennant and Piper :)

  21. avatar CosmicDebris says:

    Sounds like a terrible idea to me. I don’t want to see Rose’s live with the Doctor’s mortal clone. There’s nothing Doctor Who about it at that point, it’s just a David Tennant and Billie Piper sitcom.

  22. avatar Marty says:

    OMG Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I understand why people don’t want it, but together they were just the best thing ever (to me).

  23. avatar Beth says:

    I want this more than I have ever wanted anything ever.

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