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Published on March 11th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

Tickled Pink by New [SPOILER] Rumours

Oh my dear Whovians, you have been naïve…! (Sort of. This article may contain spoilers, however, it is based purely on conjecture and speculation.)

As the worst-kept secret in the Whoniverse continues to spread like a black cloud of entropy, speculation is rife as to the identity of the actor who will play the Master in the new series of Doctor Who. Names such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Charles Dance have all been thrown into the ring, with the Seventh Doctor Sylvester McCoy claiming to know the identity of the rogue Time Lord from Gallifrey… and claiming he’ll be very, very scary.

[spoiler ]

And yesterday, comics and general cool stuff news site Bleeding Cool claimed to have been told who the new Master was going to be, the information having been leaked by an “acting source.” Hold on to your TCEs – it’s only Sam Anderson, recently revealed as Series 8′s new recurring character Danny Pink!

If true, it’s a logical casting decision. After all, there has been considerable speculation over the last few years as to whether we’ll ever be getting a black Doctor; maybe Steven Moffat has gone the other way and cast a black Master instead! It’s certainly possible. In fact one Twitter user has already pointed out that Daniel Pink is an anagram of Pain Linked, and we at Kasterborous can exclusively reveal that it’s also an anagram of Deli Napkin, so the conspiracy theories are coming thick and fast…

Until we hear any official confirmation, we’ll have to go on speculating. What do you think – would Sam Anderson make a good Master?


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29 Responses to Tickled Pink by New [SPOILER] Rumours

  1. avatar tchamber says:

    Nonsense. Clearly he’s The Rani.

  2. avatar Gareth Kavanagh says:

    It certainly works in a Moriarty context, however I’m just praying it’s Charles Dance. If get even a scintilla of the restrained menace he displays in Game of Thrones, I’ll be thrilled beyond measure.

  3. avatar John Smith says:

    WHY DOES EVERY FAN WEBSITE CHOOSE NOT TO MENTION STEVE JOHN SHEPHERD AS A VIABLE CANDIDATE FOR THE FRIKKIN MASTER? Geez… It’s always “Bennedict Cumberbatch this, Cumberbatch that-” Stop. Look. Listen. There’s genuine evidence Shepherd is LITERALLY going to be the new Master – equal if not stronger evidence than flaming Charles Dance. (Malcolm Tucker rant over).

    • + this week’s podKast = what are you talking about?!

      • avatar John Smith says:

        My reference was THIS news page for example: no mention of his name – Doctor Who Tv – no mention of his name. Steve John Shepherd rumours appear on a completely separate post so why is everyone avoiding to add his title next to Charles Dance’s? Equally if not stronger SJS’s name is becoming a much more realistic choice thanks to what’s been leaked – Every choice that’s been read out is vague in itself anyway, but I’m just confused as to why he’s just “missing” from these lists despite being rumoured heavily elsewhere.

        • avatar James Mclean says:

          Steve John Shepherd is rumour based on pure and somewhat tenuous speculation. As likely as Charles Dance or Richard Armitage. As I’ve said in the recent Podkast I’d say Armitage’s links to McCoy, and McCoy saying he knows who is cast, make his prospect more likely in my opinion than any of the rest. Not to say Shepherd should be ignored, but sites can’t simply continue to list every potential when discussing other strands of the topic. Given the tenuous nature of Shepherd’s likelihood (he was shooting in January, he has a beard, he might have been in Wales), I would say Shepherd has had a lot more of a platform that the evidence gives him credit for. I’d say Armitage carries more weight personally and his name gets far less shouts right now.

          I’m amused how the beard is being pinned as so important by the media (including us I guess). Neither of the new series Masters were bearded (even his young staring into the schism version didn’t have a beard – continuity mistake I’m sure) – even Roberts didn’t. I don’t think the beard is considered essential these days, bar from old fans.

          • avatar STLShawn says:

            What if it is Sylvester McCoy

  4. That could add a good twist, although the events that lead to the master falling back in to the time war showed no chance of a sort of regen, unless the Timelords executed the Master for attacking Rassilon for treason or whatever….


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  5. That’s what I thought when Danny Pink was first announced. Makes sense when you think about it. The Master, in disguise, trying to get close to The Doctor by dating his companion.

    • avatar Lynzilla says:

      The problem I see with this, is that The Doctor can sense other Timelords; The only reason he didn’t recognise The Master in Utopia was because he was disguised with the chameleon arch. I’m sure that they can come up with some sort of mcguffin to explain it if they go that direction, but I would prefer him to just be a new companion.

      • avatar James Mclean says:

        Techno-continuity aside, if this is true, it feels somewhat of a lift from Utopia. But then Jenna’s impossible girl story had a whiff of Bad Wolf about it. I’d be disappointed if this was the case.

  6. avatar Matt Bradley says:

    I did have a funny feeling about that when it was announced. The beard…

  7. We need a powerful actor of Charles Dance’s abilities to go toe to toe with Peter Capaladi. Not some former soap actor.

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      Being a former soap actor does not mean they can’t act. For example Ben Kingsley was in Corrie. Russell Crowe in Home and Away (or Neighbours, I forget which) – and Jenna Coleman started out in Emmerdale. Or perhaps you don’t think she should be in DW either?

      • I can take or leave Jenna Coleman but she certainly hasn’t got the acting chops to be the Master.

        • avatar Simon Magellan says:


    • avatar FrancoPabloDiablo says:

      Jenna Coleman. Emmerdale. ’nuff said!

  8. How does it work in a Moriarty context???

  9. Given that you have included a photo of Sam Anderson with this post, do you expect readers to think, “I’d better not click on the spoiler button or else I might find out that Sam Anderson is rumoured to be the Master”?

    PS please don’t read this comment as it may contain spoilers.

    • It’s a triple bluff.

      You were clearly too clever for us…

      • If only that were the case. But alas……

  10. avatar TimeChaser says:

    I still stand by my idea that he’s Ian and Barbara’s grandson. Seems a lot more plausible than him being the Master.

  11. avatar Geoff says:

    I just can’t get excited about this, my least favourite recurring villian. I know he’s meant to be up there as one of the big three but he just doesnt do it for me..(leaving aside his appearances up to 1976) all those comebacks in the 80s, the 1996 movie…John Saxon pratting about on that bad CGI floating aircraft carrier thing. They just never seem to make their mind up who the Master is, one week he’s a camp villian you love to hate, the next he’s murdering the parents of the Doctors companions. If he does come back then I really hope they just make him out and out bad, no campy dancing or cackling, no emotional “despite the fact that you’re a murderous psycho we’re almost brothers” endings please. It is possible to make a character a horrible bastard and still be charismatic and funny, look at Francis Urquart for example. How about making the Master, enchanting, beguiling but genuinely self serving and manipulative. Now that is scary.

  12. avatar Darren M. says:

    What if it’s the opposite…Now that Gallifrey’s found , and the idea of bringing back classic Who to the feel of series 8…the Doctor’s best friend Professor Chronitis! (Shada)….Teacher? Check! If it’s whether a fob watch or the idea that Chronitis was hunted because of his abilities of mind control , it would be interesting….

  13. avatar krumstets says:

    Danny is the Master’s new companion and or possible love interest.
    I’m sticking with that one!

  14. avatar DonnaM says:

    I did read somewhere (I’m a sucker for spoilers, what can I say!) before Anderson was cast that there would be a male character – possibly a work colleague or love interest for Clara – who would “not be quite what he seems”. I guess it’s plausible that the Master would try to “get at” the Doctor via his companion, and it does set up a nice line in divided loyalties for Clara – does she trust her shiny new boyfriend or this new and apparently very different Doctor….

    However, I really would like, just for a change, to have a human “companion” or “recurring character”, call it what you will, who was just, well, human :-)

  15. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    Just to note that Season 8 of the Classic series was the one that introduced The Master.

  16. avatar Neu 75 says:

    Plausible enough, but it is from Bleeding Cool, so SAXA on standby…

    • avatar James Mclean says:

      Certainly pinch of salt material, I agree.

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