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Published on March 23rd, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Tennant Lends Voice to Upcoming Xbox One Game

When Kinect Sports Rivals launches next month on the Xbox One, Whovian gamers may encounter a voice they’ll find altogether familiar. That’s right! Providing narration and commentary is none other than former Tenth Doctor, David Tennant!

In his first ever voice role in a video game, Tennant will guide gamers as the next generation Kinect camera system scans a high definition image of the user’s likeness and then drops them into motion tracked sporting events — think Wii Sports, but hyper-realistic and no need for a controller. The game has been hyped as the one to silence the One’s critics.

While I haven’t obtained an Xbox One games console yet, this certainly looks like a good time (if casual gaming is your thing). Kinect Sports Rivals (available now on Amazon) releases in April.

Kinect Sports Rivals

Dear readers, will 10′s involvement make Kinect Sports Rivals a must have for you or motive to upgrade to an Xbox One? Or are you holding out for something more substantial?

(Writer’s note: I, for one, am solely hoping that Lego moves forward with Doctor Who so that we can eventually get a Lego Doctor Who video game. Now, an Xbox One Lego Doctor Who game would make me pull the trigger on a system upgrade without hesitation. That may just be me, though. As you were!)

(Via EVERYONE, apparently…)


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5 Responses to Tennant Lends Voice to Upcoming Xbox One Game

  1. avatar PhazonEnder says:

    Sorry, while Tennant is my favorite Doctor, simply having his voice in a game won’t make me buy the game or the console to run it. For me Microsoft needs to prove that they won’t go back on their word and implement any of the controversial parts of their new system like they originally wanted to.

    • avatar Shawn Adams says:

      As someone who has had the Xbox 1 since its release i can tell you it was a great move. For hard core games I am a PC person, except for first person shooters which i just don’t like using keyboard and mouse for. I bought the 1 to be basically an entertainment system for my living room, and as that it excels. I have my cable box run through it, can take Skype calls and it will auto pause whatever I am watching, the friends tracking is much improved over the 360 (no longer pops up, which given some of there names could be awkward…lol). The controversial elements Microsoft wanted to implement were a grab, everyone knew that, and the gaming community basically smacked their hands and told them no. I have herd no plans for any of that to be attempted again.

  2. avatar stephen cook says:

    iv created this petition to get a doctor who lego game since u commented about it in your article maybe you could sign it and see if anyone you know would like to sign it too http://chn.ge/1goiNJC

  3. avatar Shawn Adams says:

    Well i was planning on buying this game anyways, but to have David Tennant voice the whole thing is just Icing on this Dr. Who fans cake!!

  4. avatar ARFstudios says:

    Funny, the hair of the guy on the cover of the game looks strikingly similar to a certain Doctor’s. :-P

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