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Published on March 6th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Reece Shearsmith Fancies Doctor Who Villain Role

He was Patrick Troughton in An Adventure in Space and Time, he has worked with the director of Series 8′s first two episodes, he’s also staring alongside Alex Kingston and Noel Clarke in upcoming ITV crime drama Chasing Shadows and worked with Jon Pertwee’s son Sean in the horror comedy The Cottage. Yet somehow this man has yet to appear in a proper episode of Doctor Who, and the only member of The League of Gentlemen not to have done so.

Steve’s been in it, Steve Pemberton [as Strackman Lux in Silence in the Libary/Forest of the Dead], and Mark’s obviously part and parcel of it. Yeah, I’d love to be a baddie in it.

But he wisely adds the stipulation that it would have to be the right part rather than just being in it because his friend writes it, “That would be the worst thing to be levelled at me.” he adds.

He does admit to being a bit of a lapsed fan, having not actually seen the show since the days of Colin Baker, but surely that wouldn’t be an issue to getting a part.  Personally I’d love to see him in the show, ideally as a weaseley jobsworth working for the Daleks or the Cybermen, or if we do get a full return of Gallifrey and the Time Lords, possibly a new Castellan?

What do you think, should Reece get a part? If he did would you believe it was based solely on his talents? What parts do you think he would or wouldn’t suit? Fill that void below with your musings and give us your views.


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4 Responses to Reece Shearsmith Fancies Doctor Who Villain Role

  1. avatar Kev Hessell says:

    I’m sure that Jeremy Dyson (the fourth member of the League of Gentlemen), hasn’t been in it yet, so there’s always hope. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  2. avatar Joel Mellor says:

    I’d love Jeremy Dyson to write an episode!

  3. avatar David F says:

    Sheersmith wasn’t going out of his way to express a desire to be in Doctor Who. He was just rambling politely in response to a question the interviewer decided to ask. If he’d been asked whether he’d like to be in EastEnders, he’d have waffled about that instead.

  4. avatar Funbundle says:

    Mr Shearsmith’s Who credentials do extend further; he appeared in the highly watchable Auton videos, as well as a brace of P.R.O.B.E.s.

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