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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by James Lomond

Pertwee Family Backs “Stupendous” Capaldi

Sean, son of Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, has said how his Musketeers co-star Peter Capaldi, will be “stupendous” as the Doctor. While filming the bloody period drama in Prague last Autumn he said,

I think he’s going to bring some real gravitas and weight, which only comes with age. Taking nothing away from Matt [Smith], who I thought was great, I just think he’s going to [be] stupendous.

And it turns out that Capaldi was known to Sean and indeed his father before. In the interview Sean talked about how John was “very fond” of Peter, that the Pertwee household were “delighted” at his casting and that he was,

…an extremely lovely gentleman. He was very kind to my family when my father passed away, he was big fan of my dad’s actually.

It’s no surprise that Capaldi – a fan since his childhood (and with some fan-boy articles under his belt, no less) held Jon Pertwee in high regard. And much comment has been made on the similarity between his and Pertwee’s costume (flashes of red lining anyone?) But it’s heartening to hear such warm things said of Capaldi in return. He consistently comes across as a complete gentleman and more than able to take on the mantle of childhood hero from our erstwhile Eleventh incarnation.

Speaking of which, what do you think about Sean Pertwee’s comment on gravitas? Many thought Smith wouldn’t be able to hold his own on screen being the freshest face in the role so far, but he surprised his detractors with some heavy-duty on-screen presence and powerful speeches.

Do you think there is something that only age can bring to a performance or is it all down to the actor’s skill? Is an older Time Lord better – what do you think?



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7 Responses to Pertwee Family Backs “Stupendous” Capaldi

  1. avatar dr jon says:

    Jon pertwee has always been my favourite Dr, his presence and statue and voice full of authority. l think sometimes it comes with age but some people just have that confidence and a way they come across to people. matt smith he had it and peter Davison who I class as my second favorite Dr had a sort of quiet confidence. I think capaldi will be able to hold an audience like pertwee did as the third doctor.

  2. avatar Mugen Pharoah says:

    Capaldi – you can just tell he’s going to be an amazing Doctor just by his serious scary face staring out form the corner of this website.

  3. avatar Geoff says:

    I think Sean is going out of his way not to knock Matts interpretation of the Doctor. Much like there were things Matt could do and get away with that an older man couldn’t there will be things an older actor can bring that he couldn’t at this time in his life. That’s the beauty of The Doctor, he can be one thing for a few years and then something else and they can both be great.

  4. avatar DonnaM says:

    First up, those are really lovely things for Sean to say. Second, I agree. Matt did a lot of things very well, but I never really got authority from him. Capaldi I can see having it in spades. It’s one of the changes I’m most looking forward to with the next series actually!

  5. avatar Steve Andrew says:

    On a related note – did anyone see Sean Pertwee on Musketeers this week? Give him a white wig and a velvet smoking jacket and the Third Doctor can return! The older he gets the more he’s transforming into his dad.

  6. avatar Howard Railton says:

    I hope Capaldi will bring not just gravitas but also actorly experience, he’s done a heck of a lot of acting and when, inevitably now, the dross scripts from the likes of Gareth Roberts crawl into view, Capaldi has the prowess and experience to rise above all that risible material, throw the rubbish in the bin and do it HIS way.

    • avatar DonnaM says:

      Howard! It’s been a whoile since you’ve been found an opportunity to have a go about the scripts! I’ve almost missed you :-)

      Seriously – I respect both your opinion and your adamant insistence upon it. I do however reserve the right to disagree.

      Isn’t that what makes Doctor Who great, that there’s something in it for everyone?

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