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Nine Years Ago Today: “Run!”

Today is March 26th, and long-standing fans will know that this is the day Doctor Who returned in 2005! To celebrate this, we’ve got a video clip for you to enjoy above.

It seems crazy to think of now, after a worldwide box office smash and eight full series of the show, but nine years ago, Rose was not only the Doctor’s first real appearance on TV since 1989, it was considered a massive risk for the BBC and for everyone involved, from Russell T Davies, Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper all the way down to the ladies making the tea.

History often smiles fondly on risk takers, however, and a few days later the return was considered triumphant (incidentally, you can relive the emotions of those days in Ultimate Regeneration, available in the Kasterborous Store in eBook and print format).

Meanwhile, BBC Worldwide’s website has commissioned three exclusive new images of the era from Doctor Who illustrator Lee Binding, whose work you will have seen in the Series 7 movie-style episode posters and The Day of the Doctor art, as well as most of the recent classic DVD covers. We’ve shared the image of the Ninth Doctor below – head to’s wallpaper downloads page to see the Rose Tyler and Jack Harkness images, which can be enjoyed on your PC desktop, tablet, smartphone or Facebook cover!

dw-s1-anniversary-artSo, while we’re reminiscing, why don’t you think back and recall your thoughts and emotions as you sat there on that fateful Saturday night nine years ago, as the Doctor returned to television for the first time in 16 years?

Then, share them below!


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8 Responses to Nine Years Ago Today: “Run!”

  1. avatar richy555 says:

    I remember it being a incredibly hot day for the time of year and being extremely excited as it ticked round to 7 o clk. I was very impressed with the first half hour, less so with the remaining 15 mins. That 15 mins seemed a bit rushed to me with the climax underneath the eye lacking a bit of impact, with some of the effects at the end seeming a bit ropy as well. However as i thought about it afterwards i realized that me mostly enjoying the story but thinking it wasn’t perfect in it’s entirety and had one or two dodgy effects, was how i had thought about most of 20th century Who on first broadcast!, lol. If it had been perfect, with unbelievable effects then in a way it wouldn’t of felt like Who. So on the whole RTD just about got it right! and more importantly Who was BACK.

  2. avatar richy555 says:

    ps. Just imagine if Lee’s poster ( see above ) had appeared on those advertising hoardings 9 yrs ago, instead of the ones we got. We would of wet ourselves even more, lol.

  3. avatar Eluides Pagan says:

    I admit that I downloaded the episode here in the US because I had no idea when we’d get it officially. I was so excited to see it as I had been a fan since 76 when I was 4 yrs old and watching on a Chicago PBS station. By the time the episode Rose ended, I realized that my oldest who was 4 was laying against me the way I used to with my father when watching the show. Doctor Who was not only back, but also it was definitely still a family show. I had tears! To add to the joy, we had the privilege to travel to London and be a part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration!

  4. avatar vortexter says:

    To be honest, I was disappointed with the script which seemed very basic and juvenile. I felt like throwing a brick at the screen when the Doctor produced the anti-plastic out from his coat and was disgusted when he blew up Hendricks with a bomb and was mean to poor old Mickey. And Christopher Ecclestone was as far removed from my vision of the Doctor as I would ever have believed. It was when Tennant took over the Tardis controls that my appreciation for the show grew again. But after looking back on the first series I can appreciate it more. The Ninth Doctor was just a step away from the war Doctor which explains a few things and it had a few decent monsters. Perhaps as a classic era fan I was expecting it to be more ‘old school’ than how it was presented. But like a decent bottle of wine, the new series is maturing and improving with age. I’m a fan again.

    • avatar James Lomond says:

      Yeah – very glad people liked it and that RTD did something that has really worked in the fullness of time. But I couldn’t have been more disappointed with the script, Noel Clarke’s performance and the go-go kiddie-techno music. And criminal underuse of the Autons who were portrayed as robots rather than the smooth and fluid sinister mannequins in Spearhead… Horrified at Cassandra’s camp, relieved by the Welsh zombies, thought the Slitheen design was inspired but the farting, fat-jokes and Earth colloquialisms were awful, loved Dalek, hated the Long Game, cringed at Boom Town and the reality TV references in the finale – but then LOVED the Bad Wolf resolution to the first series (apart from the kiss). Tennant was a wonderful improvement though New Earth committed all of the worst crimes of the first series. Felt like it was Doctor Who again when Matt Smith started, but am hoping everything will all slot into place for me with Capaldi. …That was a bit longer-winded than I’d intended! End of the day, SO glad RTD had the confidence and passion and that the cast and crew worked so hard on series one. And that the fart jokes have evaporated (famous last…)

  5. avatar Sally Ann Price says:

    Christopher Eccleston is my Doctor Who. I thought he was great with Billie Piper. He is my favorite actor.

  6. avatar Drew Boynton says:

    Yay! And it was one of the best birthday presents I’ve ever gotten! (Although, if I’m honest, I actually didn’t get to see “Rose” and “End of the World” until weeks later after they were broadcast.)

  7. avatar STLShawn says:

    More than when ecci showed up on screen,,,,,, I remember the tards first showing up. Gave me chills.

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