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Published on March 8th, 2014 | by Christian Cawley

Mark Gatiss Promises “Thrilling” Doctor Who Debut For Capaldi

Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss has described this week how new Time Lord Peter Capaldi will appear in a thrilling Series 8 opener.

Talking to Digital Spy with a quote that may well make Private Eye‘s ‘Pseud’s Corner’, he made mention of the difference in the “energy” of Peter Capaldi as opposed to his immediate predecessors Matt Smith and David Tennant.

“He’s older which changes everything – it’s amazing what a change does!

“Matt was sublime and I was very sorry to see him go, but it’s also great to have a change – as it has always been with the Doctor.”

Gatiss continued, referring to how a new incarnation changes the rules by playing with viewer’s expectations about how the character might react in a given situation.

“The Doctor’s always the Doctor – but you can have a lot of fun playing with people’s expectations. Everyone knows how the previous Doctor would react in any given situation – and now you just don’t know!”

We can’t wait to see Capaldi in action. How long is it now…?

(Via Digital Spy.)


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8 Responses to Mark Gatiss Promises “Thrilling” Doctor Who Debut For Capaldi

  1. avatar Howard Railton says:

    But Gareth Roberts and Thompson are hopeless. Capaldi could deliver an Olivier command performance but if the writing is poor so will the overall production be. It is a great shame that he’s been saddled with these no hopers.

  2. avatar TonyS says:

    And you’ve reached that conclusion through having seen Capaldi as the Doctor, have you?

    • avatar rickjlundeen says:

      He must have amazing powers of future insight. Gareth Roberts wrote “The Lodger”, one of the best Smith adventures, so I’d say things are looking good. As for Thompson, yes, Curse of the black spot was horrendous but a new Doctor means a whole new ballgame so I’m trying to keep an open mind.

      • avatar Al says:

        I thought people liked Sherlock. Thompson writes for it, right? Or did all the acclaim get misplaced?

        • Actually, Thompson wrote some of the worst episodes of the Sherlock Series. All of his episodes usually end up being the fans least liked. That being said, I will still watch Doctor Who, regardless of who writes it. It’s still a brilliant show.

          • avatar Tommo says:

            Thompson wrote the second series finale. How the hell is THAT one of the fans least favourite?
            The one where Sherlock Jumped from St Barts…
            The best one of series 2.
            In series 1 he wrote the Blind Banker, which was just as good as Moffats “Study in Pink” though not as good as Gatiss’ The Great Game”, and in series 3, he wrote the wedding episode; The Sign Of Three (with rewrites from Moffat and Gatiss to tailor it to the “arc”) which, again, was not what you’d call the LEAST favourite episode of S3. (it was regarded as the highpoint of the series by most TV reviewers, and by almost everyone I’ve spoken to about it)

            So, with respect, you’re talking bollocks

          • Your point is good, with a very strong argument.

            You didn’t need the insult at the end :-)

  3. avatar DonnaM says:

    I have no doubt Capaldi will be magnificent as The Doctor, basing that statement on having seen him play a lot of different roles and be foot-perfect in all of them. He’s a class actor, he’ll do whatever material he’s given ample justice.

    The rumours about the first episode do sound exciting, very much my kind of Doctor Who, and on the subject Howard raises of the writers…. well yes, Thompson’s first couple of stories have been duds, but so were Chibnall’s in my book! I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt. Even the best writers slip up occasionally.

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