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Published on March 4th, 2014 | by Jonathan Appleton

Man Builds K9 With Raspberry Pi Computer

William Reichardt is a clever fellow. Most people who fancy owning their own K9 would opt to buy one of the models or toys that have been available over the years. Not William. Showing admirable ingenuity, he’s building his own fully operational robot K9, one that will be able to move its ears, nose and tail and fight off Mandrels with a retractable lazer gun. Probably.

As William explains:

There are too many robots that are just a collection of components bolted together without any thought to how they look, aesthetically . Since I am also a Doctor Who fan, I thought of K9. He is strictly cutting edge 70’s technology on the outside but he was also a wheeled base platform with enough room inside for multiple control system projects which fit the bill perfectly.

William is blogging on his progress in this complicated endeavour and, having posted on the construction of the metal mutt’s outer shell, he’s now moved on to the electronics needed to get him moving, blasting and being snooty to the Doctor.

The compact and low-cost Raspberry Pi computer will be an integral part of the systems William is building to get his K9 operational. If you want to know more about what this clever bit of kit can do, head over to Amazon where our very own Kasterborous editor has a handy guide available for a bargain £0.77.


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Jonathan remembers catching Tony Hughes's Doctor in BBC Schools Maths show when he was off school in 1975. This more than made up for having chickenpox. Something of an old hand by this time, he had learned from The Doctor Who Monster Book that there were other Doctors and adventures to discover - an exciting prospect for a five year old.

3 Responses to Man Builds K9 With Raspberry Pi Computer

  1. Jim Elliott says:

    I can’t read the specs on the ‘blue-print’! The numbers are indistinct!

    • Jonathan Appleton says:

      Jim, if you click on the image it will bring up a larger image.

  2. STLShawn says:

    Me wants a K9!

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