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Keeley Hawes & The Twelfth Doctor Run A Hotel (With Help From Eight)

Channel 5, Earth, 2001. Not space-time coordinates you’d enter for the absolute pinnacle of televisual programming. But hot on the heels of the announcement that smart and gutsy Keeley Hawes (Spooks, Ashes to Ashes) will be starring alongside Peter Capaldi as a Series 8 villain, the Radio Times has uncovered some intriguing clips…

Hotel! was a comedy TV movie that attempted zany laughs somewhere between Faulty Towers and Naked Gun but seemed to miss the mark somewhat. However, it did assemble a portentous cast list that had Keeley sharing the screen with Doctors Eight and Twelve in the form of a younger Paul McGann and Peter Capaldi.

The Radio Times has assembled a series of highlights for your viewing pleasure (alternatively, watch the whole thing above). In brief they are as follows: Paul tries to reverse Keeley’s refusal of marriage; Paul’s character imagines a saucy evening with Keeley [this is almost funny – the “Nice Plaice” gag in particular tickled me]; the Eighth and Twelfth Doctors argue over a woman with a slapstick backdrop; more arguing in a different room; an ill-judged but enthusiastic musical number from the Twelfth Doctor; Keeley with Capaldi in drag; Keeley snogs the Eighth Doctor – memories of the TV movie are stirred…

It’s a shame the film didn’t seem to quite find its comedy feet despite the wealth of talent in front of the camera. Here’s a wee slice of Keeley in something (that I think is) funny with Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’s Mitchell and Webb and a mini-Sherlock reference at the end for you…


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3 Responses to Keeley Hawes & The Twelfth Doctor Run A Hotel (With Help From Eight)

  1. Brilliant news, and brilliant clip!!

  2. avatar Al says:

    I’m still hoping for them to sign Jenny Seagrove to appear on Doctor Who, creating a Local Hero reunion.

  3. avatar Steve C says:

    I’m not getting the Sherlock reference.

    This might explain the mention though…

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