Published on March 2nd, 2014 | by Drew Boynton

Don’t Miss This Doctor Who Animated Title Sequence [VIDEO]

Buried beneath the bazillions of Doctor Who videos on YouTube are a few undiscovered gems. This has to be one of them: “Doctor Who – Animated Title Sequence” by Steven Richter.  Running about a minute, and set mostly to Series 5′s opening theme, the video is a snazzy animated version of Doctor Who‘s opening titles.

Richter’s titles start with a flash of the TARDIS, followed by the Doctor’s enemies, including the Daleks, Weeping Angels, a Sontaran, and a Cyberman.  It then moves into a montage of simply-and-colorfully animated looks at each Doctor, leading up to Matt Smith, who then becomes his real-life self at the close of the titles.  In his “about” description, Richter says this was his idea for a Doctor Who Movie opening and was made for a class project. 

Well, if it was, it’s much better than anything I ever did in school!

The video has a nice throwback feel to it, yet is also modern and flashy thanks to the animation.  If there were ever a reboot of The Avengers (Steed & Peel) or Blake’s 7, I could easily see something like this as the opening titles.  And actually, I would have loved to have seen opening titles like this used on An Adventure in Space and Time.  As much as I loved that excellent TV movie, the opening titles seemed very blah and kind of a weak attempt at honoring the original title sequence from the 1960s.

Kasterborites, what did you think of Steven Richter’s Animated Title Sequence?  Do you think the real show could benefit by trying something similar?


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4 Responses to Don’t Miss This Doctor Who Animated Title Sequence [VIDEO]

  1. Interesting, but doesn’t really suit the show. It’s too bold and colorful, when it should be mysterious and spine-tingling. The monsters are presented like action figures, and there’s no real reason to see the complete history of the doctor unfold before our eyes. It’s all too literal.

  2. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    Funny seeing these fan made title sequences – why are they usually so much better than the expensive BBC official ones?

    • exactly. hrm… qulity is what almost ALWAYS happens when competent fans get grubby hands on favorite shows. ;) time they learned this once and for all. make it the first commandment already.

  3. heh. man, every time somebody says the sky is blue, somebody’s gonna say it’s purple polka dot. WONDERFUL sequence. great job, person who made that! I prefer the mystery, but it is a GREAT JOB, regardless. I hope that guy got an A/best level/whatever they call that where he lives.

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