Alternative Doctor Who anniversary celebrations

Don’t Miss This Amazing “The Day of Doctor Who” Collection!

Long term fans can now relive their memories of our favourite show’s fifth anniversary special thanks to a truly irresistible set of souvenirs now available to buy online.

What’s that you say? “Fifth anniversary special?! Oh no, Kasterborous has finally lost it…”

I’m talking, of course, about the long lost ‘The Day of Doctor Who’ which brought together the original three Doctors William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton and Peter Cushing and was transmitted in November 1968 but since lost without trace.

Colin Brockhurst, designer of that excellent love letter to Doctor Who comics Vworp Vworp! has collated the remaining evidence of this, the ultimate missing episode which we can guarantee will never turn up in Nigeria or anywhere else for that matter, ever.

Alternative Doctor Who anniversary celebrations

You’ll have gathered by now that something trans-dimensional is going on here but this quirky collection, which includes an ‘imaginary’ Radio Times cover for November 23-29 and ‘signed’ BBC picture of Peter Cushing, has to be the most original bit of Who merchandise in many a year.

Difficult to pick a highlight of this genuinely brilliant treasure trove but the fake telesnaps, complete with reproduction John Cura envelope, will have you pining for this episode that never was. It seems that there’s an alternate reality where the First Doctor flirted with Queen Elizabeth I, the Second Doctor met not one but two Colonel Lethbridge-Stewarts, and the original ‘War Doctor’ came to their aid to face the dreaded Daleks and Chameleons.

The Day of Doctor Who Collection is available for £19.99 plus postage. Please don’t miss it!

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