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Published on March 18th, 2014 | by Danny_Weasel

Chris Addison: “Capaldi will be this generation’s Tom Baker!”

In a recent interview Chris Addison, who starred alongside Capaldi in four series of top political comedy In the Thick of It, has made some big remarks regarding the new Time Lord incumbent.

“I think they’ve all been great since it came back. But what I’ve really missed is the mercurial, unknowable, frightening side of the Doctor… And Peter will give it that, I bet you anything.”

He believes Capaldi is the man to bring back that darker edge to the Doctor, and not only that but that this incarnation of the Doctor could well be destined for the levels of fame and notoriety currently reserved for the most popular past Doctor, Tom Baker.

“I’ve said for years that if he ever became the Doctor he would be this time round’s Tom Baker; the one that everybody thinks of.”

A bold claim indeed, but one that may be justified? He is already, arguably, the most famous actor to take on the role since its return in 2005 and having already declared that his Doctor will be a no frills 100% rebel Time Lord, the departure from past incarnations could be bold enough to make him stand out that little bit more?

What do you think: is Capaldi the new Tom? Can there ever really be another Tom (in terms of iconography of the show; the idea of a second Tom Baker wandering the earth doesn’t bear thinking about)? Would you want to see the show get more dark and the Doctor to do likewise? As always our comments section is just begging for you to fill it up with your points of view.

(Via Radio Times.)


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16 Responses to Chris Addison: “Capaldi will be this generation’s Tom Baker!”

  1. avatar George F says:

    Only time will tell.

  2. avatar Cosmo says:


  3. avatar Christopher s. says:

    I have predicted this as well. Because he loves dr who so much, and also because he,s old enough not to need to worry about typecasting himself, capaldi will be a long lasting time lord. I look forwards to what he will bring.

  4. avatar Jeff G says:

    There will NEVER be another Tom Baker. Period.

    • avatar Filmfan says:

      And there will never be another Peter caaldi…. Cant wait!

    • avatar Thymelord says:

      No. But another GENUINE mad man in a box? Perhaps. And Capaldi is the man to do it.

    • avatar mrjohnm says:

      Jeff G – absolutely! But let’s also consider that Capaldi is the fourth actor to play the part since the series’ return, and Tom will always be the 4th Doctor! Also, Capaldi has already stated he was a fan of the series while growing up, and while I believe he may have grown up with Pertwee’s Doctor, I could be wrong and Baker could be his Doctor! Also, let’s not forget that both Baker and Capaldi had surprise guest appearances in the 50th anniversary. And if the reactions in the theater I saw it in are anything to go by, both actors are well-loved in this role.

    • avatar Jason says:

      I so agree with you, Jeff. Tom will always be THE doctor. However, Capaldi CAN be one of the best and most likely he will be the best since Tom.

  5. avatar Ian says:

    That’ll only happen if he gets the same calibre of scripts that Tom did. Not terribly likely if the last couple of years are anything to go by.

    • avatar Jamie-42 says:

      Enough with the scripts already!!!

      Tom had some real clangers too but it is the man that made the role what it was but who knows, who NOSE!

      • no no, my good fan.

        No KIDNEYS.


  6. avatar TimeChaser says:

    He certainly seems capable of bringing back that edge to the Doctor that has been missing for a while.

  7. Poor old Capaldi is being hyped beyond all reason – I only hope he lives up to it all.
    The guy is an incredibly good actor but if he turns out to be anything less than awesome as The Doctor there are likely to be plenty of disappointed Whovians out there,.. hardly fair is it?
    Let’s just wait, shall we, before hailing him as the “new Tom Baker”.

  8. avatar TonyS says:

    I think it much more likely that he will be the Peter Capaldi of his generation.

  9. avatar DonnaM says:

    I’d agree completely with Mr Addison on what recent incarnations have lacked – they’ve been a touch too human in their emotions and sometimes too predictable in their reactions. What I’d love to see is a touch of that mad, quicksilver alienness Tom gave the role. Do I think Peter Capaldi can do that?

    With a venegence! he’s fantastic at playing mercurial, switching from charm to menance, introspection to calculation without missing a beat.

    On a side-note; wasn’t there some speculation during the “silly season” that Addison himself was being considered for the role? I remember thinking when I read it that if they wanted someone from The Thick Of It they should go for Capaldi instead. never thought it’d happen, though! :-)

    • mmmmm quicksilver alienness. you have a WAY, my friend. A way.

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