Mark Gatiss

Catch Mark Gatiss in Coriolanus at Your Cinema!

Doctor Who writer and star Mark Gatiss has been nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for this year’s Olivier Awards for his understated, astute performance as Menenius in Shakespeare’s powerful, politically resonant tragedy, Coriolanus.

Donmar’s blood soak production – directed by Josie Rourke – has also garnered nominations for Tom Hiddleston (Thor) in the Best Actor category for his performance in the titular role.

The play sees Rome in turmoil. There are riots on the troubled streets. Patrician Menenius (Mark Gatiss) attempts to calm the troubled waters. But great general Caius Martius (Tom Hiddleston) is openly contemptuous of the proletarians. He then departs for battle, winning a noble victory against the Volscian Army. On his return, the heroic Martius is rewarded with the nickname Coriolanus. His ambitious mother Volumnia also persuades this reluctant warrior to run for consul. But the proud, easily enraged Coriolanus proves ill-equipped for political scheming, with tragic consequences.

This lean, pared-down production has received wide acclaim particularly for Gatiss who’s performance was described as ‘beautifully modulated’ as the voice of reason imparting both ‘skill and precision’ in the Radio Times.

What’s more, the play is set to rebroadcast in cinemas across the country this March as part of the National Theatre Live Encore series.

Head over to Cineworld for full listings for your area.

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