Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Philip Bates

Back This Student-Produced Doctor Who Spin-Off Film!

The great thing about the fan community is its enthusiasm and willingness to help other fans achieve their goals. Naturally, the crowd-funding website, Kickstarter, is perfect for this.

Cardiff’s Coryton Primary School and the University of South Wales are obviously hugely influenced by the good Doctor and are working on a short film called Another Day, Another Dimension - but they need your help with the cost of transport, location shoots, sets, costumes and marketing.

All you have to do is pledge anything from £1 to £21, and aside from the knowledge that you’ll be aiding an educational project for dedicated, hard-working youngsters, you’ll also be rewarded with various tier gifts including mugs, t-shirts and posters.

Here’s the synopsis for Another Day, Another Dimension:

The film follows the regeneration of FOUR DOCTORS across TWO MINI EPISODES through time and space as they encounter all kinds of out-of-this-world troubles along the way! In an attempt to solve them, they – along with their trusty companions – are ultimately thrown into the Victorian era. The Doctor battles the likes of terrifying coal monsters and vanishing children before venturing on – another day, another dimension!

They’re also keen to stress that the project is “an educational project. The hard work, effort and time being put into the production by all the students involved directly effects their education and grades. For all those involved from USW, this project is a chance to work professionally to create an industry-standard motion picture. For the students of Coryton Primary, this a project is spanning across the entire curriculum.”

Of course, Kickstarter isn’t the only way you can support them. Head over to their Facebook page to purchase either a digital or hard copy of their soundtrack!

And who knows: the project might just inspire some of them to get involved in the TV industry. There might be a future Steven Moffat, Nick Hurran or Brian Minchin in their midst…


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3 Responses to Back This Student-Produced Doctor Who Spin-Off Film!

  1. avatar Ian Scales says:

    Sounds great and all that, but I would be wary of giving money out to Kickstarter without absolute proof of where the money is going – two Doctor Who things I paid for and haven’t seen anything come from it over the last two years. Has the journalist contacted both establishments’ Heads to check the details?

    • avatar Ian Scales says:

      Ah, just saw the video – seems kosher. Excuse my knee-jerk response :D

      • avatar Holly says:

        Hi, Ian!
        We can assure you that the money is being put to good use and that all pledges will be fully rewarded with the appropriate merchandise! When the short film is finally finished and premiered there will be links to purchase the DVD, where you can finally view what you helped make possible :)

        (Another Day, Another Dimension marketing team)

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