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Published on February 18th, 2014 | by Alex Skerratt

The Twelfth Doctor To Meet The Daleks?

The Daleks are set to return in the next series of Doctor Who… if the Daily Star is to be believed!

Apparently, their comeback came at the request of Peter Capaldi himself, who sweet-talked the producers into having a Dalek story in Series 8, having been “a fan since childhood.”

No further details have emerged at this point and, to be honest, we cannot even be sure the story is true, but it’s an exciting idea. And it’s not beyond the realm of possibility either. All of the previous nuWho Doctors met the Daleks in their first seasons, so there’s no reason why the Twelfth Doctor shouldn’t!

What do you think? Would you like to see the Daleks return in Series 8, or should they be rested for a while?


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33 Responses to The Twelfth Doctor To Meet The Daleks?

  1. avatar Warren says:

    Personally I think they need to be rested for a bit. Their presence has not exactly been a ‘threat’ in recent years. If they were to come back, it would be nice to have them win for a change with, for example with the permanent extermination of a character that’s been built up over a period of time.

    Although I love seeing them on the show and everything about them vocally and visually is great, the writing is becoming a little stale due to the necessary pace of the single episode format and the need to wrap things up neatly at the end. I find this is the same for most of the other iconic returning ‘big bads’.

    Whatever people say, Doctor Who has gone beyond simply being a show for children, its a show for the whole family. All families at some point suffer loss, and more often than not this loss brings people together in a good way.

    Lets have another Adric moment! Let’s lose someone that we care about and will remember for years! Lets have the Dalek’s do it in a completely nonchalant way and then just glide off into sunset leaving Peter Capaldi’s Doctor with a renewed inner fire and suppressed rage!

    Gallifrey exists again, so no Time Lords to mourn whenever we see that familiar eyestalk. Lets have the Skarosian heart beat strike fear back into our own hearts when we hear it!

    • avatar Michael says:

      Well, they announced that this is Clara’s last season, so if she does go, the Daleks would be a good way to go I guess. But I kind of want the Master to return.

      • Michael, you may well have a time machine but “they” have not yet “announced” anything of the sort.

  2. avatar Assassinus says:

    just a rumor…… we will see in season 8…

  3. avatar Stuart says:

    to be honest, doctor who is not doctor who without the daleks (or the cybermen for that matter), they are one of the elements that make doctor who the show it is, they must come up with better story lines for the daleks though, even if it is the odd episode here and there, not having the daleks in doctor who is like having star trek without the klingons or vulcans or star wars without clone troopers or darth vaider.

  4. avatar Ranger says:

    Bored with the Daleks – they have been overused just recently as have the Cybermen. And don’t even think of the Weeping Angels – so done to death! We need fresh, new, exciting monsters and baddies.

  5. avatar TonyS says:

    I agree on the whole with both of the above comments. But I will be surprised- nay amazed- if the pepper pots don’t appear next season. After the struggle RTD had to get the rights to use them, it makes commercial (if not necessarily artistic) sense to use them as often as possible.

    Personally, I’d like to see a strong Ice Warrior story. And new imaginative foes.

  6. avatar Ian Scales says:

    I have no problems at all with seeing more of the Daleks. Yay!!

  7. avatar David Crerar says:

    Daleks and Cybermen need a rest. How about more Ice Warriors? The Krynoids were scary “classic Who” monsters. Would be nice to see them again as I only remember them in one story on TV (although I think I might have read a couple of books that featured them). They had a nice “Invasion of the Bodysnatchers” vibe about them.

  8. avatar DonnaM says:

    Let’s get them out of the way early in Series 8 then give them a rest until (at least) the end of Series 9. Over-use (and some generally quite weak stories in my view) have blunted them as an enemy, but you never know: give them a good, strong episode this year and I may change my mind…

    Like Tony, I’d be happy to see a good Ice Warrior story, and Moffat came up with a cracker of an idea in the Vashta Nerada (and the Weeping Angels before they got over-use syndrome too) so he’s certainly more than capable of inventing another properly frightening enemy.

  9. avatar Gareth says:

    Personally let’s have a really good Dalek story for the new Doctor something that treats them as a really dangerous and powerful threat and then rest them for a good long while.

  10. I know people say they have been overused but what iconic Scfi baddie isn’t. I would love to see how twelve deals with them and then give them a rest for a while who know it may be one of the best stories yet.

  11. avatar Stevie G says:

    I’d love to see the Wirrn back…..just imagine what they could do with the FX these days to make them truly horrific! And a redesigned Cybermen, much more in tone with the original ones, and without the ‘Delete, Upgrade’ blatherings would be good…..make then scary by stealth, instead of by stomping!

  12. avatar rickjlundeen says:

    I’m ok with the Daleks coming back (as long as it’s an excellent story) or taking a break this year. Back in the classic series, they went 4 years during Troughton and Pertwee without a Dalek and another four years during Baker’s run without as well. If you’ve got good stories and new villains/monsters, that works just as well. I would say don’t lean on them just for the sake of leaning on them.

    The Cybermen should be given a LONG rest though. Each appearance is worse than the one before.

  13. avatar TimeChaser says:

    As long as they can do something fresh and interesting with them. I was interested to see what might be done after the collective Dalek memories of the Doctor had been wiped, but no, they overcame that in one quick throw-away line at Christmas (sigh).

    Perhaps the TV writers should look to other areas of Doctor Who like Big Finish for some fresher ideas. A story like ‘The Elite’, with an entire society twisted to suit the needs of one single Dalek, is just as good if not better than something like ‘The Apocalypse Element’ with a full-on Dalek invasion of Gallifrey.

    • avatar Simon Magellan says:

      Which is what they did do with “Dalek” – originally a BF story. RTD didn’t seem to mind drawing on non-canon material (Human Nature is another example) and it is a good way to find stories you know work.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Mr Moff has drawn on non-canon material too. Blink is based on his story from the Eccleston annual and The Lodger based on a Gareth Roberts comic strip in one of the Tennant annuals.

  14. avatar TonyS says:

    I may be in the minority here. But I felt that in “The Time Of The Doctor” the Daleks regained some of their earlier menace. They represented a threat and some of the scare factor came back. Alright, a lot of this was lost in everything else that was going on in that episode. But those were Daleks worthy of the name. It was great to hear the emperor too.

    Wirrn? Possibly. “The Ark In Space” is a strong story and the Wirrn a creepy menace. But they may just be a one-trick pony (or rather insect). It might be best to leave them in that one classic story. Same with the Krynoid. Bring back old monsters if you can find something new to do with them. Don’t bring them back just for the sake of it. “Gridlocked” anyone?

  15. avatar Al says:

    Normally I’d be grumpy about a spoiler headline like this, but when it comes to Doctor Who, the fact the Daleks will return is so obligatory that it doesn’t really count as spoiler. I think it will be an interesting match-up given the huge middle finger the Doctor gave them in Time of the Doctor. Also, the whole Tasha Lem angle (ex-girlfriend turned into a Dalek puppet but still with her original personality and affection for the Doctor and played by an actress who, by the way, is only a couple years younger than Capaldi as if that isn’t enough of a clue) needs to be explored further. Although I thought the use of the Macra in Gridlock was fantastic, otherwise I agree with TonyS that they shouldn’t just bring back old monsters without good reason. The Ice Warriors and Zygons were brought back effectively. The one race I’m actually surprised haven’t been brought back yet are the Draconians. They’d have to be careful not to tread too closely on Klingon territory (even in the Pertwee era there were marked similarities, and with the Romulans too) but I think just as they’ve done tremendous work with reviving the Silurians (or one offshoot of them, anyway) a modern-era Draconian story would be very well done. And although the Tales of Trenzalore e-book already went there, I wouldn’t mind seeing Clara tangle with the Mara, too.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      Draconians. Yes please!

  16. avatar Ranger says:

    It’s always dodgy bringing back a classic foe – I loved Terror of the Zygons and was looking forward to their comeback – and was terribly disappointed. Where was the icy, calculated menace? They were just reduced to hissing, spitting nonentities.

  17. avatar TonyS says:

    Ranger, I am with you on this. There were two things that I disliked about “The Name Of The Doctor” ( i am in a parenthetical mood today). One was Joanna Page. The other was the Zygons reduced to the role of…. well, what exactly? The negotiation scenes in the Black Archive were effective but too little too late. Thankfully, there was all that interaction between the Doctors and Jenna being basically wonderful to enjoy. But not the Zygons.

    • avatar TonyS says:

      And, of course, I meant two things I disliked about “The Day of The Doctor”…. ho hum!

  18. avatar Dave says:

    I’d like to see Capaldi vs the Daleks but with a dark and threatening story line with 2 or 3 daleks not the huge scale storys we have had of late, something like dalek in the first season or a story where they have no place like evil of the daleks or the audio time of the daleks etc. Personally i’d also welcome a story with a return of the Voc robots, maybe something set in Kaldor city?!

  19. avatar Simon Magellan says:

    I’d be very surprised if the new Doctor didn’t meet the Daleks. It’s just a question of how they are used. “Dalek” was brilliant – one of the best stories of the series ever (old and new). The RTD Dalek stories were generally better than those so far in the Moffat era (Victory was a wasted idea) but if they can get it right, then it’s no problem for me to see them back again. Day of the Doctor was a very good Dalek story, and building on that would be nice.

  20. avatar Paul McGann's Cat says:

    The Daleks DO NOT need a rest. What they need is a good story and I would argue that the only good Dalek in nuWho episodes are the ones during the first series. Most of the rest have been poor. We just need a classic story.

  21. avatar Jamie-42 says:

    How about Davros? We need to have another Davros story. Perhaps something along the lines of Big Finishes “Davros”. It would be a big production but there has been a possibility of two parters bandied about…

    I would love to see something gothic with the Doctor and Davros where we have some real interaction between them.

  22. avatar david coff says:

    I have no problem with the daleks or cybermen coming back every season. Their appearance’s always give the show a lift. As for been over used how many times did Hartnell face the daleks in three seasons four times. Troughton faced the cybermen four times and the daleks twice in three seasons. Pertwee the daleks three times.

  23. avatar craigt68 says:

    Some interesting apparent consensus so far:

    (a) rest the Daleks and Cybermen UNLESS the story enhances their menace. Personally, I’m a bit bored with both but can understand why others look forward to seeing them each season;
    I think David Coff has a point but both Daleks and Cybermen were relatively new in Hartnell and Troughton’s day and there had been a 5 year gap before Pertwee faced the Daleks.

    (b) perhaps bring back some classic monsters (eg: Wirrn, Krynoid, Draconians) BUT only if the story justifies their return (ditto Zygons but only if they are presented with the air of creepy menace they had in ’75 sadly lacking in DOTD. Moffatt and co managed to do this well with the Ice Warriors but failed completely with the Zygons IMO);

    (c) invent some memorable new foes. Hinchcliffe and Holmes managed just that in seasons 13 and 14 without bringing back any old monsters (ok, The Master, but he’s a foe rather than a monster despite his crimes).

    On the latter point, since 2005 I think we’ve only really seen 3 exceptionally fine and threatening ‘traditional’ new monsters in the Weeping Angels, Vashta Nerada and Silence (based on my 11 year old son and his friend’s opinions) both from the Moff’s pen, so we know he can deliver. Come on Mr Moff – more time to be given to creating new monsters and less to convoluted story arcs please!

  24. avatar TonyS says:

    I think TTOTD may have destroyed the Silence as a credible foe. But I agree with you on the Angels and the Vashta Nerada.

    I do think the Angels need a rest now however.

    • avatar craigt68 says:

      Yep TTOTD may well have done for the Silence in the same way Strax has for the Sontarans. Once you remove the menace and play it for laughs, it’s hard to regain the ground lost to comedy.

      • avatar TonyS says:

        Actually TTOTD may also have done for the Sontarans. We need a strong Sontaran story that re-establishes them as a foe worthy of the name.

  25. avatar STLShawn says:

    So, in Capaldi’s world, the Daleks are a force similar to classic DW status. They seem to have big fleets and whatnot. Same (possibly) with the Cybermen, but hard to say for sure. TTOTD certainly implied that Cybermen and Daleks were definitely back, that the silence were not a secretive lot hiding in the shadows, and some third thing… oh yeah, that the Timelords can get stuff through the hole. (Like the Master or something).

    So, other than Gallifrey being missing, looks like the universe is almost back in place.

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