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Published on February 3rd, 2014 | by James Lomond

This Stunning Doctor Who Catchphrase Art Pays Tribute To Each Incarnation

The internet has made art-work instantly shareable and fuelled the spread of memes of all shapes and size. We have another Who-based offering from online artist ‘Agnitti’ who has combined iconic silhouettes of each incarnation with their accompanying catchphrase.

Take a look – ShortList Magazine notes that they were all painstakingly put together using the pretty basic Colorslive app and if you follow the link to Agnitti’s website you can watch an accelerated video of how he put each one together. It involves a degree of sketching and planning out and nicely demonstrates for any budding artists out there how smart results can come from otherwise simple tools!

That said – I’m not entirely sure about this catchphrase business. Agreed that the Second, Third and Fourth Doctors said theirs fairly often. But since when was “Fine” the Seventh’s catchphrase? Seven was *my * Doctor and delivered some of the best lines ever written for a leading man (in my humble opinion – I missed his dodgy first season, you see). If you’re going to choose a random word or phrase there are better examples (see Babelcolour’s spine-tingly tribute below).

What about the First, Fifth and Sixth Doctors? Convinced Kasterborites? And do we really need a catchphrase for our hero or is it a lazy substitute for good character writing?



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3 Responses to This Stunning Doctor Who Catchphrase Art Pays Tribute To Each Incarnation

  1. avatar Thatchmo says:

    First: MMM! That’s very very interesting!
    Fifth: Brave Heart, Tegan.
    Sixth: Carrot Juice. (Its the only thing he says more than once.)

  2. avatar Jim McLean says:

    Interesting. Time Will Tell – It Always Does/I think I might have miscalculated/Every great decision creates ripples are three that I think personify his intent and way of thinking. I see Pertwee has a long quote so these would have worked!

  3. Posted that up yesterday.

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