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Peter Davison Talks Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular [VIDEO]

Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison is currently down under hosting the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular and squeezing in the odd interview. Australian morning talk show, Studio 10, invited Davidson for an interview with their Executive Producer, Rob McKnight, who is such an avid fan that he steps in to do the interview himself.

Among many other questions in the eight minute segment, Davison was asked about the quality of the writing in his era compared to now…

I just don’t think the writers took it seriously enough… I am very envious of the fact that it’s now run by people who grew up watching Doctor Who – fans. And by and large the stories are written by people who have a passion for the genre.

The interview touches on the downturn the show took after he left, why that happened and that the Great Hiatus during the 90s and early 2000s may have been healthy for the show in the long run…

Take a look. What do you think, Kasterborites? Did classic Doctor Who suffer from uninvolved writers who didn’t understand what the show’s potential? Or is it such a flexible format it can welcome writers from any genre? Tell us below…

…Now, I know her exec producer has just stepped in and hi-jacked her job but does the host seem a tad frosty to you? Professional pique, or perhaps she’s one of those people who mistakenly thinks Who is ‘just a kids show’?…



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9 Responses to Peter Davison Talks Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular [VIDEO]

  1. avatar Ian Scales says:

    Actually, I am bloody furious. He got some excellent writers and scripts. From Bailey to Bidmead, to Saward to Holmes, Grimwade. So cross that he does not realise what he had and the brilliance of his time. It is kind of an insult and yet a weird understatement of what his era was. Oh and the marvellous Clegg and Gallagher and Dicks. So bizarre that he has no idea of his legacy.

  2. avatar ELM says:

    Listen to what he actually says–”It varied and that was the problem. A lot of the time you got writers who DID want to write a Doctor Who story. Other times you just got writers who wrote (other television programs) who just knocked off scripts for Doctor Who.” Obviously he was there, he would know what was going on, he could tell the variation in the level of dedication to the scripts week in and week out (and to his credit, he never, ever phoned in a performance, no matter how he may have felt about the script). He has gone on the record numerous times about how awesome Holmes’ script was for Caves, how good Grimwade was as a writer, etc. He just personally appreciates the fact that New Who attracts writers like Davis, Moffat, Gatiss, even Neil Gaiman, who are passionate about Doctor Who and/or science fiction in a way that was not ALWAYS the case in his time–that is all he meant. I think sometimes people try to find controversy where there is none.

    • avatar Ian Scales says:

      But it seems like a pointless sour grapes – he had an extraordinary run as the Doctor, and yeah, he may have genuine problems with some writers just doing a job, but it is rare in his time, I feel. Oddly, I think in series 7b there was a definite lack of care and a big case for writers getting used to being in a privileged circle. I may be wrong, but I value the Davison era higher – and I love the Matt Smith time mostly.

  3. avatar ELM says:

    I will agree with you that I think there are times the new series writers get a bit precious about “aren’t we so clever” with their scripts. To be honest, not really a fan. I think Smith is a talented actor, though. As most certainly is Davison, as is evident by the fact that you can lift his 3 years of Doctor Who out of his CV and he still has an impressive list of acclaimed acting credits and remains very much a working actor
    30 years on. Even so, he generally has been a generous and positive booster of Who and has never turned his back on it, when he certainly could have. I appreciate that Peter is just honest, says what he thinks. I don’t think it comes off as sour grapes as much as, that was what he experienced, “it was what it was”, they did the best they could and in the end, he basically enjoyed his time on the show.

  4. avatar stlshawn says:

    Here’s a thought,,,,,
    What if Peter Davidson never left, and was still playing the doctor.

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  6. avatar twistie1 says:

    Hi. This excellent interview was done in Australia, not New Zealand.

    • Thanks Twistie, we’ll make the necessary changes

      • avatar twistie1 says:

        Cheers Christian!

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