Published on February 9th, 2014 | by Nick Kitchen

Perhaps This Doctor Who: Legacy Trailer Will Tempt You To Play?

As Whovians, we all know that the Doctor’s adventures in gaming have been spotty to say the very least.

When we reviewed Doctor Who: Legacy before Christmas, we encountered what may be the beginnings of some quality Who themed gaming; part puzzler, part RPG with loads of the Doctor’s companions in tow.

At an entry point of “free,” Legacy is a compelling mobile game and worth a quick download from your Google Play or iOS App Store.

In case you’re still on the fence, the BBC have release a brand new trailer for the game to help entice you into the fold. Click through above and let us know what you think; is the trailer enough to convince you to take the game for a spin? Or are you holding out for something a little more in depth?



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“That’s bacon! Are you trying to poison me?” And from that line on, I’ve been unable to stop watching, reading, musing about the Doctor. As a recent transplant to the Whoniverse, I’ve been trying to soak up as much Who-related knowledge as possible. That journey has taken me from the Tenth Planet to the Fields of Trenzalore and gently set me at the edge of my seat for what’s next. It’s an honor to be here and I plan to bring a unique perspective. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey alongside me.

9 Responses to Perhaps This Doctor Who: Legacy Trailer Will Tempt You To Play?

  1. Unfortunately, it won’t play on the I-pad1!

  2. avatar yorkshirened says:

    no. looks like more sub-candy crush rubbish. sigh. I love games. I love Doctor Who. Why can’t I find a Doctor Who game to love?

    • avatar SomeSayHeSpeaksGallifreyan says:

      You might think it’s candy crush but it is more like pokemon and that’s been going for nearly 20 years and still going strong. Give it a go, you might change your mind. Also I would argue despite it being a mobile game, it is the best doctor who game ever released.

    • “looks like”? So you havent tried it?
      You know that old saying about books? It applies to videogames too, you know…

      • avatar Philip Bates says:

        That’s true: never judge a book by its video game.

        The Poirot books are brilliant; the game, less so. Listen to that Cawley person: he knows what he’s on about.

    • avatar Nick Kitchen says:

      You should try it. You might even, dare I say, like it!

  3. avatar Adi Himpson says:

    Not really a big gamer here, but I was sucked into Legacy because it was Doctor Who and free. Now I am totally hooked. Ridiculously so. And because it is a decent game, rather than just because it has Who slapped all over it. I’d say give it a try definitely. Love it.

  4. avatar Christopher Syn says:

    I stopped playing because I never, ever got any new characters, despite promises to the contrary.

    • None? You can barely browse the web without being offered codes for unlocks, and new characters are part of the game’s natural progression.

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