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Moffat: The Doctor Has Always Been Sexual

Steven Moffat has defended himself against accusations that he’s “sexed up” the character of the Doctor.

In a new interview, the Doctor Who and Sherlock showrunner sounds somewhat baffled at the complaint from some fans that he’s taken the programme into inappropriate territory:

“I mean, people talk about sex in Doctor Who – I heard someone say that to me, ‘You’ve sexualized the Doctor.’ I said, ‘Where? In what episode? What great episode are you watching!?!'”

This is not exactly a new issue, of course, and Moffat has long insisted that there’s a tendency among some followers of the show to ignore the evidence of their own eyes when it comes to the Doctor’s relationships with women:

“I mean, Matt Smith’s Doctor in particular just flails in the presence of women. But at the same time, it’s a fact of the canon of the show that the Doctor was a married man and had children. We know that he flirts, we know that he falls in love, we know that he has the full range of responses in that.”

The Moff undoubtedly enjoys a bit of mischievous provocation when it comes to this whole hanky-panky in the TARDIS business, but in fairness his comments were made as part of a wide-ranging interview covering both series currently under his stewardship:

“I never know quite what to say about this. Because they’re both characters, and in my head they’re both people. My God, if that’s not sexualized, they’re not having a very good time, are they? [Laughs]”

What do you think? Enough with the flirty Time Lord? Or do you enjoy the idea of the Doctor indulging his romantic side?


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