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Published on February 21st, 2014 | by James Lomond

Marco Polo Lost Doctor Who Episodes Omnirumour Continues

ATTENTION: Absolutely NOTHING has been confirmed but put down your tea and lean-in, Kasterborites. The Omnirumour has sprouted another Kroll-like tentacle. (Or rather lengthened a pre-existing one. Read on…)

Legendary Doctor Who convention, Gallifrey One took place last weekend and featured a panel discussion on the on-going search for missing 60s episodes… Nerdist has reported welcome comments from Restoration Team founding member Steve Roberts at the panel. This included quoting a letter from Philip Morris, the man responsible for returning 1967s The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear to the BBC…

…The letter said that the remainder of a large haul of discovered film prints of vintage television shows that had been discovered in Nigeria were still being sorted though. However we were told to “expect the unexpected” and Roberts had reason to believe that the most likely find is all or some of Marco Polo (1964)  – the only missing serial from season one.

We reported on the possibility of Polo having been found back in November last year though that followed reports by the Mirror from a ‘TV insider’ (yeah, OK) that a fan had recorded film of all seven episodes back in the 60s and held on to it until now. But last weekend’s panel seem to indicate that Polo may instead have been found in the haul from Nigeria.

Whatever the truth is, the Omnirumour is being strangely persistent and there seems to be reason to hope for good news… I certainly hope so as, personally, the discovery of missing Who is more exciting than getting snogged by that super-hot celebrity you’ve always had a massive crush on. In space. (I’m sure you’re the same, dear reader). And it’s tough reigning in the excitement just in case the Omnirumour turns out to disappoint.

So in the meantime, carry on eating, sleeping, going to school/work/mining the Parrinium. But here’s hoping!

(Via Nerdist.)


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11 Responses to Marco Polo Lost Doctor Who Episodes Omnirumour Continues

  1. avatar Howard Railton says:

    It’s good to have hope.

  2. avatar Ian Scales says:

    I think most of us will be gone the way of all those lost episodes by the time it ever happens :( Good luck with the good work in sorting through all those cannisters, Phil – if you need any help, am sure my local JSA office will be pleased to see me doing something useful with my time lol :D

  3. avatar TonyS says:

    It will be good to have 10,000 more episodes of Doctor Who in the archives :)

  4. avatar TimeChaser says:

    It would be nice to have the earliest proper historical recovered. I’m still hoping for more than just one story.

  5. avatar Orange Coloured Kermit says:

    i hope its marco polo, the crusades, or any Troghtons :)

  6. avatar Luke Curtis says:

    “The remainder of a large haul of discovered film prints of vintage television shows that had been discovered in Nigeria were still being sorted though”

    What is the betting they will conveniently find Web 3 just after the DVD is released?

  7. avatar Ian says:

    97 missing Doctor Who episodes or a passionate snog with Emma Watson?

    Hmm… I’m gonna have to think about that for a while. ;)

  8. avatar Lozzer says:


  9. avatar Nathanael says:

    I’m just glad we have all the soundtracks and most of the telesnaps. David Holman and Graham Strong must be thanked.

    I’d like to see Troughton stuff more than Hartnell, because a lot of Troughton’s acting is so visual that it’s really lost without the visuals.

    I’d also like to see The Myth Makers and the Massacre, because we have next to no visual record at all for those stories, and they’re actually rather confusing on audio. The Macra Terror is also exceptionally hard to follow on audio. Also Evil of the Daleks 4 and Daleks Masterplan 12.

  10. avatar Kevin Cupit says:

    Ok everyone…….. what happened to the “rumoured” Easter announcement !!!
    Will we ever learn !!!!

  11. avatar Mr S says:

    The discovery of “Marco Polo” would be like a dream come true…. PLEASE BE TRUE…. The first true historical looks so wonderful in the many photos I have seen. The book was released by Target and was a joy to read. The audio is not bad, but if they find all 7 episodes of MARCO POLO and get them on DVD. I for one will be among the first to buy it on the day of release.

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