Moffat, Smith and Gillan

Karen Gillan Challenges Moffat Character Criticisms

Karen Gillan has said she can’t understand why Steven Moffat has come in for criticism over his depiction of female characters in Doctor Who.

Asked what she made of what’s emerging as one of the brickbats aimed most persistently at the show-runner, Karen was quick to defend her former boss:

I just don’t understand that because I feel like I had a very rounded, interesting, flawed and layered character to play. And I wore skirts but Steven Moffat had nothing to do with that! He doesn’t care about costumes. So I don’t really understand that if I’ve got to be honest.

Amy Pond had perhaps the most complete and well-realised journey of any regular character ever seen in Doctor Who, of course, so it’s unsurprising Karen should speak up for the writer who oversaw her time on the series, and there’s no doubting that Moffat’s time in charge has included a number of strong female roles (Amy, River, Clara, Madame Vastra). Against that, some would argue that Moffat’s brand of sassy, wisecracking, sexually confident women who flirt with the Doctor is becoming passé.

What do you think? A golden age for female characters? Or is there a problem with how Moffat writes women?

(Via Doctor Who TV.)


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